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Book Review: Peace Talks 🐔🍟

The Dresden Files: Peace Talks by Jim Butcher

This is the first new 'Dresden Files' novel in a long, long time. It's been so long since 'Skin Game', I can't recall a lot of the plots or people or why I should care. This was a whole book of padding. Dresden is not liked, there is trouble and somehow Marcone has still not being killed by the vastly powerful supernatural beings he lurks around.

There is a cliffhanger ending that sets up 'Battle Ground'. This was foulness. Lovecraft gets ripped off. This was diabolical and full of terrible ideas. Vast and terrible things happen. I don't care anymore about Harry Dresden, his grandfather, his emo half brother and the various bitter losers who surround them. Unpleasant things happen.

Best Lines:

“Emo vampre angst spiral.”

“I'd hog-tie you with your entrails.”

“An undersea power hardly anyone had spoken about during my lifetime.”


“I figure everyone is so insane about the Internet. There must be something cool there.”

“I've noticed that my life at times resembles a badly written Mexican soap opera.”

“Psychotic killers and sociopathtic malcontents.”

“Directed violence.”


“They were not kind.”

“Used to tremble at the sound of our footsteps.”

“They dare to walk where they were never meant to walk.”

“Old ruins, jungles, deserts, underground caverns.”

“A protogod's idea of old-school probbaly checked in around the same weight class as Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“Soul-threatening source of power.”

“Projecting the vampire's concubine.”

“Casting blame at a wider conspiracy.”

“They just don't want to face any of the negative consequences associated with their choices.”

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