November 22nd, 2021


Knighted Issue 1 Reviewed

A marriage proposal goes awry. There is social pressure and this is set in the world of The Great Death. Bob is a crime analyst who accidently kills the city's Batman expy. There are no facemasks in a world where 400 million recently died. How do you deal with 400 million dead bodies? Has it ever been addressed? The XV1N1 retrovirus isn't really dwelt on. There is talk of powers and the local hero Knight aka Batman. There are Wolverine expys.

White guy Bob moans about not being seen. After Bob accidently kills Knight, he does not wonder why so many woman in thongs are changing near windows and somehow none of them notice Knight's head popping like a grape. Why is a gas main going up a building? A baddie called The Boneman who has a tragic backstory lurks. Bob meets an Alfred expy. Bob must be the new dark protector and he will have supercool weapons, a dope ride and a doper crib and a wounded soul and an abundance of fury. This was okay and not as bad as I'd heard. This was not dark or absorbing. A devious cataclysmic event has taken place.

Best Lines:
“I want you. But...better.”

“Hey, freakhole.”

“If we don't catch you...he will.”

“Sit there and be useless.”

“Started getting ideas about looting and pillaging.”

“He was a terrible human being, all right.”

“...He cast me into hell...”

“He's probably some trust funder dude-bro with a fat inheritance and a fancy butler.”
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Movie Reviews: 8 Minutes Idle + Christine (2016) + Saturn 3

8 Minutes Idle (2012)

Tom Hughes of 'The Game' is tossed out of his parents house along with his cat. He lives in his office and what about the cat? The cat dies! Due to his owner's neglect and generally scum lifestyle. The poor cat. This movie makes me angry.

Christine (2016)

This is 1 of 2 movies made about the death of a female tv news reporter on live TV in Sarasota Florida in 1974. At the start Nixon is POTUS. This tries to be atmospheric. It is dingy looking. There is paranoia and judgment is cast. Things are sensitive. This was made with the best intentions. This is a highly polarised society.

There is excalating lunacy. This was a ridiculous and ineffective monetisation of a tragedy. This theatrical tat. She wanted to be worldbeater. This was not engaging or dynamic. This was not a nostalgia trip. This was not mesmerising. There is a tv and people are wan and other people are an irritatingly mild mannered lot. This was unlikely.

Things simmer. This was oblique and crafty. This feels insubstantial at its dramatic core. This was fake. Did she crave fame? There is bleating disbelief at ratings. There is convoluted prolongation. This soon grows tedious. This was not captivating. This was a farce and not enlightening. There are inescapable facts. This was muted and diffuse. This was not compelling. There is grandiosity and petulance and this was eerily stilted. There is pretence at journalistic seriousness.

She's terminally exhausted. This was a glorified rehashing of a tragedy. There are peculiarities. She has fervour and stagedy schmaltz. There are earnest disscussions that are blandifying. Her dreams go horribly wrong. This has clear shortcomings. There is heartache and disdain. There is jut jawed resolve and maudlin melodramatics and soul purging. This was overwrought and there are damning histrionics.

There is no heft or credibility. There is heartbreak and deep self doubt. Her career stubbornly fails to fly. There are inchoate ramblings. Those around her are feckless. There is tragic irony and mania. There are howls of rage and anguish. There is no sheer rawness just desolation. This was not visceral. There is societal pressure and things she was not able or willing to talk about.

People express concerns. There are statements of intent and years of distress. This was lazy and not witty. There was no hyper-vigilant level of concern. Poor Christine Chubbuck. This was an insufficient take on her life. This was not seismic. There is no horrified fascination. This was farcical and unsuccessful. There are great tensions.

There are awful details and this was not memorable. This was not mesmerizing. This was spectacularly ordinary mundanity. There are ruinous decisions and this was not a delight. There is a cat. This was not endearing. This was tepid. By the end Ford is POTUS. There were professional expectations and no tricky nuances. This was infuriating and untenable. There are personal reflections. This takes itself very seriously indeed. Rebecca Hall starred.

Best Lines:

“We're talking right now.”

“Your moods.”

“Frame up.”

“Don't be weird.”

“I'm okay, you're okay.”

Saturn 3 (1980)

Kirk Douglas stars in this weird ass movie set in a bad future. Farrah Fawcett lurks. Harvey Keitel is the loon until a mad killer robot rampages. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“They never seem to forget.”

“Abort time.”

“Improper thought leakage.”

“People are being flushed all over the solar system.”


Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Cowboy Bebop' trailer

This space noir looks cheap with bad hair and a corgi. This looks stupid.

Best Lines:

“No happy ending here.”

“Know what you used to be.”

