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The Stand (2020) 1x01+On Becoming A God In Central Florida (2019) 1x01&1x02+ 3 others 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

The End

The classic tale of an apocalyptic pandemic is retold in this non-lineat miniseries. It is told via flashback. James Marsden plays Stu, Whoopi Goldberg plays Mother Abigial, Alexander Skarsgard plays Flagg though he is mostly unseen in this ep, JK Simmons plays the Yeats quoting General and Byran Cranston has a cameo as the POTUS. Greg Kinnear, Amber Heard, Ezra Miller and Heather Graham will show up in later eps.

7 billion have died in the plague. Harold is on burial detail in the Boulder Free zone. Though TPTB assume familiarty with the story and explain nothing. Harold's obviously creepy. Frannie has massive piano key sized teeth. Stu broods. Harold's mother was a bitch who nobody misses at all. The plague was more of a a nightmare scenario in the 1994 version.

There is bad acting and the internet was shut down. Frannie has constant negativity. This was not mesmerising. There are no intriguing mysteries. Society and civilization have stopped functioning. The book was published in 1978. There are lifelong consequences from dreams and choices. Frannie is pondeirng. This was scarcely plausible idiocy. There is social change.

This was not provocative. Harold steals a gun. The terrifyingly contagious disease spread worldwide offscreen. Harold's journey to the dark side is inevitable. Harold raids an 'antique store' to steal a typewriter which he types on his manifesto on and he also voiceovers it. The disease was an escaped bioweapon. This could really happen.

This was not as intensely resonant as the book or even the 1994 miniseries. The dream scenes are not done well. Harold was rightly vilified by his townsfolk. This was not emotionally rich. TPTB change so much and for what? This was an annus mirablis. This was not a beautifully suprising dark tale. This has no lustre or depth. This was tragically insufficient and unsatisfactory. There are fateful events. There are no horrific moments or tragic cirumstances or emotional chaos or concept of hazmat. Stu has inherent goodness. This was fruitless. The plague was norm shattering. It was called Captain Trips. This was entirely laughable. TPTB are inherently unable or incapable of doing the story well.

Frannie wants Harold in her life for some reason. Harold regards Frannie as a mere commodity. Captain Trips = a really distressing event. Harold = infatuated with Frannie. This was dull would be existentialist. There is conflict without resolution. Everything suddenly and remarkably changed due to the plague. This was clumsy and fails all the way. Why is there running water?

This was rubbish and just awful, This was boring and uninteresting. There is no urgency or struggle. The world ending pandemic is done in embarrassingly bad fashion. This was needlessly grim and deeply unpleasant. TPTB can't convey the stakes. There is cold grotesquerie and deliberate tastelessness. Yeats is quoted. There is no apocalyptic appeal. Harold does corpse disposal and it is creepy.

This was aggressively terrible and Flagg barely features. This was all kinds of stupid. This was dismal and silly and incredibly stupid decisions are made. Did Harold carry the typewriter across a ruined America? The effect of the virus = gross. This was without purpose. It does not scare you to the bone.

Best Lines:

“Universally fatal.”

“Vicious rumours.”

“Hospital's overflowing.”

“Humanity blinking out with a whimper.”

“Murdered dreams and ambitions.”

“Body crew.”

“Pretty much everyone has it.”


“Built to withstand a 50 megaton blast.”

“Global level extinction event.”

“If there's anyone left to ask.”

The Stinker Thinker

Kirsten Dunst stars in this tale of Krystal and Travis and a sketchy but patriotic MLM. There are inscrutable potentinalities. It is 1992 and the MLM named FAM is an obvious cult. There is no inherent gooodness in people. Florida is decrepit. There is created will. Cody lurks. There are irreverent attiudes.

Reality shifts. FAM has social expectations. Julie Benz pops up in this. Travis wants affirmation. FAM is a lifestyle space. Travis and Cody have mutual dependence. FAM is very odd and Travis has contractual duties. How stupid Travis and Cody are. Nobody owes them anything. What are they interacting with? They're tired and shills. This was run of the mill stuff.

