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Halston (2021) 1x01-1x05 + The Handmaid's Tale 4x02 + Extant 1x04 + Murder In Texas (1981) part 1

A limited series about the 1970s designer.

Becoming Halston

This is not subtle and has out there performances but is still boring. Halston (Ewan McGregor) creates a signature look with the help of his friend Liza Minnelli. Bill Pullman is also in this. Halston (who is referred to as that throughout) grew up in rednecksville. Ryan Murphy has judged him worthy of rediscovery. Halston designed Jackie Kennedy's hat for the inaugeration. Fame was transitory for him.

McGregor does a bad US accent and shows off his ACTINGS and looks like he lives in a hedge. Fashions and times change. Halston plans to be a complete line. There is uncertainty and no optimism about the future. There is no wit or charm.

Halston is of unknown reliability and there is frustrating brazeness. Jobs that don't feel like careers are had. Halston pervs at women. He's in the early stages of stratosphere. There is dress making and socially unhealthy action. Halston has anger and utter despair. This was based on a book.

Best Lines:

“Sold 50 already and it's not even 10am.”

“You're him aren't you?”

“People just don't wear hats anymore.”

“European knockoffs.”

“Living under the shadow of something.”

“Zero? Which is yes, not many.”

“Thrown together or contrived.”

“I'll take one in every colour.”


Kelly Bishop swears. Halston is selling but broke and his business is fraught with difficulties. This seems under-directed. Sustained expectations cannot be fulfilled. This was awful. Halston mismanages things. Something bad is going to happen. This was risk averse and ineffective and inept. This has a comic sensibility. This was essentially tragic material. Halston likes rough trade.

We get a nugger of fact about 'Cabaret'. This was unreality. Interest is not sustained. Nobody is cautious or optimistic. Something could and will go horribly wrong. Halston's gang are wacked out moral degenerates. There is lamenting and this was not fascinating. There is no profound impact. There is no orderliness and this was not consciously evoking anything. There are ill chosen actions. Every generation fits history to their own requirements. This was not compelling.

Halston becomes falsely optimistic. This does not impact our imaginations. Halston left his mark. This was not indisputable truth. It was uninspired dreck.

Best Lines:

“It's Marie Antoinette's house for christ's sake!”

“You're terrible.”

"I'm broke.”

“I know you.”

“I don't think so.”

“Saved the whole movie.”

“Your trademark is your name.”

The Sweet Smell Of Success

A brighter future is waiting to be born. Halston wants to excel but is oblivious to his nihilistic extreme coming. Woe the day! This leaves one completely indifferent. So bottomless is the pit of Halston's neediness. Halston hangs out with his bunch of losers.

This was quite tedious and there is no nostalgia beyond description. Halston sees a Studio 54 flyer. The strait laced are shocked and Halston parties at Studio 54.

Best Lines:

“Dropped a ton of their husband's money.”

“Smell like a shrimp's a**hole!”

“Full time fancy.”

“You could ask darling but that's not going to happen.”

“I'm not even a person anymore. I'm a brand.”

“What more is there to build?”

“I'm wearing you!”

The Party's Over

Halston indulges in cocaine and all night parties at Studio 54. We see Bianca Jagger and the horse. There is excess and ruptured friendships. There is competition and loss and Halston is loud mouthed and abrasive. This was appalling. There are dreams worth fighting for. Did I see Divine in a background scene?

Halston's brand is tired and he has no money. He makes defensive responses and he's inconsiderate. There is no psychological or emotional fortitude. There are sweeping generalisations. This was not valid. This is apparently full of factual errors and inventions. There is no profundity. The negative aspects of Halston's life are on display.

His life is an existential void. This is a painful process. There is no rawness or elements of danger. Halston is rude to his model/designer/muse Elsa. Halston hinders himself. This was not cohesive. There is no end goal or purpose. Nutters lurk. This was not lovely, lovely, lovely. Halston is demented and louche. There are much disputed myths. This was awful tripe and this was absurd and dreadful.

This was not a masterwork. This has a noisy, hip, fidgety tone. This was not charmingly brief. Halston watches Brooke Shields infamous Calvin Klein ad in horror. This was nto substnative or iconic. Guileless types lurk. There is a mention of Gloria Vanderbuilt. This was histrionic whimsy and frivolity. This was a lot. Did I hear a Trump mention? Wistful types lurk.

This was not fascinating loutishness. This is a depressingly catalogue of perverse nostalgia. There are dull certainties. Halston brawls over a fur coat. This was not wildly revelatory. This was disappointing. This was not layered. Halston is out of control on cocaine benders and driving away his friends.

This was not playful. Halston is voraciously awful. Liza goes to rehab. Halston has catastrophising paranoia. This was not meaningful or credible or bright or inventive. There is deliberate excess and Halston is spiteful and insincere. This has no emotional heft. The toxic and corrupted aspects of his life are on full display.

There is hurt, angry behaviour. None could possibly love him and no one would want to. There is talk of HIV. There are secrets and torments. Awful things happen, this was not a searing depiction. This was irrelevant and clunky. Halston is untethered from the outside world. Halston lives in unreality. There is an obvious reason for distress. Halston is delusional. His system is collapsing.