'Hawkeye' promo


'Airwolf' promo


'The Devil's Throat' promo

I suspect I know where this is going.

'Yellowjackets' 1x03 promo

A house?

Cherry vanilla coke – nice.

Poached chicken with lardons & lentils – nice.

Recall 'Take Hart'?

Watch customisation is big? Again?

I want a pendant with enamel, turquoise and diamonds and a necklace in pink gold with onyx, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds and a pendant with blue topaz, amethyst, peridot, citrine and deamonds and a Memphis Dot band in yellow gold with pink lacquer and an aliplano in rose gold watch and an annual calender watch in stainless steel. I want a fondue pot and resting ebars.

I won't review 'Deception' 1x13 'Transposition'. I don't care: the mystery woman was a showkiller and TPTB promised interesting stuff for season 2, which they should have delivered in season 1.

My ex cut me off without a word of affection or farewell. My ex offers no restitution. My companion rejected me, he strayed from the righteous past. My ex never expressed gratitude. My ex remains unmoved. My ex wants no part. He has no loyalty. My ex is oblivious and he did very, very bad behaviour.

'Charmed To Death' Quotes:

“Magic water.”

“Dialed up the victim act.”

'RTE News' Quote:


'The Sunday Times' Quotes:


“Judgmental culture.”

“A continuous negotiation with the legacy.”

“Fractious and full of rancour,”

“Cannot risk leaving power.”

“Access to shops.”

“Won the people's admiration.”

“Power and control that society told them to expect.”

“Accept responsibility for the harm they have done.”

“Trigger abuse.”

“Eternal memories.”

“Fantasy memories of happier times.”

“Appearing on stage in her underwear.”

“Naming rights.”

“They knew – it was impossible for them not to-”

“Wilfully very deluded.”

“Species-ending event.”

“Strange and hidden knowledge.”

“Deliberate unknowing.”

“The telephone was encouraging people to use obscene and profane language.”

“Increasingly restive.”

“Contact avoidance.”

“Ruined generations.”

“Long-held objection.”

“Undiscovered country.”

“Borrow $10,000m from a drug dealer.”

“Lean-burn engines.”

“Dial artists.”

“Knowing exactly how they would fate.”

“Farm inheritance lines to be disrupted.”


“No brand will honour the original warranty.”

“Lengthy gasp of astonishment at the intensity of public reaction.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“On a mission to harm us.”

“Not being poisoned by a neighbour.”

“Daily terrorisation.”

“Life commitment to this belief.”

'True Hollywood Story' Quotes:

“Powerhouse brand.”

“Powerhouse beauty clique.”

“Publically ended her friendship.”

“I kinda hate everyone.”

“MySpace went down.”

“Brand safe.”

“Uncensored mouth.”

“Career crushing scandal.”

“Attention-seeking, fame-desiring, money driven monster.”


“Video response.”

“Known for being a mess.”

“Loves a good misery story.”

“Scrambling to hold onto their empires.”

“Drugstore beauty guru.”

“Make up titans.”

“Point of change.”

“Drama channels.”

“Explanation video.”

“Poisonous lies.”

“Drama channels.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Dangerous incompetence.”

“Wary reaction.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Reasons which are still disputed to this day.”

“Allowing this come to pass.”

“Framed as an inevitability.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“An extreme affront.”

“Danger of thwarted love and ambition.”

“Then nemesis.”

“Soured her feelings and scuppered her social ambitions.”

“Constant bitter familial dispute.”


“Focus and audacity.”

“Dodgy reputations.”

“Change creative direction in order to survive.”

'The Crimes That Changed Us' Quotes:

“Weird white people.”

“Bound by the past.”

“What their actions created.”

“Finally someone listened to me.”

'Star Trek Prodigy' Quote:
"Murder planet."

Sergio Balleseros

Who Killed Malcolm X? 1x04-1x06+Grimm 3x13&3x14+UFO 1x23+Witch Hunt (2020-?) 1x01+ 5 more


Malcolm X split with his mentor. There was paranoia and slander. Al Sharpton shows up. The NOI wanted to evict Malcolm X. There was shabby behaviour and allegations and Pan Am. There is talk of 5 assassins and was this a 'will nobody rid me of this turbulent preist' situation? Who is William X? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Just about a year left to live.”

“A shattering.”

“World opinion.”

“Soften his image.”

“Exalt himself above his teacher.”

“Wanted a showdown.”

“No visible means of income.”

“Wanted back what he helped build.”

“Hardcore believers.”

“100% wrong.”

“False things said.”

“Reconstruct your life.”

“Spreading malice.”

“A lot of people didn't like that.”

