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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Muscle' trailer

Craig Fairbrass has aged.

Best Line:

“I don't like being let down.”

'Batwoman' 2x14 promo


'The Handmaid's Tale' promo


'Start Up' promo

Martin Freeman and his bad US accent.

Best Line:

“All day, every day.”

'The Pact' promo

More BBC drama.

'Prodigal Son' 2x13 promo

No. This is cancelled? Oh FFS.

'Lisey's Story' trailer


'The Protege' trailer

Maggie Q v Michael Keaton.

'The Green Knight' .railer


SanPelligrino Blood Orange – mmmm.

Godes andsaca.

My ex built trust and broke it. My ex ghosted me of his own free will. Why isn't my ex remorseful? I receive scant attention and feel increasingly isolated and my ex is selfish and inconsiderate and he deliberately denies. My ex is not forthright. He sidelined me.

What are avocado fries?

'South Park' Quotes:

“White trash in trouble.”

“Poor people being arrested! What a rare occurance!”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Tools of their learning.”

“Further away from safety.”

“Any hopes of saving it long gone.”

'Gods Of Snooker' Quotes:

“'Dallas' with balls.”

“12 months of glory.”

“Applause they deserve.”

“Sport's biggest rebel.”

“No dickie bow.”

“So low key it was not even televised.”

“They don't even mention me these days.”

“Old men in bow-ties.”

“Gamble his school dinner money against men.”

“Still a niche sport.”

“Colour launch.”

“Largely ignored by the British public.”

“Tiered seating was on beer crates.”

“What a horrid little man.”

“Don't care too much for him.”

“Awful decades.”

“Very rule bound.”

“Hurling his cue at a spectator to having a fistfight.”

“Did things in a certain way.”

“Uncompromising stule.”

“Bad boy of snooker.”

“Irked by that.”

“Kept out of trouble long enough.”

“Tough pot.”

“About to go seriously awry.”

“Tremendous tension.”

“Unnecessary behaviour.”

“God knows what happened there.”

“Looking rather sad.”

“Folklore moment.”

“Ultimate triumph.”

“I hate Steve Davis.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Completely attached your happiness to your partner's fidelity with you,”

“Hasn't had a sock to his name for months.”

“Demographic make-up.”

“Wearingly circumscribed.”

“Trapped generation.”

'The Times Literary Supplement' Quotes:

“For now at least, civilization will probably endure.”

“Vade mecum to misery.”

“Greeted with incomprehension.”

“Humour and a madman.”

“Stuff of theatrical legend.”

“Nostalgic note, an impression of times past.”

“Without past or future.”

“Brought international fame.”

“Made far-reaching changes to the stagecraft.”

“The emotion they are fixed in.”

“Alienation inherent.”

“Absolute passivity.”

“Horribly wrong.”

“Lost proportionally more of its population than any country has before or since.”

“Truly epoch-making.”


“Long-term impact of uncertainty.”


“Evoke, compare and bear witness.”

“Extraordinarily generative.”


“Make value judgements about things past.”


“Projection of present values onto the past.”

“Nefarious ends.”

“Unscrupulous ideologies.”

“Moral evaluation.”


“Moral role.”

“Gratuitous egoism.”

“Effort of reflection.”


“Morally contextualist.”

“Identitarian causes.”

“Terminated this promising life path.”

“No one wants them.”

“An unfree class.”

“Her fury against cruel events over which she has no power embitter her.”

“Endlessly contested though that argument is.”


“Long had to combat those who challenged their power both spiritual and temporal.”

“Self-inflicted isolation.”

'Inside No. 9' Quotes:

“Certain artistic exhaustion.”

“Stop Fleabag-ing!”

'Girls' Quote:

“You feckless whores!”

'The A Team' Quote:

“I remember it but I don't think about it.”

'Bates Motel' Quote:

“Have you interrogated all the weirdos in town?”

Who Is Sheriff Romero on 'Bates Motel'? Try on this £1 million tiara that once belonged to the Italian Royal Family  before it sells at Sotheby's | Tatler

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