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Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

A woman meets her boyfriend's super rich Family. She's so low in the hierarchy that pompus people mock her and she's disrespected. This was bland, awful propaganda. Such an event movie can be a non event. This was ho-hum. The boyfriend's mother has a reputation for rigidity. The greatest trauma for the rich is meeting poors. The rich family is not compassionate. The girlfriend is deemed unlovable.

She feels deep anxious pain. People have no empathy as she's adversely affected. This was not emotionally compelling. She is judged to have no desirability. Being rich is truly difficult appaently. Conscious choices are made as are unimaginable choices.

His family are trenchant critics and she's loathed and there is open incitement. She faces an unending cycle of scrutiny and personal appraisal. She's constantly held up against expectations. They're alert to her limitations. She's unwelcome and systematically undermined. They're leveraging their status. Unimaginable choices are made. There is a deep sense of emptiness in this movie which is not fulfilling.

People are intrinsically selfish and she has distress. Others speak in her place. The family is devoured by ambition. Women are errant. She's reproached. This was a bizarre fiasco. She's compared unfavourably to a different culture. One feels apprehension at the ending. The rich people are repulsive. This was soul destroying with no conviction or consistency. Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Gemma Chan, Awkiwfina, Henry Shum Jr and Ken Jeong star.

Best Lines:

You tell him his girlfriend sucks.”

“Low class.”

“Not my job to make you feel like a man.”

“Steal my tuck shop money.”

“Eat your nuggets!”

“A degree that's useful.”

“Asian Ellen.”

“Kpop skanks.”

“I'm the evil person.”

“Love who I am around you.”

“Bok bok bitch.”

“Done making excuses for them.”

“This sort of family.”

“I don't want any part of your family.”

“You will never be enough.”

“Cry and puke at the same time.”

“They do that around here.”

“Chickens are bitches dude.”

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