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Book Review: Worlds That Weren't

Worlds That Weren’t by Harry Turtledove, S.M. Stirling, Mary Gentle and Walter Jon Williams

This book is made up of four novellas of alternate history. This is an enjoyable excursion into what might have been, which leaves us thankful that these situations are only what ifs.

The Daimon
Sokrates accompanies an Athenian general on a war and his words are unwittingly the inspiration for the general’s new campaign. A campaign that will remake Greece and possibly destroy democracy. This is okay.

Shikari in Galveston
This is a spin off from the novel ‘The Peshawar Lancers’. During the Victorian age, a comet devastated the Northern hemisphere. Now generations later the world is rebuilding but development has stagnated. An aristocrat from the Indian based Angrzi Raj (formally the British Empire) is on a hunting trip in a re-barbarised Texas. There he gets involved in a war and the Raj’s future plans for America. This was good.

The Logistics of Carthage
In a very different world, European mercenaries are on the coast of East Africa with an embarrassing corpse. This world diverged from ours long ago and the Empires and Religions it contains are very different and almost incomprehensible. This is good, a look at war and those involved in it.

The Last Ride of German Freddie
The gunfight at the O.K. Corral goes very differently due to the involvement of Friedrich Nietzsche. This is okay.
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