“Bad ones.”

“Jailhouse interview.”

“Harsh to look at.”

“Where are they now?”

“In the history books, leave it there.”

“Correcting the historical record.”

“Asking intrusive questions.”

“Of a certain generation.”


There is archival film and talk about a shotgun man with a long rap sheet. There was wrong doing and Cory Booker. The shotgun man lives in New Jersey. There are talking heads. Why wasn't the lectern in evidence? There are accusations about the NYPD and accusations about an arson attack. There is talk of B.O.S.S and undercover work and informants who never testified. Mmmm.

Best Lines:

“Hell that he's catching.”


“Shotgun dude.”

“Sounded like crazy talk.”

“Please keep saying potential.”

“Cos he says so and he got a gun.”

“20 years had gone by.”

“In dire need of protection.”

“Complex tragedy.”

“It was coming.”

“Death was all over Malcolm.”

“Deterrent effect.”

“Monitor his behaviour.”

“Thinking he's dangerous.”

“Disappeared into obscurity.”


Malcolm X went to Mecca? There is talk of the FBI suppressing documents. Things are done for no apparent reasons. The alleged shotgun assassin dies and people talk about him. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Produced issues.”

“Filler talk.”

“Well respected elders.”

“It's been talked about.”

“Considered reason.”

“Fissure of seperation.”

“What people claim that he did.”

“Community loves him.”

“Somebody of stature.”

“Time won this one.”

“Own version of events.”

“Dead and gone.”

“Played at compliance.”

“All take, no give.”

“Hero of the community.”

“Considered RUC.”

“Contested cases.”

“Lying people.”

“Made an enemy out of one of its citizens.”

Revelation/Mommy Dearest

People are in a desperation phase. This was massively, massively awful. This show is obscure and obsolete. Who cares about Adalind? This was about as good as 'Beadle's About'. Who is the father of Adalind's child? This was unswervingly bad. There is no huge affection.

This was ghastly and Wu cops on that something weird is going on. This was superficial. Nick and his slumy assurance bores. There are stock phrases. Adalind has the baby. Nick and Hank gaslight Wu.

Best Lines:

“Fake your own death for all I care.”

“You'll never leave.”

The Sound Of Silence

This was unlikely. Straker is judgmental. This was not unsettling just lunatic. Enemies are everywhere. The aliens are enigmatic to the end. Killer UFOs spin in the heavens. SHADO prowls and drills for a war that will defy the imaginaiton. Straker has globe spanning power. This was brittle and terrible. A hobo is bothered by posho horse riders. Soothing words are not uttered.

This was not a defining presence. A dog is bothered due to classism. There is a pitiless rich berk who is abrasive and caustic. This was arduous and full of chaos, decay and the end of some. The poshos have a sense of entitlement. There is a menace. There is ideological rigour and low prestige. There are no cultivated intellectuals. There are syrupy family scenes. The stakes are infinite.

TPTB stifle interest. There is deep mistrust. Straker is trapped by his own ruthlessness. Defiance does not pay. There is nothing left to lose. There is a point of desperation. There are entrenched views in this patchy ep. A posho riles. Aliens have a high prey drive. The poor dog. Certain decisions are made.

Be frightened of everything. Poshos the sort who fall asleep under tables are a fug of mediocrity. This is so boring and it leaves you weary. The poshos are loutish. This was stupid irrelevance. This failed and it was not an important part of cultural history. This was not effervescent. Aliens ominiously loiter. There is a lake and actors covered in cling film which is meant to be hazmat gear. Straker gets fierce indignant. This is trapped in the past. This was hyperactive absurdism. This was turbulent and not even slightly disconcerting.

Straker is taciturn, contemptuous, nasty and somineering. This was not glorious. There is no vulnerability. This was loathsome hypercamp.

Best Lines:

“Ran into our favourite hippy again.”

“I'm so confused.”

“Couple of hippies have been living there.”

“Scruffy looking thing.”

“Internal emergency.”

“Get the skin team ready.”

Witch Hunt (2020-?) 1x01

This was a subtitled Norwegian drama. A banker uncovers oligarchical splurges. This was not interesting. Hunters lurk. Ida is a trusted and loved CFO when a suspicious invoice lands on her desk. There are disgusting displays of ego.

Ida is indefatigable. The plot is incomprehensible. This was not emotionally resonant. This was not very interesting. Ida faces the ire of the powerful. This was a consummate mediocrity. People lack character and authority. The woes of a ravaged woman bore. This was crude. There are lurid escapades and this strains credibility.

This was not quietly propulsive. There are machinations and recriminations. This leaves you rueful. There is no intensity. This does not resonate. The plot is labyrinthine. This was not instantly or superbly dramatic. This was not beautifully crafted. This was a nuisance.

