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Book Review: Year Zero Vol 2

New characters survive the zombies. This was so male gazey and the art was so ugly. Ugly people do ugly deeds and there is cruelty. A zombie pandemic has vevastated humanity. This was unwieldy. People evade accountability and engage in violence. There is ugly aesthetic and intent. There is no clarity or coherence. This was not mercilessly terrifying. There is no ultra urgency. One is repulsed and horrified by this really bad mess.

There are poor unfortunate animals and the inevitable motorcycle gang. FFS. This was racist, sexist crap. This does nothing right. This has no premonitory intimations just splatterpunk crap.

Best Lines:

“Pestilence prevails,”

“Trapped alone in a superstore, surrounded by a zombie wasteland...”

“We're going back to the old ways. The old ways of living and eating and dressing. The old rituals and old myths.”

“Utterly catastrophic.”

“Humans are built to be serial killers.”

“Use for hurting.”

“Commitment and endurance is our standard.”

“Time for happiness was running out.”

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