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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Forever Purge' trailer

Didn't the new POTUS ban the purge?

Best Line:

“Nowhere safe to go.”

'Intruder' 1x02 promo

“All kinds of dark corners.”

'The Handmaid's Tale' 4x06 promo


'Supergirl' 6x08 promo


Salted Tayto – okay.

Apricot, pear & Gran Marnier jam – okay.

Nduja sauce – yum.

One is increasingly frustrated at how my ex abandoned me and how he caused huge distress. My ex said I was the most important thing in his life and he threw me away.

What is vegetable beef soup?

'Cold Blood' Quotes:

“Any breech of the house.”

“Comfort and love.”

“Crushing decision.”

“Caused a division in the family.”

“We're here to protect them.”

“Grief spreading across generations.”

“Somebody booted the door in.”

“Implication is terrifying.”

“Even the cold case goes cold.”

“That fear lasted years.”

“Bring solace.”

“Alleged brutality.”

“Post conviction statements.”

“Sells for drugs.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Toxic cocktail.”

“Long time animosity.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“A stable hand who was on cough medicine urinating in the stall.”

“Air pillows.”

“Concerted campaigned of opposition.”

“Placed on secondment.”

“Institute for Conflict Intervention.”

“Incapable of innocent explanation.”

“Suspending their disbelief.”

“Fissiparous tendencies.”

“Attic insulation for hair.”

“Grimly observes.”

“Trapped generation.”

“Eternally absolved.”

“Vainly attempting to explain away his recurring bad luck when it comes to his charges somehow crossing paths with so many performance-enhancing substances.”

“Tried to blame his latest disgrace on “cancel culture”.”

“Distract some from the business at hand.”

“Rule compliance.”

“Blamed the groom peeing in the hay.”

“Victim-blaming the whistle-blowers.”

“Plans to switch allegiances.”

“Have a bitter falling out.”

“Vague accusations of moral impropriety.”

“Prevailing and often unchallenged orthodoxies.”

“The basest of ideologies,”

“Cultural justifications.”

“Deviating from doctrine.”

“Does not mean freedom from consequences.”

“Reductive to good and bad ideas.”

“Lovelorn, ill-fated.”

“Transformative experience.”

“Old resentment.”

“Existing tensions.”

“Not the primary focus of their lives.”

“Pervasive climate of fear”

“School misbehaviour,”

“People in hospital and in the graveyards.”

“Not used as habitable condition.”

“Impact negatively.”

'American Horror Story: Cult' Quotes:

“Die unloved.”

“Man I love is turning against me.”

'FBI Case Files' Quotes:

“Rat terrier dog show circuit.”

“Rar terrier community.”

“Wrongfulness of her acts.”

'Watch Her Fall' Quotes:

“A hothouse of excellence.”

“Look at me Daddy.”

“You want everyone fall to death in orchestra? My swans murder cellists?”

“Stealing another woman's prince.”

“A Serious Critic from a Serious Newspaper.”

'Til Death Do Us Part' Quotes:

“Treated each other pretty terribly.”

“Mounting evidence of hostility.”

“Hostile feelings.”

“Ungodly amount of credit cards.”

“Did not live up to the standard of thw wife he thought he was entitled to.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“Great can turn to grating.”

“She wanted it bad.”

“Keeps spending, a lot.”

“There is no over-reaction you can have.”

“Active online life.”

“Spraying his medications with roach spray.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Years and years of anger.”

r/ireland - Tim Burton's 'Ann and Barry'...Odile: Ballet's best bad girl | The Australian Ballet

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