People are challenged. There is casual scoffing and Travis makes no well earned money. There is dumb sarcastic scoffing. Travis and his wife have tense and awkward dynamics. FAM wants extremely focused, earnest people. FAM makes you uncomfortable. It's not normal. This leaves you irritated. This was negative but not refreshing or genuine or exciting.

This was a gruesome show of the absurd. A tragic end is coming for Travis. This will have a profound impact on Krystal. This was discomfiting material. FAM is all spoofers and eejitry and schlock. There are affronts in this ludicrous and tawdry tale.

The characters are disreputable, dislikeable. This was puerile and farcical and a non event. This was vastly inferior to what I expected. This has no credibility. People are bizarre trash talking clowns who are brazen in their awfulness. Krystal faces dire trouble. Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the people.

There are cliches and this was dismal. This causes frustration. How prevalent and acceptable ignorance has become. The MLM serves Travis and Krystal ill. This was not a joyous treat. This was implausible. This never seems credible. FAM eludes normal rules and contention. People are mercurial. People have ideological conviction. People have capricious motivations. This is would be quirky. Travis has a bizarre accident.

There is cynicism and deeper anxiety and indifference and endless tussling. There is opprobrium and pastiche. People have flawed decision making processes. People have murky ties and unpredictability. There is intellectual dissent. What's a downline? This was not a dark billiant vision. There is savagery and colossal challenges and contentious issues and reckless gun usage. Alexander Skarsgard played Travis There is detriment due to deceiving.

Travis is laughably pathetic. FAM has platitudes and jargon. Travis and Krystal had wildly different defintions of success. They wanted a future that probably won't ever happen. Travis must have known how this was going to end.

Best Lines:

“Sleepings bad for you.”

“Success takes commitment.”

“Who's reaping the benfits of your work right now?”

“Not a scam.”

“What is it you do again?”

“Walk without fear.”

“Don't let your choices ruin his opportunities.”

“Negative people are roadkill in your rearview mirror.”

“Fired up! Fired up! Fired up!”

“They're monsters.”

“On purpose?”

“Who profits from your time and sacrifice?”

“Millionaire in waiting.”

“Listen to all those I's!”

“I won't be poor again.”

“Resent us because of our nice things.”

“Slamming the door was undignified.”

“I regret that.”

“Build godly business!”

“My system did not kill your husband, an alligator did.”

The Gloomy-Zoomies

Krystal hacks up the alligator she shot. Cody is a creepy grinning loon. The opening credits are odd. Julie Benz lurks again. There is ugly truth and a melodramatic twist or two. There are absurd notions and Travis is not wistfully remembered. Cody has an odd concept of rational behaviour. This rarely convinced. Krystal's pool is repossessed as is the house. Cody harasses Krystal. They try to repossess Krystal's braces. Krystal has a mad scramble for money.

Travis had serious financial issues which have averse consequences. Krystal rides an ATV and gets into beauty contests. This was poignantly awkward. There are caustic exchanges and lopsided dynamics. There are simply unacceptable goings on. There are halfwits and narcissists. Life is not always fair. Life is lived under pressure, scrutiny and examination. This was monotony.

This was cringeworth and full of awful people with a lack of niceties. There are awkward realities and grudges, tensions and resentments. The bogus MLM goes on. Cody has a self image of resilience and unity of purpose. Krystal shows off her bizarre 'talent' and manages to end her career in beauty contests. She deserves and wants better than what she has.

Things go awry. Cody is dreadful. Krystal is caught up in FAM. There is connivance and surging incidental music. This leaves you disinterested. This was arduous artifice. Krystal is not painfully sad. Bad ideas are had. This was not intriguing. The MLM is suitably sinister. There is period detail and unwise decor and plotting. This was a misfire. People are jerks and Krystal yanks out her braces.

Best Lines:

“J-o-b is a prison.”

“Upline bonus.”

“Buying happy meals with pennies.”

“Leave the cookie.”

“My car's at the bottom of a swamp!”

“An alligator ate my husband!”

“Travis was eaten by a gator.”

“The dance with the things.”

“Trading tiaras for tug jobs?!?”

