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Book Review: All Girls 👎🥩🥔🥑🧄

All Girls by Emily Layden

Various people at Atwater, an exclusive girls boarding school, brood on a historic accusation against a staff member. This was crushingly dull and finally unsatisfying and full of multifarious pitfalls This was not satisfying or captivating or very pleasant. This was very medicore and it has very unfortunate conditions. There are dark things going on and damning discoveries and it is not completely logical and havoc goes on.

Best Lines:

“Retaliation for her accusation.”

“Community expectations.”

“Life had become a disappointment.”

“Shifting whims of decades and generations.”

“Unlimited promise and potential.”

“How unpleasant it is to be locked out, and I thought how it is worse, perhaps, to be locked in.”

“Survivable scandal.”

“Involved in cultivating an environment that fostered such relationships.”

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