November 15th, 2021


Movie Reviews: Chained For Life + Doomsday 👎👎

Chained For Life (2018)

This was embarrassing and unassuming arthouse rubbish. There is no nobility of purpose. There is would be kooky sweetness. This was not a very, very sad situation.

Doomsday (2008) Rewatch

This movie had a great trailer but it is a sh*tbeast. This was less than loved. The narrative about a plague and a search for a cure is not always coherent. This was too facile. There is chastisement for tresspass. This was not entirely convincing and it stars a showkiller. Scotland has been walled off after the outbreak of a killer plague years ago. Now the containment zone has to be entered. Those still alive inside became crazed cannibals. Alexander Siddig plays a doomed PM. His uncle Malcolm McDowell has a cameo. The UK has been isolated due to walling off Scotland. Neill Marshall directed this and David O'Hara co stars as does Bob Hoskins and Adrian Lester and Darren Morefitt. This was a bomb despite the steam train and the bunny and the appearance of Martin Compston. There is a car chase. How is there petrol or cars in a ruined Scotland?!? Why is there a gimp?!? This was filmed in South Africa.

Best Lines:

“Coastal waters were mined and patroled. The skies declared a non fly zone.”

“Nobody came out and nobody went in.”

“Abanoned within the quarantine zone.”

“The bodies burned in their thousands.”

“Frontline equipment.”

“There is no cure, there never was.”

“The barricades won't hold out much longer.”

“Morality has abandoned these people.”

“The last to die became primal savages.”

Doomsday - Film info, movie trailer and TV schedule TV Guide UK, Film, Soaps, Sports News, Freeview
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Sergio Balleseros

Batwoman 3x01+Doctor Who 13x03+UFO 1x18+Departure 2x02+Grimm 3x03-3x06+Evil 2x10+Devil's Throat 1x09

Mad As A Hatter

No Kate, no care. Ruby Rose exposed TPTB. A new Mad Hatter debuts after buying the hat on ebay. Luke wears a suit with a blue light up section on his chest. Mary visits Alice. Mary is graduating med school. Kate seemed fine about having an entirely new face in season 2. Alice and Kate's dad is locked up? Mary's mother played a huge part in what happened to Alice. Mary rants about Jacob. He's not her father! Jervis Tetch is mentioned. There is no chilling precision. This depicts a world gone cold. Surreal and terrible events unfold. Alice is not quietly vicious just annoying. Sophie wants Ryan, she is the worst, the worst! I don't care about Alice or her broken glass rage. I don't care about the mystery of Ryan's not dead mother. Renee Montoya shows up. This bored. Alice is out of Arkham.

Best Lines:

“Black Batman.”

“The dork knight.”

“Inherited her codename.”

“Show off my encounter with Alice.”

“Brainjacked everyone.”

“Mary's about to de-organ the chair of her university.”

Once, Upon A Time

Daleks lurk. People shout and wear culottes and the VFX is so bad. I've no idea what is going on just people talking fast. John Bishop can't act. Cybermen show up. A weeping angel carjacks the tardis. This show is in irreversible decay. This was inevitably boring and cheap. This is easily overlooked and not spectacular. Nuance is dead. There is deliberate inaction and this was abysmal. There is confrontation and derring do. Who is the gravest threat?

Best Lines:

“How fast danger is coming.”

“Broken universe.”


The absolute authority Straker has doesn't seem to mean much. He's always actively angry. This was unappealing. There is highly irrational thinking. Straker goes crazy with a big stick. This makes for a rollercoaster of a narrative until it doesn't. This was really poor and nobody has innate quiet decency. There's a personal hovercraft in a parking lot. Straker beats someone up in this woefully lethargic ep.

Dangerous enemies lurk. Straker is aggrieved. This was a comic farce. This was contrived. Straker is intensely earnest. This show is way too pleased with itself. There is no human warmth or natural affection. A particularly nasty and annoying human baddie lurks being morbid and cruel. The plot is impenetrable.

This was not enthralling just strange and flawed. This was utterly ridiculous. Straker is morbidly violent and repressed. This was inert. Straker is indefatigable. There is chagrin and this was a catastrophic waste of time. This was maudlin. There is no clear eyed regret. This is despised. Nobody demurs. There are flashbacks and polarised treatment.

This came after 'Captain Scarlet'? This was fragmentary and it had no poignancy. This was luridly slippery and not captivating or mythical. Straker is detached. There is no dazzling originality. There is sardonic flippancy in this paltry plot. This was not relentlessly complex or fresh. There were no incredible perfromances or emotional resonance. There is wannabe arthouse solemnity in this lacklustre show. There are damaged psyches and you do not pay rapt attention. This was not thoughtful or beguiling.