Halston is not joyously unconventional. This was unconvincing. There is no cultural allegiance. Something terrible is going to happen. This was banal and not gleeful. There is temporality and absurd goings on. This was disappointing, tragic, fleeting and ephemeral – much like Halston's fame. A momentous set of changes unfold as Halston ignores his fractured friendships.

Best Lines:

“Jeans are a fad!”

“See and judge.”

“Everyone's leaving me!”

“I know how to stop.”

“Gone through 2 weeks supply in a day.”

“Bad news and really bad news.”

“So Long Island.”

“Waiting for thank you.”

“Pathetic loser!”

“Was I always like this?”

“Money pits.”

“That's where you belong: standing in my shadow!”

“Roll out of bed at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and you're still too hungover to speak.”

“Second rate instincts.”

“Put aside my own ambitions for yours so I can stand in your shadow and fish cocaine out of your phone!”

“Level of taste.”

“Missed the window.”

“Is this cocaine?”


“That's not the worst part, she was wearing Calvin Klein.”


Halston is in the dolfrums but is still erratic. One is disinclined to care. Halston is a futile exercise. He ignores how dire his situation has become. He spent too much money and alienates one person too many and throws a phone. People are wearily accustomed to him and his tantrums.

Halston is breezily dismissive in a dismissive manner. He comes to work at 6pm. He lost any joyful aspects he may once have had. He is not self respecting. He's increasingly frantic and increasingly embittered. He has no grand destiny because he's an idiot. He paid a terrible price for upeavals. This was abysmal.

Halston psychopathically ruins his own life. He has ghastliness and is repellent and has relentless unpleasantness and nothing is morally redemptive. Fashion is not a section of society of which anyone would feel proud. Haltons' disgarded friends Elsa Peretti, Joe Eula and Victor Hugo would have more success than him. Halston is exceptionally smarmy. Liza is still a legend. There is cynicism and seedy, venal and pathetic people. Halston died in 1990. Beneath the glittering surface of fashion, horrors lurk. This was supremely clumsy sheer incompetence. This was so terrible and foul. This was not vaguely nuanced. Fashion is a proud, vain and heartless industry.

Best Lines:

“I'll have you killed!”

“Takes the limo everywhere.”

“Why is he flying to Paris for Martha Graham?”

“I'd hate me.”

“Wrapped a woman in a feeling.”


“I'll do it bitch!”

“Wow them again.”

“Careless with your own brand.”

“You sold your name Halston.”

“His time has come and gone.”

“You are not Halsotn anymore, they are.”


There is social disorder. Social fabric is fraying. June plots unthinkingly gruesome revenge. There is no moral victory for June. Ugly thought not untypical events take palce. There is societal anarchy. Platitudinous Gilead types have malicious intent. It's always all about June. How has June survived so many deadly confrontations? The Republic of Texas is mentioned.

The plane of children is called angels Flight. Rita is in Canada. Yet it is all about June. Does Luke recall he has a child in Gilead? Moira lurks. June lurks at a Jezebels. Commanders party with hookers. So much for piety. June talks to a Jezebel. June's responsible for bad stuff.

Serena's mocked by people claiming they wish to help her. Nobody is concerned about poisonous fumes. This was not captivating. Fred is terrible. A boy 'rescued' from Gilead misses his Martha and his Gilead parents and his aunt thinks yelling at him will help. The child doesn't even know his own name. There is no quiet seriousness or tangible humanity. Moira calls June a messy bitch and points out she always has to clean up her messes. Serena's pregnant. There is death and people grimly persuaded by June. Nick shows up. There are dark distortions. McKenna Grace and Laura Vandervoort of 'V' guest star. This was debased and unimportant. Emily might as well not have been in this.

Best Lines:

“Blessed day.”

“To keep him from being a bother.”

“When did you start doing this?”

“Not soon enough.”

“Gilead has the way of bringing out the worst in people.”

“Act like country lords.”

“Air Canada thing.”

“My Martha showed me how.”

“We are Mayday.”

“I knew him before Gilead.”

“It's not safe anywhere.”

“You learn things on a farm.”

“I am as you made me. As you made us.”

“The only families they remember.”

“No good men in Gilead.”


Ethan, John and Molly run. People have the personalities of toasters. Louis Gossett, Jr of the 'Iron Eagle' franchise is wasted as Molly's estranged father. This has no conceptual muscle. There is talk of a meteor substance. This was absurd and too corny. There are ethical transgressions and no profound purpose. This was not operatic pulp. It was daft.

There are no medical ethics. This was ropey. Men plot. There is an evil detecting dog. This was not particularly original. There are secrets and lies. Who has home DNA scanners? John whines and there is sap and malevolent types. Make this show unhappen. This was lacking and insufficient. This was so boring.

Best Lines:

“Sorry don't cut it.”

“Not without consequences.”

“Not get the answers she seeks.”

Murder In Texas (1981) part 1

A true crime miniseries. A rich woman's dodgy husband gets a slutty mistress and decides to kill his wife. The acting is terrible in this.

Best Line:
"Rotten all the way."

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