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Movie Reviews: Lavender + Another Country 👎👎🐔🥗

Lavender (2016)

Abbie Cornish and Diego Klattenhoff starred in this mess. This was not irresistible and it has no lasting legacy. There is jeopardy and a photographer mumbles unintelligibly. An annoying kid annoys. This was so solemn. This abjectly fails and was sloppiness. This was dreadful and a bad situation gets worse. There is ill-will and urgent indicators and she has an old injury. Nobody has a concept of medical privacy.

There is an absolute undoing. There are diatribes and things are rambling and random. This was woefully inadequate and entirely arbitrary and this was ridiculous. This was farcical and laughable. This was not ominious or fortuitous. This was meandering.

There is no self reflexivity. This was disastrous and misfiring. There is straight faced insincerity. There are no presiding figures and this was achingly clunky. This was not unbearably sad and it has no ingenuity. This was unconvincing. People have selfish despair and no psychological ballast. This was flimsy.

There is amnesia and people are deranged and illogical. This was turgid and disappointing and there is wilful obstruction. This was cod-dramatic and maddeningly dumb. There is no gloomy, oppressive terror just indifference. There is irritation and impatience. There are non-convivial types. There are operatic displays of despair. This was not competency based. There is no strength or purpose. There is no intuitive self-reliance. Justin Long pops up. This was confused and incoherent.

Best Lines:

“This is so boring.”

“Glimpses into lives once lived.”

Another Country (1984)

There is bad old age make up as a spy reveals why he did what he did. Colin Firth is in this. Rich boys whine in the 30s. Rupert Everett and Cary Elwes co star. This has no real plot. This was a non-event. Anna Massey was in this!

Best Lines:

“Treason to what? Loyalty to who?”

“They won't come in here, they can't afford to.”

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