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Power Rangers Issue 7 Reviewed

I missed issue 6. We see how wrong things can go for Jason and his shaken credibility. The whiny Jason, Zack and Trini go not emerge in a positive light. There is no beautiful satisfaction. One feels overall indifference. Drakkon is not rascally boorish. There are topics of huge concern and ethically incompatible people. This was hyperbolic. This isn't even tolerably enjoyable. I'm tired of Jason and his egocentric worldview.

Best Lines:

“They shape the universe.”

“Never gonna happen. Never.”

“The Hartunians are a notoriously evil race who prey upon lesser developed worlds. They will not accept our help.”

“Actually underselling how vile this place is.”

“We know who and what you are.”

“Reapers of worlds.”

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