Dark ends lead to disgrace. There is gloom and this was not exhilarating. There is no charm. This is patience sapping. The characters are like a pack of pub bores. This was all barmy follies. This is not an erudite milieu. There is sweaty terror. There is no cruel tension. People are miserable. This was not complex emotional storytelling. Obvious cards have no finesse. There are loathsome people with bitterness, arrogance, contempt, pain, passion, lunacy and abominations. They outrage moral decency.

This was not viciously entertaining. This was not utterly charming or relentlessly thrilling. There is adversity and this was not a charming account. This was grim fare. Men cross the moral line of acceptable behaviour. Ida loses loyalty. This lacks depth. There is shamelessness. Ida is repeatedly beset. There are misanthropic collapses into rancour and chaos.

There is a trauma reponse. This was pretty crazy and not avant garde drama. This was grating and cringe. This was so bouji. This was not a precious thing. This was a destabilising force in Ida's life.

Best Lines:

“Do the two of us have a trust issue?”

“I'm not out for trouble.”

“The sh*ttest students from the police academy go into Economic Crime.”

Doctor Who 13x04

Village Of The Angels

The worst Doctor ever babbles and in a village graveyard, there is one gravestone too many. In their very first appearance the Weeping Angels were scary. This is not scary. Angels can speak. WTF is the Division? Stuff blows up. The Doctor turns into a Weeping Angel. So?

Best Lines:

“Operational status.”

“Unlived life.”

“Present and unseen.”

“We are patient.”


Departure 2x03

Walk The Line

The fugitive isn't dead. The karen karens. What is the fugitive playing at with the kid? The karen is racist. There are reveals and the karen is an implacable critic. The train creator makes demands. This was pretty dull ineptitude. There is a paranoid gammon. This was not significant or important. There are grim faced types and a destructive maelstrom. People pay fro their commitment. There is a screed and selfish people. Is someone criminally negligent? People are compassionless and this does not leave you attentive. There is a veneer of righteousnes and a thundering moral issue

There is anger and finger jabbing. There is no covid. There is retrospective inquistion and some kind of retribution is justified. This was random. There is unaccpetably negative talk. What does it avail the cartel to lurk? There is no high emotional content. This wants to be a quiet, thoughtful take on issues. This was not fortuitous.

There are grimmer questions. There is mortal peril. There are a mystery and people are endlessly unpleasant. The fugitive is creepy and probbaly a vile and virtueless excuse for a man.

Best Lines:

“High speed trains are a European thing.”

“Is that legal?”

“I'll check while you're gone.”

“Sole focus.”

“The next Elon Musk.”

“Global transporation revolution.”

“I don't do lunch.”

“Snake killer.”

The Devil's Throat 1x11

What Goes Around Comes Around

Filip wants to withdraw from the case. This delivers next to nothing. The area is socailly deprived. There is declining trust. This was muddled. There is castigating. Mia issues empty threats to Filip's dad. Truth is a tainted concept. This was creaking and one cannot countenance this.

Pope's in his vest. Files are missing. There is atavistic revulsion. People are self promoting and ahve deeply disturbing attiudes. This was inauspicious. There is no social service. There is vehement disagreement. Mia gurns. There is community fear. Filip is disowned. Where is Diana? There is talk of The Changing Of The Names and the sins of the past. This was all a prelude to something much worse.

Best Lines:

“The Changing Of The Names in 1985.”

“They had no mercy.”

“There's no way back.”

Batwoman 3x02

Loose Tooth

There's an Aquaman mention. Killer Croc is back and it is 20 years since Batman's heyday. The GCPD blew up the original Killer Croc with thermite. Alice yaps. Ryan is the acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises? Ryan meets her mommy. Alice whines and won't save an endangered child. This was yawn. The comic version of Alice is so much better.

Best Lines:

“Attention seeking copycat.”

“Tactical armour.”

“Everyone gave up on me!”

“Mighty weird.”

“Blood and not much else.”

Yellowjackets (2021-?) 1x02

F Sharp

I haven't seen 1x01 yet. A plane crashed and the aftermath is still felt 25 years later. As the plane crashed the pilots yelled about the speed break and dumping fuel. Why did Misty destory the flight recorder? Misty took a babysitter training class, twice. There is gun wielding. 90s stars play the adult versions of the crazy teens. This was mmmmm.

Best Lines:

“Did a*al in the janitor's closet.”

“Citizien detective community.”

“Tarzan him out of a tree.”

“Called her a bad word.”

“Chopped his f*cking leg off with an axe!”