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Bah humbug

What can one say about Christmas Eve? You try roasting chestnuts only for several to explode in the oven and blow open the oven door. Then after clearing that mess up, you have to deal with an obnoxious drunk relative who hangs around being ‘witty’. There’s nothing on tv but an unfunny middle aged comedian and a repeat of a dreadful ‘Sherlock Holmes’ adaptation which stars two miscast, untalented actors.

Come Christmas Day and things do not improve. There is the lazy relative who never helps with the preparation, drinks too much, spills alcohol on the carpet and doesn’t help clear it up. Then said relative makes snotty comments and skulks off instead of helping to clear up. Then there are the other stupid relatives who drop Christmas pudding on the floor, twice. And they refuse to clear it up. Then there are the unwanted gifts.
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