There is no warm vibe just cliches or nonsense. Aliens enjoy their villainy. This was a far fetched yarn that was not an entertaining spectacle. This was calamity stuffed like Brecht wrote it. There is no sinister invention or wit. This was silly and inept bland lunacy. This was not rollicking. A dubious man lurks. This was oddly misconceived. This was not effectively unnerving.

There is no brilliance. This farce mocks Straker's dignity. There is ugly 1970s shirting. This looks dank. Straker gets a big gun. This was not heartfelt or praiseworthy. Straker is irascrible and he is rankled by the most benign plot. This was not spellbindingly good, simple, clever, honest or natural. This lacks harmony. People are mad with power. This was not genial. This was not inventive or decent. The baddie du jour rants like an incel.

There is evil laughing in this horrendous ep. The traitor has misbehaviour in this mundane non-disconcerting ep. Straker has sweaty realisations. There are nefarious masterminds. This was not tantalising just infuriating. Does Straker need to reload? There is a misunderstood situation. There is no fortitude or resilence. An unflinching baddie ceaselessly stomps and there is a minicar chase. This was pretty grim.

Best Lines:

“Stop that hovercraft!”

“They murdered time.”

“Grotesque nightmare.”

“Some kind of logic in it somewhere.”

“The guy that girls admire.”

“Under the evil eye.”

“High g test flights.”

“Non moving movies.”

“Bloodymindedness. It built the planet.”

“You primitive idiot.”

“You don't look so big now commander.”

“All right Straker, come and get me big man!”


Kendra is in peril. This show is full of ballsy women. Kendra is overburdened. Doesn't Kendra lock her car? Where's AJ? People rage. This was not delicious fun. People act cagily. There is irreverence and mockery. Does not leave you intrigued. This was ridiculous. AJ is mentioned.

This was unsuccessful. There is talk about trainspotters videoes. There are sad conversations. A guy is shifty. Decisions are justified. This was disappointing. Who's the villain? There are no aspirational purposes. There is a belligerent farmer and moronic decisions and extreme displeasure. The political wannabe has a greasy son. She is beyond awful.

The political wannabe is a karen who talks too much. This was chaotic. There is offending behaviour. There is police attention and sinister motives and grievances. There's death.

Best Lines:

“I've seen horrible. This was worse.”

“Nothing gets to her.”

“What the hell does he want?”


“Hatchet job lady from India.”

“I'm sure they would be very impressed with that.”

“Not after what we've been through!”

“This damn crossing!”

“Who's running aorund their backyard.”

“World lost a visionary.”

“All derailment factors.”

“Slowing down isn't an option.”

“Some's too much.”

A Dish Best Served Cold/One Night Stand

This show is juvenile and foolish. Nick as played by the poor man's Zachary Quinto bores. Renard is always in his office on the phone. Renard gets riled up and hostile. There is hassle. Who's the father of Adalind's child? Europe and the world gather to mourn Eric? Why? One is contemptuous of this. People are unmerry. Baddies have waywardness. Assertions are made, some more plausible than others.

El Cucy/Stories We Tell Our Young

Renard leaves town. An allegedly possessed child kills a priest. An old biddy isn't so helpless.

Best Line:

“Changes some alliances.”

O Is For Ovaphobia

An evil fertility clinic is looked into. Leland and Cheryl bore. There is no complete rationality. There is not one interesting part in this. Leland and Cheryl have deluded vanity. This was morally wrong. Kids have sharp teeth. People are downright hostile. There are vitriolic people. This was slow. There are serious differences. There are no moral standards.

This was unsatisfactory and full of antipathy. There was no ingenuity. This was bogus. People are desperate gullible imbeciles. There is a twist. Leland is an intrasigent egomaniac. There are gaffes. People have overly confident incompetence and tone deaf sensibilities. This can be blithely dismissed. There is self importance.

There is unhappiness and copious dumbness. This was terrible. Cheryl's bosoms fall out of her jezebel dress. This is a drain on your life. This was mundane and repetitive and ill advised. There is a ferocious showdown. There are demonic influencers and this was slightly naff.

This was terrible and full of ructions. This show is irredeemably mired in hugely contentious decisions. You do not engage with this increasingly weird and unpredictable. There is desperate rage. This was not grimly atmospheric. There is no unnerving quality. This was not appealing just risible. What are they doing to Cheryl? This was slow, awkward and formulaic.

This was particularly bad, arduous and grim and frivolous. Evil types are ominiously evasive. There are preconceptions, divisions and disagreements. What happened to one of the stored eggs? There is obvious foreshadowing and unwelcome truths and this was not genuinely exciting.

Best Lines:

“Fostering psychopathic behaviour.”

“Paying rent for human life.”

