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Movie Reviews: Jackass 3 + Fatale + American Woman + Texas Lady + Two Thousand Women

Jackass 3 (2010)

This has no merit. TPTB at DC should have had Johnny Knoxville play The Joker and not Jared Leto. This was flash and frivolous. The gang are stridently ecentric. They suffered horribly. One is oddly immensely charmed by the messianic Knoxville. There is regular violence occuring. Wagner plays. There is a midget brawl and this is vaguely comorting nonsense. Knoxville gets his dog bitten ass atteneded to. There are snakes and truly dreadful things. They try to return attention to themselves. There is hostility and unwelcoming situations.

Best Lines:

“Bitching summers.”

“That's coming out of my allowance.”

“Run over by a buffalo.”

“Super Mighty Glue.”

Fatale (2020)

Hilary Swank does this now. Unpleasant things happen. There is a voiceover and a man is much misunderstood and maligned. The plot is sub par 'Another World' style soap. This was abysmal and devoid of complexity. A one night stand changes everything for a man. This quickly has grave deterioration. His one night stand partner is a steadfast advocate for herself. There are twists and no urgency.

There are absolutist positions and constant gamesmanship and brinkmanship and untoward events. This was an enormous mistake. There are fantasies and hysteria and grave disservices. This was not meaningful. Danny Pino plays Swank's vile ex.

Best Lines:

“You are never going to be her mother again.”

They're bad people.”

American Woman (2018)

Sienna Miller is a grandmother at 33. Her daughter goes missing. White trash have detestable qualities. Time passes. There is abuse and shouting and stifled prospects. This was good.

Best Lines:

“What all the hot mistresses are wearing these days.”

“Why? What didn't I give you?”

“If he was making an effort he'd come over see his son once in a while instead of playing video game and scratching his ass.”

Texas Lady (1955)

A crazy western.

Two Thousand Women (1944)
Boring WW2 POW drama.

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