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Extant 1x08&1x09 + NCIS 6x13 Rewatch Reviewed


This show is highly frustrating and profoundly wank. This is crap on a cosmic level like vegan cheese. There is further uncertainty. There is no end or guidance. The dire situation and fundamental existential challenge goes on. The grim drip drip of inexorable decline goes on. John screams at Julie. John carries on ignoring concerns about creepy Ethan.

There is talk of Korea. Various bad experiences befall Molly and others. This was dim-witted. TPTB need to be careful what they ask viewers to endure. This does not provoke searching questions. All this is happening because some rich man doesn't want to die?!?

Molly and others have retreated into persecution complexes. The more TPTB try, the more they seem to fail. This ep is the latest iteration in a grim cycle. Nothing of import happens. There is dull, grim reality and unique misfortune. The monied elite caused all this. There are serious credibility questions.

Best Lines:

“Windows on seclude.”

“It made me flush my mother into space, it ain't the baby Jesus!”

“They can't all be in on it!”

“Only friend I have on this planet.”

Care And Feeding

John does something stupid. Odin has an agenda. We get more flashbacks to John being an ass. Kern does stuff. Yawn.

Broken Bird

This was a rushed tale of Ducky being accused and walking off being stabbed at his age. Yawn.

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