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A Pack Of Cards

John rages at Yasumoto with his series of grievances and accusations. Yasumoto has unconscionable cruelty. There are lots of unlikely and unexpected happenings and malevolent intentions. Molly's maniacal obsession has frightening emptiness. Yasumoto has such narcissim and arrogance. John is entitled. This is not throughly captivating or genuinely brilliant and it has no imaginative audacity.

This is mundane and not endearingly loopy. Yasumtoto is insidiously influential. John is pretentious. Flashbacks flashback. This was not creatively fecund. There is rueful fatalism in this generic show. This has serious limitations. This was not vast or profound or terribly impressive.

The plot is lurching rather disconcertingly. This was horrible and overblown and reductionist. This was not innovative. There is no strange pathos. This was all unintelligent inadequacies. This was not paradigm shifting. People act flippantly. This was absurdist and dangerously near to parody. This was inane.

People delude themselves. There is talkativness. This was was regrettable. This is not a sensitive and haunting exploration. This is utterly ridiculous. There is oracular sounding dialogue uttered very slowly and solemnly in this milquetoast ep. There is implausibility and rather flat strangeness.

There is nothing new happening in this slightly less interesting ep. People are dangerous and abhorrent. There are wilful hazards. This is completely implausible. There is ill-trust and unbearable memories. This is not even placid enjoyment. People are self-dramatizing. This has the worst dialogue and story and pretensions. There is comic truculence.

People have barely concealed viciousness. There is moral outrageousness in this ghastly junk. There is no quiet wariness. This is painful to behold and disssonant. People act calamitously stupid. This was not particularly noteworthy. Sparks' obsessive pursuit and wilful disregard is contrived. This was agonizingly boring. There is vacuity and monstrousness. The whole John and Ethan plot bores vociferously.

Yasumoto is of dubious repute. He has total commitment to reorientate his life in pursuit of a goal that may never be attained. There is menace and decline. Molly has persistent melancholy. Ethan is really annoying. This was an irrelevancy. Nobody is well intentioned. People embrace life-altering circumstances to the bitter end. There is a certain inevitability. This was the most awful and annoying thing. This was contrived and not heartfelt.

There are malevolent intentions. Is this an apocalyptic account? Is the alien a herald of change to come? This depicts a 'future' far from any promised utopia. This was annoying. Sparks' and Molly have unhealthy needs. This was wildly horrible and insufferable and putrescent and stupidly obvious. People are idiots. Molly is a burdened soul. There is death and miserable, nasty bitter things.

There are horrible fumbles and silly negtivity of spirit. This was not even halfway decent. This was pathetic and maddening.

Best Lines:

“Cheerful world view.”

“If you go soft, I'll leave you!”

“Not gonna go right.”

“Where dead people go.”

“The baby doesn't want me to be with him!”

“They are different after.”

“Everything comes at a cost.”

“Poke around the woods.”

“We aimed our ships toward something.”

A New World

Yasumoto threatens Molly. Odin plots. There are flashbacks. Katie's back. This was boring.

Best Lines:

“This won't end well for you.”

“Without the consequence of death.”

Too Close 1x03

Connie has no amusing quirks or potential goodness. She's tumultuous and should be incurring the wrath of the law. She actively contributed to harm and is a deviant. Emma actually thinks Connie's children should be allowed to visit her. After Connie tried to murder them. This miniseries and a real life crime have terrible echoes.

Connie causes potential calamity and tries to make common cause with Emma. Connie is unsettling. This is a damning portrait of a woman who faked her way out of charges. This is not gripping. Connie is obviously faking. She's an ousted wife and crap mother. I don't care about her character or history. She did harmful cruelty and has appalling secrets.

Connie had no substantive rationale. This was lurid. This is not a searing indictment. Connie is an unspeakable garbage person. She caused near heartrending tragedy. Connie manipulates and fakes utter despair. She wasn't deluded. She's faking! She caused devastating results. There is no emotive moral instrumentality. We get endless endless flashbacks of Connie howling and panting and taking her clothes off.

This isn't even intermitently interesting. There is irrealism. This goes on interminably. Emma is not engaging meaningfully with Connie. There is a whiff of criminality to Connie. She instigated unrest. This was not dreadfully plausible. There is no continuing intensity. Connie's unkind. Her husband is slime, into self-indulgence and shagging his wife's ex BFF. Emma has no perceptivness. This was contrived. There is menace and decline.

Didn't the police do any searches? One feels withering distain for TPTB's attempts to make us pity Connie. This was utterly damning of Connie and her soap opera level mad scenes. She did not having psychosis. The acting is really bad. Connie's son is a walking rebuke to her. Connie wails. There is no meaningful action or existence. This is an indictment of Connie. Her husband goes to his mistress. Emma's husband sort of wanders off. Connie's husband gave his mistress free reign of Connie's house and made Connie leave.

Emma caused the death of her toddler. Connie lost her determined brightness. This was particularly damning of how Connie's husband overlooked her. Why is Emma mollifying Connie? There are endless flashbacks. This was uneven. Connie had dismay and stopped being forcefully positive. Her husband had achieved disposal of her. People have inexplicable level of shock. Emma was meant to assess Connie not mollycoddle her and her tantrums. There is wild gurning and this was OTT. Connie didn't owe her husband pretty. She was extremely unhappy and she sowed sorrow and had sullen irritation. She drove off the cliff in a jealous rage not due to any 'psychosis'.

Connie's kids are made to forgive her. One feels hard suspicion that Connie's plotting another trip to that bridge when she gets out. Emma does not seem to miss her bratty daughter. Why didn't the driver brake? Connie is monstrous and terrible and this was idiocy.

Best Lines:

“Perky breasted 25 year old. It's disappointingly unoriginal.”

“Awful screaming tantrums.”

“Grief can be its own kind of hell.”

“Spousal reveenge.”

“Malevolent force.”

The Pursuit Of Love 1x03

In this final ep, Linda becomes the kept woman of a manipulative sleazy French duke. He is a perv who gives her a glass bath. One is especially uninterested. This was boring and falls into disarry as Linda dies in childbirth and Fanny whines.

Best Lines:

“Meet our intellectual friends.”

“I don't want to be rescued.”


“My ruffian Spaniard.”

“Please be more ration conscious!”

“Sometimes being good kills you.”

“Icy dark well of a country.”

“Name has become a legend.”


The Scooby Gang dream. In retrospect you can see how horribly sexist this show was. This was guff. We see Adam without his makeup. This was kinda racist.

Best Line:

“The hope of our nature's future is a bunch of mulch.”

Red Dawn

I've no idea what's going on. There is bad acting. Brooke learns her 'friend' isn't her friend. They brawl. Things go badly for Brooke. This was bad.

Best Lines:

“Bitched out.”

"We can be gods here."

Episode 100
This season is useless. Margaret dressed like Ivana Trump and is now a real estate tycoon. Brooke's in jail and on death row. There is death and a twist. Sigh.

Best Lines:
"I hate you."
"I hate you more!"

"She's in hell licking satan's balls!"
"She should be so lucky."

"God wants to save every soul, even yours."

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