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The Handmaid's Tale 4x03+Extant 1x12+The Sister 1x02+Intruder 1x03+DS9 7x17 Reviewed 🍷🍝🍝

The Crossing

There is no complexity or destined heroes. Aunt Lydia is callously scaring June, a grim tradition. This was not tantalizing or devastating. Handmaids are ill fated. June's come to promience. There is a rigid rhetroic, established orthodoxy and a female populace kept in check by the strict order of a totalitarian police state. June's in another hell. There are deplorable mythologies, a matriarchal administration and oppressiveness. There is no incentive to care.

One is strongly discouraged by June's tenacity. What'll happen to the wife? Is Gilead's fall possible or even inevitable? June faces a cascade of calamities and is enormously unpopular due to the catastrophic consequences she caused. This was a frustrating disappointment. People are gravely immoral. There is cruel fate and calculated deceit. Aunt Lydia is a maevolent presence. June blunders on. Aunt Lydia is scathing. There is no epic quality as June is maligned and abused in this meaningless, inconsequential, silly and clunky ep.

This has a slow pace. June is to blame for all ills. This was not grandiose. There is pomposity and dire consequences in this nonsense. There is lethal disregard and nefarious purposes. This was barely credible and paltry. There are sinister practices.

Aunt Lydia is an enforcer of a hyper-pious sexual morality. Luke acts like he cares. This show has become incredibly frustrating, inherently exploitative, sluggish and confused. This falls woefully short and is calamitious and lacks dramatic moments. There are inadequacies as June faces damning charges. This was rambling. There are ill wishers. Things are hasty and incompetent.

June aggressively confronts Aunt Lydia and riles her. June has made extremely bad decisions and things go extremely badly wrong. June acts completely crazy and this was completely trivial. Gilead is a system that's resistant to change. There is disgraceful behaviour in this non-meaningful, spurious ep. There is an irrevocable undertaking. This performed far, far disastrously below the standards which one has a right to expect.

Is this warranted or necessary? There are unfortuante events. Luke seems to forget he has a daughter in Gilead. If Waterford is fertile – who is the father of June's baby? Is it Waterford's or Nick's? Why is Gilead throwing fertile women off a roof? This was pretty appalling. There is mumbling. This was really under-lit. Does Luke ever think or care about the first wife he ditched?

People justify making evil choices. There is yelling and fear and a train. June is truly frothing. June's ostentatious heroics have attracted serious attention. This was mundane and murky. This was not of enormous and sustained interest. Unpleasant, painful, dangerous unpleasantness happens. There are insurmountable threats. June has desperation and is uncertain and is threatened with a colony.

This was completely useless and incredibly boring. June's pathologically dumb and she has absolute certainty in herself. What are Nick's motives? Awful things happen. June is inexpressibly vile. This was fairly grim. Gilead is full of perverted loons. June is seething and raging. This was really horrible with no dramatic revelations.

Best Lines:

“Be strong with the lord.”

“Wicked, wicked girl.”

“Your commander and his wife.”

“All of this is your doing.”

“Your fault, your choice.”

“Did she choose this?”

“Quite a bit worse for you.”

“Life of meaning here.”

“Not one Handmaid can be spared.”

“Blessed cycle of service.”

“A breeding colony.”

“Gilead doesn't care about children. Gilead cares about power. Faithfulness, old time values, homemade bread: that's just the means to the end.”

Before The Blood

There is a pervasive sense that TPTB are not trying. This was not of monumental standing. This has never been successful. This was not genre transgressive. People are disillusioned. The French have a space programme? People are careless. This has little credibility. There are dashed possibilities. There are contentious issues. There is no revitalisation.

Sparks rambles like a crazy man and loses all justification. When was artifical gravity invented? There is disgraceful behaviour and people lying repeatedly. Molly raves about her 'son' and Odin has extraordinary commitment to being creepy around Ethan. This is not a contribution. There are disputes.

How many space stations are there? There is bad acting. Why isn't Ethan at school? Ethan annoys. Molly confused and betrayed. There are brainless clods and no pateince or long term strategy. Sparks wants to destroy a space station. One feel heartfelt disgust. Sparks is a pathetic goob. Molly does dull suprise acting. Smug gits lurk. Nobody can fix consequences. This was horrible. Julie's dumb.

Enver Gjokaj guest stars. There is fungus and stupid mistakes. There are no feelings of concern. This was generic. John whines about being 2nd choice. This was stale and ridiculous. This was not wildly ambitious. John acts crazy. This was an absolute mountain of rubbish. This was unpleasant. Julie sneaks. Odin plots, his name isn't even Odin. There is malicious chance. I've no idea what is going on or why. This was completely rubbish gorked out crap.

Best Lines:

“Move alone than any other humans in the universe.”

“One of a kind sentient android.”

“Vengeful desire.”

“I can't really inject it into your ass.”

“Position, direction and speed.”

“Doofus cap.”

“Drifting for almost 2 years.”

The Sister 1x02

This was plain bad and consistently appalling. This was truly awful. Some goob whines and cries. They never even seemed to be good people.

Intruder 1x03

The useless gibbering husband whines and there is a series of unfortuante decisions and events. The mistress and the couple are awful. This was absurd and farcial. The wife bashes the mistress and pushes her off a cliff. The local cuddly gangster lurks. This sucks.

Best Line:

“You once lost your temper at the price of a giant toblerone bar in Duty Free!”


Tinkertrill and her vocal fry annoys. This was boring. There is BAD acting.

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