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Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Eps 12&13 Reviewed

The Sleep of Babies

Jax and Tara blather. Donna and Opie reconnect. Clay plots. Tig has kids. Tig?!?! There’s a gun battle. Gemma plots. Wendy warns Tara about Gemma. Jax remembers he has a son as Abel leaves the hospital. Hale confides in the sheriff. Tara makes out with Jax in front of Wendy and everyone else, classy and then she gets snotty when Jax doesn’t like it.

The SOA are like prawns, treading water near sewage outlets with their mouths open. Clay learns Opie isn’t a snitch but it is too late. Tig shot Donna dead after somehow mistaking her for Opie. Hale informs Stahl: “This blood’s on you.” This was okay.

The Relator

Clay’s feeling guilty. Hale’s angry. Opie’s dad Piney is really angry. Jax has issues with Tara and Wendy. Gemma finds her first husband’s manifesto and it is suggested that she and Clay killed her first husband. They also mutter about killing Jax. Piney gets into a brawl where he wields his oxygen tank as an offensive weapon. Clay blackmails someone.

Hale, Opie and Jax went to high school together apparently. Stahl wants Opie and Bobby to get the death penalty. Jax finds out what Clay and Tig did. Then he threatens the witness. Donna’s funeral is held. Tara and Jax make out next to the grave, classy. Jax turns out to have an ally in Piney of all people: “Time for a change.” This was okay.
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