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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Anne Boleyn' trailer

A new Channel 5 drama. Mmmmm.

Best Lines:

“You promised me sons!”

“You smell of her.”

'American Woman' promo


Summerfruit & Brandy jam – okay.

BBQ cauliflower – oooh.

My ex = cruel and dishonest. I've no emotional support. My ex has a woeful lack of compassion and is unnecessarily cruel and vile.

Who saw 'Cool Hand Luke' or 'Gia'?

It's 17 years since 'Dawn Of The Dead' (2004)!

'Bottom' Quotes:

“I can't give you sweets, I'll get arrested!”

“Demands attention.”

“Possibly medical.”

“Secret devil raising incantation in my Ladybird Book Of Witches.”

“Sprouts of evil!”

'Our Cartoon President' Quotes:

“Good thing the crack fried the part of my brain with any self doubt.”

“Don't want to shop in stores that are on fire.”

“Tolerable personality.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Fuels my punching and yelling.”

“The road monster.”

“What a man drives.”

“Good taste is a curse.”

“Hamburger Homicide.”

“Smart and dour.”

“Famous recluse.”

“Sometimes I identify as imaginary.”

“Mushrooms? Those are chairs for toads!”

“Moral disease.”

“This taco had a mom!”


“Nothing more tiresome than gratitude.”

“Kickass truck stuff.”

“The prat parade.”

“Nothing good will ever come from it.”

“Bit early for the apricot brandy.”

“Whose best days never happened.”

“I enjoy nothing.”

“Sour attiude.”

“Please silence the din.”

“Like a 3 hour dance party in a freshly dull grave.”

“Truck farts.”

“My 2 least favourite things: other people's music and other people.”

“Dreadfully predictable.”

“Sun is too sunny.”

“Conspicious eyeroll.”

“I look like bloody Churchill!”

“My face looks like a syphilitic moon!”

“Veganism was invented by foreigners!”

“I hate the foreign.”

“Try not to sneer at everything.”

“Misplaced anger.”

“Always be waiting for you on the other side of the slammed door.”

“If you hate him, he must be great!!!”

“Envy The Dead Fly In The Lightbulb.”

“Brick Through A Council House Window.”

“Mother, What Are Friends?”

“Suing people for saying things about me that were completely true.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Expected level of learning.”

“Teddy Bear corner.”

“Hidden tolls.”

“Perhaps no longer.”

“Genetic pain and suffering.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Politely murderous.”

“Axe wielding.”

“Idyllic profile.”

“Failed utopian empires.”

“Genre paces.”

“Reminded them of their youth.”

“Prowling the grim streets.”

“IKEA nightmares.”

“Descending into some kind of feral chaos.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Some large part of the population viewed it as the enemy...”

“Stab a snake in the heart to determined the cause of a snake pandemic,”

“Ends up doing an autopsy in the open air “with a pair of garden shears...”.”

“Feckless, dirty, disloyal.”

“Pose a threat.”

“Moral dilemma.”

“Life free of fear and horror.”

“Apocalyptically dystopian.”

“Articulate that abhorrence.”

“So unpopular that a whole estate let her vanish.”

“Retrospective feeling.”

“Demand new thinking.”

“Channel public anger.”

“Combat tunnels.”

“National nightmare.”

“Ideologically motivated.”

“Escalating feud.”

“What we choose to remember and what we choose to forget.”

“Angry Man was someone who'd long fought the arrival of wheelie bins.”

'Cold Blood' Quote:

“Load and run.”

'The Daily Telegraph' Quotes:

“Intellectual potential.”

“Not sufficiently supported.”

“Dark and secret passion.”

“I shouted at them for being bloody thoughtless.”

“Cut out of such an important event.”

“Disregarding our feelings.”

“Societal shift.”

“Break away form everything familiar.”

“Brutality emerges.”

“Famously tempestuous.”

“Ill-advised haircut.”

“Monetised his midlife crisis.”

“No stranger to eccentricity.”

“Doesn't look, speak or behave like a man.”

“Trauma management.”

“Minor league hoodlum.”

“Moral settlement.”

“None of the characters emerge particularly well.”

“No cohesion of viewpoint.”

“The boo word.”

“Loathed on both sides.”

“Irredeemably corrupt.”

“Unforgivable behaviours.”

“Profoundly truthful.”

“Deliberate provocation.”

“Used nefariously.”

“Hush-toned talking heads.”

“Fantastical claims.”

“An abandoned community.”

“Bitterly forged.”

“Inevitable speculation.”

“Strength of a long-term relationship depdended primarily on nostalgia.”

“Magnetic charm.”

“Feelings and motivations.”

“Not known for politeness.”

“Ellesmere ball incident.”

“Shocked dismay.”

“Stylish solemnity.”

“Moral credibility.”

“Neighbours we never liked?”


'RTE News' Quote:


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