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Movie Reviews: The Karate Kid part II + 30,000 Leagues Under The Sea + The Karate Kid part III 👎👎

The Karate Kid part II (1986)

Johnny got choked out by his crazy coach. Kreese is a crazy man but is barely in this. Daniel breaks up with his girlfriend offscreen and only hangs out with an old man. There is a lot of talking. Chozen lurks as does Kumiko. Karate is serious business! Why is Daniel in Japan shouldn't he be in school? This was boring.

30,000 Leagues Under The Sea (2007)

Lorenzo Lamas and Kerry Washington star. This was murky and trash.

The Karate Kid part III (1989)

Martin Kove lurks. He is in disgrace now. Adults plot against Daniel who is a teenager! Daniel's mother has ditched him. Daniel is off to college and has broken up with his second girlfriend. This film is not liked. This is a horrible movie. The new baddie is Terry Silver a toxic waste dumper with a ponytail who has murderous rage against a teenage boy. I could care less, I've seen 'Power Rangers' eps that were better than this!

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