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Battlestar Galactica 4x13&4x14 Rewatch+DS9 7x18+Extant 1x13&2x01 Reviewed

The Oath/Blood On The Scales

This show wanted to be generation defining. I detest fat Lee and Helo – they should have both been killed off long ago. Zarek and Gaeta plot a mutiny and are particularly belligerent and insidiously corrosive. They don't get favourable treatment. There is relentless brutality. People are right to hate the genocidal cylons. Things are unravelling.

There is grim amusement and utterly deviant actions and profound blame and Gaeta has a chronic career rupture. Lee and Helo are annoyances. There are vengeful grumblings and people mumble. There is something sinister afoot and a vindictive cycle of retribution, cultural change and rebellion. Is this enduringly beloved? Adama's recent endeavours are not popular and a deranged element rebels. Adama is not given almost godlike status like he was in the 1970s version. Zarek has a campaign of intimidation. This show has a well worn angsty style. This is intended to jar and discombobulate.

Zarek has quietly raged. Gaeta has cries of anguish. Richard Hatch guest stars. This was not of profound importance. There are untender mercies. This is the logical culmination of peoples belief that they had a right to dominate, use and control others with impunity. There is a reckoning, limited thinking and highly irresponsible idiots.

Starbuck is not liked. Fat Lee whines. This tries to be unexpectedly deep and heartbreaking. This was average or below. Fat Lee is all the more woeful. Adama only amplifies doubts about his credibility. Events articulate a tension. There is no indissoluble unity. People are distrusting. Zarek and Gaeta's legacy will never recover from this. This is a post apocalyptic society trying to survive. Kara flirts with fat Lee. This was not an opportune time. Adama has territorial rage.

Adama overacts. There is no optimism or emotional celebration. So many have capitulated to the cylon alliance. Gaeta wants Adama's permission to carry out the coup – he will not give him that. The President thinks she has a right to boss people around. Baltar got away with his crap – so way is Zarek scapegoated? There is no nostalgic wonder.

Gaeta has a hungry following. He and Zarek seal their fate. TPTB are risk averse. I'm sick of Starbuck and Laura Roslin. Fat Lee points out that Zarek is right. Tigh gurns. The mutiny comes to a violent and ugly end. There is prattling. The cylons are scum as always. Anders is shot because Kara was too busy trying to shag fat Lee. Laura overacts and rants. Gaeta gives up. There's a crack in the FTL. Exit Gaeta and Zarek who smile as they're shot.

Best Lines:

“The hanger deck's lost to us.”

“Deserves a better fate than what he'll get from them.”

“Been at war for generations. We know nothing else.”

“Felix Gaeta. Who'd have thought?”

“There will be no forgiveness, no amnesty.”

“Dangerous ideas.”

“I'm insisting.”

“The truth is told by whoever's left standing...there's no turning back now.”

“We need to defend!”

“Exchange lofty words about an alliance, but if this is what survival has come to...”

Til Death Do Us Part

There are endless subplots. Kai Winn is played. Ezri and Worf's creepy sexist plot drags on. Sisko broods. Dukat plots. Ross marries Sisko and Kasidy.

Best Line:

“I cannot change what is to come.”

Deep Space Nine :: TrekCore


Die Ethan die. Molly goes into space. Yasumoto and his subplot has vanished from the show without mention. Katie is dead. Ethan needs shutting down. Fake Katie and Molly catfight. Where is Kern? This was boring. This makes no damn sense!

Best Line:

“Blow the seperation bolts.”

Change Scenario

TPTB reboot the show dramatically. The aliens are called spores. Enver's character is killed off. Julie is still around as is Ethan but Sparks and Sam have vanished. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the new male lead. TPTB somehow got David Morrissey to guest star. Molly lies. Morrissey does his weird fake US accent. Julie and John had an affair. Oh ick. Ethan's back. FFS! The government seize Ethan. John's murdered by a driverless car. Molly was in a loony bin for 6 weeks due to among other things burning down her house (offscreen) and trying to kill Julie with a shovel (sadly offscreen). Sam and Molly deffo aren't friends anymore. Morgan growls and is shirtless.

EXTANT: Season 2, Episode 9: The Other Side: TV Show Trailer [CBS] |  FilmBook

Best Lines:

“There is life out there.”

“Burning down your house?”

“That's how fascism starts.”

“I am really not a lunatic.”

“Says the lady who broke out of crazy acres.”

“Straight Hannibal Lector stuff.”

“She screwed my husband and then had the nerve to show up to his funeral!!!”

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