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The Pact 1x01 + Time Is A Killer 1x01 + Too Close 1x02 + Extant 1x05&1x06 Reviewed

The Pact (2021) 1x01

This is a 6 part BBC1 drama. Women kill their boss. No.

Best Lines:

“His favourite 'Star Wars' is 'The Phantom Meance'.”

“Sex maybe? Either that or he's into owls.”

Time Is A Killer (2019) 1x01

Clotilde Baron must face her past when she goes back to the scene of a family tragedy in Corsica. This was French with subtitles. This had 8 eps and dirty water. There are flashbacks, shagging, lying, a diary and a car wreck.

There is emotional turbulence and this tries for wider and deeper resonances. Clotilde's mother was a whining martyr. There are revelations. This was a little noticed chronicle of the present and the past. Clotilde was an over dramatic teenager in flashbacks. She tried to drown herself and was not immensely grateful to be saved. It is not explained why she tried that or why she apparently walked it off afterwards.

This overdoes the misery. The worst thing about betrayal, it never comes form an enemy. Did Clotilde's mother fake her death? Wouldn't put anything past the drama queen. In the past we see a pendant, another pendant, a walkman and nice scenery. Did Clotilde's father try to kill his family by driving his car over a cliff?

Clotilde has a daughter of her own now as 25 years have passed since the car 'accident'. Clotilde married a fat lumpen man who looks like her father. Shudder. The accident happened in 1994. Clotilde lives in a Stepford looking scarily neat apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Clotilde's daughter gets into an accident. So Clotilde and her lardass husband move into her family's old holiday home which has sat vacant for 25 years. Clotilde's daughter wears hot pants and a dirty fat old perv bothers her.

Clotilde was always overlooked. There is no dust in the hosue. What became of her diary? This was okay. Clotilde's mother was perpetually dissatisfied and loved languishing in misery and being the martyr. In 1994 a singer massacred Take My Breath Away at a beach party. Is Clotilde's whiny mother dead? What was it with the dolphin guy? There is bad old age make up and emotional history and one's hopelessly exhausted by the possibly dead grandmother/Clotilde/daughter drama.

Best Lines:

“Your cop daddy will show up.”

“I feel trouble coming. I have to go.”

“The same beach, bad memories.”

“A baccalaureate G at that! I did it!”

“How did that moron actually pass his exam?”

“You'd have liked her. Most men did.”

“Do something about it or this won't end well.”

“Understand your need for hope.”

Too Close 1x02

Connie has stolen a lighter but wouldn't security find it? Emma finds out that Connie's mother is dead. Yet Connie keeps on faking amnesia and Emma's boring. Connie is belligerent and shows no remorse. She deserves the public abhorrence and she aches for mischief. She has no future and a grim discovery is made.

Caring about Connie is an impossibility. She had 'stress' – she is such a lying faker. This was damned stupid and there are even more flashbacks. Connie watched her neighbour take a bath. Connie laughs at Emma and is very tedious. Why isn't Connie in jail for what she did? Emma isn't very good at her job. Connie laughs off her crime. This was crude. Some rando lurks. Connie is unfailingly awful and full of hate. One can say with absolute certainty that she's evil.

Connie treated people as her personaly playtoys. This was bargain basement. Connie's husband is an ass. This was utterly incongruous, harebrained, cockamamie nonsense. Emma tries to be rigidly self-restrained. There is no satisfying vitality. There is not delightful. Connie craved sex. This was a humdinger of a mess. Connie is a psychotic little egomaniac.

Connie has false pretences. Irrational things happens. Connie tries deniability. Connie's husband decided he wanted an open marriage and then he had sex with her best friend. There are many peculiar events full of shady people being shady, cynical and uncharitable. This was daft. Connie is a tempermental lunatic. Matters are unfolding that Emma doesn't quite understand.

Things don't bode well. Connie's useless thick husband shows up. Connie does Joker grins and he's sick of her. He's moved on with her ex-BFF. This manifestly failed. This was a crap disaster. This was not rational. Connie acts completely unacceptably and is hostile. Connie did an injustice too deep to tolerate. This was not intense. There is discomfort..

Connie's mother went gaga and couldn't cope and died as a result. Connie is toxic, vicious and malicious. This was ridiculous and cheesy. Connie did ugly things. Nobody chose loyalty. Connie whined about how really, really hard her life was. Oh FFS. She lacks human decency. This was really, really awful. Connie fakes misery and fear. Emma visits Connie's father. Emma is a boring idiot. Emma should be suspicious. Connie has cold calculation and commits arson.

Best Lines:

“Very Helen Mirren.”

“Life in prison or life in a psychatric hospital.”

“You seem disapproving.”

“You seem disapproving.”

“Died before all this. Thank god.”

“Living in squalor.”

“We're the wrecked people.”

What On Earth Is Wrong?

Molly has no agency. The acting is bad. Molly hallcinates. EMTs can't tell that Ethan is a robot. Oh FFS. The baby's been stolen. There are things that float in showers and John's creepy assistant has a disability.

John carries Ethan around and cares more about the robot son than his wife. Molly is told she was never pregnant by a don't care doctor. John stomps off. John doens't believe Molly as she yells about a conspiracy. There are driverless cars and why is Ethan naked as he is being examined???? That is just distasteful and wrong.

Why is the weird assistant so obsessed with Ethan? Molly's BFF lies. Molly is gaslit. John's creepy assistant oversteps. John is an ass. Doesn't Molly's father do laundry? Molly's stupid. No one has security. John is a sour arse. There are very serious consequences threatened. There is a pattern of recklessness.

Molly shrugs off utterly devastating acts. People put their morals and ethics aside. Something is there. This was bad. Why does Molly's baby need 3 umbilical cords?

Best Lines:

What baby?”

“Take her far away from whatever she is suspicious of.”

“Ethan's complexity has outpaced our ability to repair him.”

“Our worm killer.”

“I know when I'm hallcinating, ok, I've had a lot of practice lately!”


John and Molly wonder about alien contact as their toaster son dreams and screams. People are blase about aliens. Enver Gjokaj of 'Dollhouse' guest stars. Some lunk named Odin befriends Julie the creepy assistant. Secrets are revealed. This was so bad.

Best Lines:

“Used me to get here.”

“Has that ever happened in the history of ever?”

“Performing heroic acts for heroic reasons.”

“Go full beard.”

“Deploy an escape pod into deep space.”

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