The Handmaid's Tale 4x04


Gilead imposed hatred and shame. There is tyranny and contempt. There is no real and persistent threat. Gilead uses brutal means to maintain its grand edifice of child producing. Janine and June run from malicious parties during their turbulent escape. 2 Handmaids in red running along traintracks should attract attention. June causes demonstable harm. June is incandescent and apoplectic and engages in shenanigans.

June wants to go to Chicago to the front. There are no real incendiary events on their non terriying trajectory. June and Janine flail in milk. This was unsuprisingly awful. Nothing is deeply deeply concerning. All that contaminated milk. Why are there windows in a milk container? How is there light? Gilead's moral teachings led to this. The 'milk' so obviously isn't.

June and Janine must reek. Wouldn't TPTB notice the milk leaking from a moving train? Rita makes bread. June is shamelessly indulged. Why is Serena Joy blamed more than Fred? Things are maddeningly fraught. Serena Joy is having a son. People vilify Serena Joy. Yet Fred is about as bad a man as you could find. How is there air in the milk container? We get Janine flashbacks. There's a fuss and Janine can't comprehend June's selfishness. Tired looking women wail. This was stale and dumb.

Rita makes a choice. June finds the 'resistance' and a ruined city. This was ghastly and unpleasant and stupid. Janine had a son named Caleb. What became of him? The country is disintegrating but only June is important every awful, nasty step of the way.

Best Lines:

“Praised Be. His Blessed Mercy.”

“Refuge camp databses.”

“Let her be furious.”

“That's where they're still fighting.”

“Catholics really good at forging passports.”

“Insanity surrounding the birth rate.”

“Is he your boyfriend?”


“She wants me to blame the Commander?”

“They're walking targets.”

“Where else am I gonna go?”

“What's Mayday?”

“Something horrible would happen.”

“Lie to women.”

“In Gilead I was offically considered property.”

STDS9 7x21&7x22

When It Rains...

Kira has to work with Damar's resistance group. Ziyal's death is irrelevent to Sisko. Garak helps Kira. Gowron shows up. John Vicekry guest stars. Odo tags along. Kira wears a Starfleet uniform. Are there no other medical staff besides Bashir? A disease ravages the Founders. Bashir does his usual badly acted ranting.

Bad things happen to Dukat and Goweon wants glory. Gowron and his bug eyed acting choices is OTT. Kira is absolutist and a raving hypocrite at the same time. There is a reveal. This was okay. Casey Biggs shows off his actings as Damar.

Best Lines:

“The only thing that stands between us and the Dominion.”

“What have we come to?”

“Go behind enemy lines.”

“The rest are of no consequence.”

“No. Sir.”

“I did hate her. That's a luxury I can no longer afford.”

“What is past is past.”

“Rue the day they heard my name!”

“Used to sitting behind their desks, not under them.”

“Schemed and plotted his way to power.”

Tacking Into The Wind

Kira whines. Bashir and O'Brien obsess over the Founder disease. Damar gets a reality check. Ezri gives Worf advice. People look like dead badgers. Gowron and Worf fight to the death. This was okay.

Extant 2x04&2x05

Cracking The Code

WTF is going on? Molly lost her astronaut job. Ethan scooters. JD's daughter is knocked up. We see Molly's burnt down house. JD's daughter is a mega bitch so he shoots her car up. Molly acts cray-cray. She and JD make out. Lucy gets orders. This was utter crap and hopelessly inept.

Best Lines:

“Write your names in the history books.”

“What kind of sick?”

“Fail and we'll all just be footnotes in the scrolls of a new civlization.”

The New Frontier

The plot is totally different. What about the space programme? People are sure hybrids are plotting. Why is Charlie plotting with Julie? Molly confronts that bitch Julie. Molly learns Ethan is alive and that he thinks Julie is his mother. Julie's a loon and Ethan rejects her crazy ass. Molly finally figures out that John was murdered. Richard T Jones guest stars. What new laws stop Ethan going to school? Molly makes out with David Morrissey. This was befuddling. Julie = poisonous. There is inexpressive, unconvincing and dreary acting. People have inner ugliness. How many women is Tobias shagging?!? This was overtly awful.

Best Line:

“Nobody is that unlucky.”

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