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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Breeders' promo


'Eternals' promo


'Last Night In Soho' promo


Irish Atlantic sea salt dark chocolate – nice.

Who saw 'Doc'?

Recall 54321 bars or Taz bars?

My ex has show no contrition. I'm appalled by my ex's actions. My ex has blatant disregard. My ex has no altruism and I feel mournful. My ex = devious and dishonest. My ex made awful decisions. My ex found the truth an inconvenience. I thought my ex had affinity. I feel despondent and my ex = utterly inexcusable. I didn't doubt his loyalty. My ex stopped caring.

I'd try lavender honey and middle eastern slaw.

Who saw 'Snake-Eater'?

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Our darkest moment.”

“Ferocious spending.”

“Short lived impact.”

“Seemed just about plausible.”

“Anything but plausible.”

“Nothing to do with inherent value.”

“Varying degrees of ferocity.”

“Actually pretty dire.”

“A little too keen on partying with the rich crowd.”

“Banish the district's seedy reputation.”

“Often without any recourse.”

“Monetise their rage.”

“Grim allegations.”

“Wildly lurid.”

“Nutted off.”

“Terrible outcome.”

“Marxist criticism.”

“Balreful impact.”

“This legacy has been multigenerational.”

“Wronged by history.”

“Tragic downfalls.”

“Intimidation tactic.”

“Continued unexplained reluctance.”

“Societal woes.”

“Rarely the gifted grand inquisitors they imagine themselves to be,”

“Wounding narrative.”

“A man who wants me to feel sorry for him.”

“Does not realise he is distrusted by a public.”

“Fantastical stories.”

“Denies trying to court my sympathy.”


“A queen I am, but my throne is made of burnt bones and it rests on quicksand.”

“Regional issues.”

“Organisational narcissim.”

“So convinced of their high standards that they wouldn't change in response to manifold tragedies.”

“Serial deceit.”

“Bilious account.”

“Calculated ruthless.”

“Shagging toff.”

“Necessarily violent.”

“How people in the 21st century imagine the pre-modern past.”

“Unrequited devotion.”

“Dark lords and their evil minions.”

“Cynical disregard.”

“A profound influence on how history is imagined.”

“Really not happy about.”

“Dark spectres.”

“Purposefully revolted.”

“Arthouse extremes.”

“Sober curious.”

“Ridiculed and rejected.”

“Pushed out by society.”

“Socially accepted.”

“Miserable existence.”

'It Takes A Killer' Quotes:

“Vaguely threatening.”

“Born with evil intentions.”

“Just don't think he's that worried.”

“Ran off with one of her drug friends.”

“Alarmingly sure.”

“Ethical, medical and legal duty.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Knew what awaited him.”

“Trusted media voice.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Wasn't coping well with life.”

“This is the way they think to behave?”

“Slightly horrifying twitter trend.”

“Who is here to stop them from behaving in this way?”

“Doing their best to lower expectations.”

“So insignificant, so utterly unworthy of spending money on to fix.”

“Betrayal of musical and ideological purity.”

“Allowed myths and misunderstandings to flourish.”

“Compared unfavourably.”

“Realise it was his artistic duty to disappoint his audience.”

“Things in their past that they don't forgive themselves for.”

“Stoic, under achieving.”


“Possessed a remarkable clarity of purpose.”

“History and cultural flux.”

“An almost fearsome weight and depth. They speak to the present while carrying within them the knowledge of centuries of past creation.”

“We don't really know where he lives, how he spends his days, whether he has one romantic partner, several or none.”

“Objective reality and Dylan are virtual strangers.”

'Hating Peter Tatchell' Quotes:

“Most disliked man in Britian.”

“Act of gross indencey.”

“Consequence of sin.”

“Challenge bad things.”

“People who are doing bad thinsg.”

“So violent and threatening.”

“Broke a leg off a dining room chair to beat me with it.”

“Many, many, many bashings.”

“Everything they loathe and fear.”

“Quite threatening people.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

Recurrent hostilities.”

“Shame campaigns.”

“Become increaisngly loud in public discourse.”

“Engage with their own desires and needs.”

“Diplomatic cost.”

“Implications it has for their career.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Handles his life for him.”

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