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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Batwoman' 2x13 promo

Shut up.

'Intruder' promo


'Prodigal Son' 2x12 promo


Salted Caramel M&Ms – yum.

My ex made empty promises. My ex's sins can't be rectified. My devious and self serving ex left me bitterly disappointed. My ex didn't find our connection difficult to sever. Isolation and disconnection and my ex = irredeemably heartless. He does not deserve empathy, compassion or forgiveness. He failed in his responsbility. I cannot forgive him.

I'd try Turkish meat pizza.

RIP Tawny Kitaen.

I'd want elderflower cordial cologne.

Who saw 'Elephant'?

En realite, chque lecteur est quand il lit le propne lecteur de soi-meme.

'The Times Literary Supplement' Quotes:

“Literary failures.”

“Contentious view.”

“Never again published an insignificant book.”

“Continuing rage.”

“Acrimonious parting.”

“Indifferent universe.”

“Profound re-imagining.”

“Those whose actions or inactions, conspired, and conspire, to doom him.”

“Beating up “hooligans”, punks and hippies.”

“No man walked here.”

“Warehouses for the unwanted.”

“Ruin, waste and damnation.”

“Despair over his solitude and isolation.”

“Often irascible.”

“Catastrophic tone.”

“Melancholy ways.”

“Focused observation.”

“Lost ideological paths.”

“Disdain voiced.”

“Panorama of traumatic, half-remembered history, personal and national.”

“Prepared to believe this.”

“Primitive ages.”

“Expressing outrage.”


“Dangerous years.”

“Once-extinct prosper.”

“Non-intervention management.”

“Illicit frisson.”

“Impressive theatricality.”

“Fashionably cultivated gloom.”


“Bracing moral lesson.”

“Consistently important.”

“Document of civilization.”

“Left behind hellholes.”

“Eats away at societies.”

“Having the actor adopt a thoughtful expression for a very long time, while music on the soundttrack does the expressive heavy lifting.”

“Contain its own threats.”

“A ditch you fall into – you wait for someone to pull you out but nobody comes.”

“Rules of democracy.”

“Aimed at working men who liked beer and sport and sweepstakes.”

“Sea of plastic that invades the house.”

“Precipitate universal ruin.”

“Vindictive public mood.”

“Embattled idealists.”

“Disillusionment and despair.”

“Cheerless light.”

“Forced from office, never to regain it.”

“Insatiable outsiders.”

“Dark sources.”

“Associated now with the ill-judged triumphalism.”

“Neither possible not desirable.”

“Things inevitably soured.”

“Obvious personal integrity.”

“Dark swagger.”

“Lack of new standing.”

“A king gone mad-”

“Sought attention and mercy.”

“Gape at the strange folk.”

“Much-disputed etymology.”

“Major cultural idea.”

“Cruel emotion.”

“Hobble northern Europe politics for the next century and a half.”


“Cavilled at infelicities.”

“Sense of who they were, and might become.”

“Inescapable present.”

“Vast cross-currents.”

“How much worse was everything that followed.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Oldest warship still afloat in Europe.”

“Masking norms.”

“Lost 4 general elections.”

'It Takes A Killer' Quotes:

“Veil of suspicion.”

“Admired by all around him.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Terrible set of results.”

“Cause for real alarm.”

'Star Trek' Quotes:

“Long ago there were rebellions.”

“Slowly learned to be content.”

“Knows who and what you are.”

“Carry word of their existence elsewhere.”

“Strange ways.”

“I am ordered to please you.”

“Command me.”

“Only die harder.”

“Defiance is intolerable.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Logical plague containment.”

“Toxic brand pressure.”

“Enforcers of purity.”

“Peculiar disdain.”

“Baffled condescension.”

“Communal live audience experience.”

“Bloke-down-the-pub persona.”

“Responsible now for her life of aloneness.”

“These are intelligent people who I consider friends.”

'Hollywood Homicide' Quotes:

“Seperate the truth from the drama.”

“Frustrated with her life.”

“Fit in and also stand out.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“His way or no way.”

“Hasn't seen a day in the free world since he was about 15 years old.”

'Killer Couples' Quote:

“Willing to settle for the 1st boy who showed her any attention.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Fire somebody and let me watch.”

“People don't like me. They really don't.”

“Beloved after death.”

“Not Wurst.”

“Good luck pleasing me.”

“Praise. Something that I've craved.”

“Need the chance of death.”

“Approved phases.”


“Desperate publicity stunt.”

“How could a ploy this cynical and shameless fail?!?”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Every pub has a welcoming band.”

“Ear scrapping Orish accent.”

“Unhappily reunited.”

“Tetchy and hostile.”

“Formulaic movie bonding.”

“An island not a theme park.”


“Dismal console to live action.”

“For reasons no one could fully understand.”

“Not terrible.”

“True to the existing mythology.”

“Explained to him on route.”

“I did get confused. A bit.”

“Impressively obnoxious.”

“On demand fireballs.”

“Lethal frisbee hats.”

“What he perceives as his weakness.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Growing internal concerns.”

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