November 20th, 2021

Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Bloodthirsty + Revenge 👎👎

Bloodthirsty (2020)

A boring and pointless werewolf movie.

Revenge (2017)

A French vigilante movie. This was subtitled and male gazey and the camera keeps focusing on the victim's ass. A rich man and his sleazy friends abuse and try to kill his mistress. She does not die but takes REVENGE. This was trash.


Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Wheel Of Time' promo

“Your life isn't going to be what you thought.”

'The Devil's Throat' promo


I thought my ex had profound devotion. After all my devotion and loyalty! I need comfort and safety. My ex has no fairness or decency. My ex acted in a carefully calculated manner and did deliberate and severe harm. I'm aggrieved.

What do you do with someone who has a marked reluctance to leave?

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Everything happens.”

“Plods through all the old tropes.”

“Is to be revered.”

“So ordinary.”

“Privileged white enclaves.”

“Even when his films are terrible.”

“Very unlikeable terrible films.”

“Very gritty punchy fight scenes.”

“Feel the fights.”

“Overburdened with stuff that has to be overcome.

''allo allo'' Quotes:

“Your midget friend.”

Safe down my trousers.”

“What every Frenchman does in an emergency! Leg it for the hills!”

“Blow down the door.”

“Little pygmy friend.”

“Crude simplicity.”

“2 sinister figures like us.”

“Gestapo disguise cupboard.”

“Hairy legged midgets.”

“Gone to sleep in a doorway.”

“Masterly use.”

'Unreported World' Quotes:

“Conservative cultural views.”

“Blocking her dreams.”

“Future is brighter than it was yesterday.”

“Cultural taboos.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Part of a secret plan against her.”

“Talented, good woman.”

“Worry about being kidnapped and sold.”

'Young Rock' Quotes:

“I stole recipe from old family enemy!”

“You run, I'm wearing flipflops.”

“In-home visits.”

“Lead to a better future.”

“To be great.”

“Need bigger mirrors.”

'The Times Literay Supplement' Quotes:


“Destroying hand of time.”

“Stood sentinel.”

“Deranged loners.”

“Intolerant questioning.”

“Downright vindictive.”

“Bizarre assertion.”


“Insufficiently adulatory.”

“Drunken indecorum.”

“Sent acrimonious letters.”

“Tolerate his moods.”

“Their detestable Swiss neighbours sent their maid round to ask them not to weep so loudly.”

“Horrifying stakes.”

“Communal gaiety.”

“Lack of resolve.”

“Regrettable incidents.”

“Dictatorial menace.”

“Speech codes.”

“Morally homogenous society.”

“Of low character.”

“Narrative uneasiness.”

“Something unspeakable occured.”

“Morally evil.”

“Oddly perfunctory.”

“Unwelcome signs of agency.”

“Near-dynastic recurrence of the same surnames.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Societal level.”

“United a broken society.”

“Pride does not always come easily.”

“What a shame of a country.”

“Things are so expensive they don't bother including the peices.”


“Took all her money,s old her jewels and gowns, and tried to sell her as a lover.”

“Scandalous reputation.”

“Deep emotion.”

“Emotional truth.”

“Political deviancy.”


“Deranged escapism.”

“Glorious strangeness.”

“Imminent loss.”

“Cultural allure.”

“Moral decay.”

“Ill-motivated purposes.”

“Deadly seriousness.”

“Subsequently earased from the canon.”

“Asked plaintively.”

“Unpleasant row.”

“Become such a pariah.”

“Internal strife and tainted reputation.”

“Tumultuous time.”

“National angst.”

“Recant a prediction.”

“Contentious issues.”

“Provoked the violent encounters.”

“Suffused in bitterness.”

“Systematic organised, orchestrated campaigns.”

“Orchestrated and planned effort.”

“Foul detrius.”

“Public assumption.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“One of the agenda points.”

'Medical Detectives' Quotes:

“Local criminal element of this area.”

Sergio Balleseros

The Devil's Throat 1x10+UFO 1x21&1x22+The Lost Symbol (2021) 1x01+Angela Black 1x06 Reviewed 👎

A Father And A Son

People are insufficiently curious about Filip. There has been carnage in town and people on the brink but the main characters do everything. Nobody seems genuinely scared. This show gets worse and worse. Nobody seems tired. This ep is deteriorating from minute 1.

Filip's father burns things and makes a confession. Diana is dire. There have been significant diminutions in quality since 1x01. Family secrets come out. This was really really terrible. It is an extremely hazardous time. There are cultural positions and this makes you impatient. This tries for despair and stark reality.

There are terrible suspicions and Pope's in his vest again. This was absolutely horrific. Mia is intolerbale. There is an implementation gap in Mia's worldview. Things are above the normal level of depravity.

There is little positive to say about this. Mia is less than supportive of Diana. There is a lack of empathy. This leaves you disappointed. Mia has hostility and is aggressive and has a lack of insight and is not constuctive. Donka shows up. Mia and Pope look at a cave. There are serious difficulties. This was not impressive.

Filip and his mother have issues. There is turmoil and chaotic devastation. Mia asks about legends. Mia wants to search the Dark Lake. Filip drinks.

There is talk of a plaque. This was detrimental. This is a complex messy situation. This was fallacious. Filip looks at old papers. This is a volatile time. Filip vandalises library property. Filip is absolutely raging. There are no major philosphical revelations. Dark secrets come out. There are twee facial expressions. There is a reveal. This was not jaunty. Filip needs to comb his hair. This was a ridiculous take on rustic hell.

Best Lines:

“It was open. Almost.”

“That loon.”

“My enemies will be happy.”

“You know nothing, Filip.”

“The lie lived on.”

“A woman can destroy everything.”

“Mice ate some of the files.”

“Nothing goes out.”

“The horned one plays with us.”

“Bring back pagan times.”

“Bloody lake!”

“Legends don't come from nothing.”

Computer Affair

There is racism and smoking and talk of emotion counts. Why did a crash happen? Yawn.

Confetti Check A-O.K

Straker recalls the origins of SHADO. Straker recalls his wife before she turned into a harridan harpy. The yanks insisted on an American leading SHADO. Ed Bishop really looks like Peter O'Toole. The interior design of Straker's house is hideous. Their doomed son is conceived. The wife was not prepared to believe Straker's lies. The wife left, Straker slapped her and there was hysteria after she fell down the stairs. This was rank.

Best Lines:

“Power threat.”

“Fleet of submarines? Base on the moon?”

As Above, So Below

This is so crap, even for Dan Brown. Eddie Izzard is in this. Ashley Zukerman stars. Rick Gonzalez of 'Reaper' is in this. There is talk of masons. There are murders. There is body paint and dreck.

Best Line:

“Consider medication.”

Angela Black 1x06

Angela was gaslit and set up by her hubby and his mate. Why does she want her spoilt idiot children? Her revenge is rubbish. This was rubbish.