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Batwoman 2x07 + Tinker Tailor Solider Spy (1979) 1x03 + Stargirl (2020-?) 1x01 Reviewed 👎👎👎

It's Best If You Stop Digging

Alice blathers about Ocean in this routinely incompetent ep. This was especially fraught as Alice is instrinsically hostile to everyone. There is intellectual laziness as Alice has eternal and recurring wickedness.

This was bloody horrible and it is not always subtle. Alice and the island trash queens aren't entirely credible. This was disjointed, full of manic shrilness and underserved by talent. There are boring flashbacks and this was dramatically chaotic and truly terrible and consistently rubbish. This was preposterous. Alice has her usual disastrous impact. This was hilariously outlandish and totally inadequate and untrue to the comics. Ryan is moronic. Ryan learns her love interest is trash. There are massive retcons. Jacob whines. People scream about a flower.

Tinker Tailor Solider Spy (1979) 1x03

A BBC show with Alec Guinness. George Smiley looks for a mole. Ian Richardson is also in this. Beryl Reid also features. This is treated as brilliant but one views it with incomprehension as it is unremarkable and shambolic. People have agitation. This is so dated looking.

Characters are incredibly revolting.This was pure baloney and ignominy. Who has the malevolent role? Well casting pretty much gives it away. This was such a sausage fest. This was ludicrously unappealing really bad crap. This was incessantly inane and monotonous. This was puerile and full of tediously smug people. This was irredeemably dull and facile.

Best Lines:

“What the hell are you doing here you pariah?”

“Glamour boy agents.”

“Lower class bloke with upper class sources. Must be a bounder.”

“You've got that Britian can make it look about you.”

“Listen you 2 faced ferret!”


A sidekick saw the age of the Golden Age of heroes and the Justice Society Of America die at the hands of baddies. People obsess over the cosmic staff. 10 years later the sidekick is now a stepdad. I do not care. The brat is rude to her stepdad and steals the cosmic staff and thinks Starman is her father. The baddies still lurk. This was full of bad acting and sap and boredom. Stepdaddy Pat has an attack robot. Hell no, I'm too old for this sh*t.

Best Lines:

“Smells like slut!”

“Bad stick! Bad!”

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