“Please let me be happy.”

“Abandoned eggs.”

“Say goodbye to your business bitch!”

“I did not abandon my eggs!”

“Fired from her only job.”

“Lie your way through this.”

“Physically threatened me.”

“Always make time for alchol.”

The Lieutenant

Dimitar is manhandled and held hostage by a loon. Deniz was cut up by the loon. After 1x01 this show's success seemed assured. Donka had a boy offscreen, Mia does not care. Donka nearly lost her child due to Mia. Bible quotes are pondered over. The historical upheavals don't seem relevant anymore.

Is Deniz dead or not? Pope is a non voter. Filip and Mia don't know the Book Of Revelation. There is angry desperation in this nonsense. Filip points out the lack of security. There is unconscionable behaviour. This was bonkers. Dimitar is a hostage. It is the darkest of times. The loon is not the serial killer. Pope's tats seem to vanish. Pope looks like a cross between Nathan and Kyle from 'Teen Mom'.

An attack is escalated with impunity. There is deep concern. Mia has her eye makeup on. Things are unfavourable. There are simmering tensions and concerns. Mia has a panic attack. This was tortuous. Filip broods and this was an awful experience. This was terrible and there are contentious situations. Petrov the loon loons. Pope does something as does Mia.

There are tensions and total lies. There is no urgency. Dimitar is ungrateful to be rescued. This was not stark. There is no moral compass. There is a very grim situation. This was very poor. Mia has utter conviction. Mia talks to Diana who has braids. Pope follows the money. Mia has great regret. There is a reveal.

Best Lines:

“He had a cow and some hens.”

“We live in the past here.”

“Erases the personality.”

“What's going on?”

“Scary stuff.”

“There's evil in these woods.”

“Full of abominations.”

“Where's the prosecutor's son who follows his father's orders?”

“He won't be the first solider to go mad.”

“This is just stupid.”

“You start talking to us or we start talking to people.”

“No man cleans this much.”



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'The Colour Room' promo


'Doctor Who' 13x04 promo

The weeping angels.

'The Devil's Throat' promo

The Dark Lake.

'Landscapers' promo

A cuddly old couple are murderers?

My ex had deceitfulness. My ex = untrustworthy. My ex has non-involvement. He didn't thank or love me enough. I lost my ex from my life. My ex not bothered by my displeasure. My ex treated me well until he didn't. My ex has no contrition. The ending of my relationship was brutally abrupt.

Who saw 'Naked', 'Rambling Rose', 'Big Night', 'Fierce Creatures' or 'I Was A Male War Bride'?

I want a sunlight pendant and the Yulong soie de nache and an evidenza stainless steel watch and La Mer stuff. I want a les 4 ombres exclusive creation no 5 eyesahdow palette and a Prada bag and Dazzlesh dow extreme eyeshadow in Discotheque. I want a starlit mandarin & honey cologne and a silk slip. I want a Cellini moonphase everose gold watch. I'd try honey with vanilla and table cider. I want a sheepskin rug and a white pumpkin and clove candle. I want an Ellie Saab le parfum lumiene. I want an embellished satin headband.

I am not reviewing 'Day Of The Dead' 1x05 'Til Death Do Us Part' for now.

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Irish people love new things.”

“Historical peasantry.”

“Refuse complicity.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Multi household indoor activities.”

'The Times Literay Supplement' Quotes:

“Any chance for the future seems to be over.”

“Memorable incidents.”

“A quiet, desperate isolation.”

“Shameless plea for a response.”

“Signs of affection.”

“Martyr-like devotion.”

“Little solace or satisfaction.”

“Deliberate ideological attempt.”

“Railed with some regularity.”

“Making return impossible.”

“Moral regeneration.”

“Weaponised sexual gossip.”

“Gleefully venomous.”

“Unstoppbale ugliness.”

“The term “bitch” became a mainstay of public discourse,”

“Monstrous indictment.”

“Indignation bordering on hatred.”

“Deleterous effects.”

“Abhorrent mistreatment.”

“Drunk on delusions of righteousness.”

“(In)activity aorund the house.”

“Haggard disbelief.”

“Took a terrible toll.”

“Despairing response.”

“Disguised as a “nutter”.”



“Fail fewer normality exams.”

“Irrevocably destined.”

“Moral status.”

“General animus.”

“Morally outragrous.”

“Unleashes chaos.”

“Genocidal land grab.”

“Persistent, nagging criticisms.”

“Alert false politeness.”

“Cold reception.”

“Quiet pathos.”

“Degraded and humilating activities.”

“Criminal marginality.”

“Illegal act of international aggression.”

“Among those he trusted.”

“Did not herald a chorus of praise.”

“Ferocious attack.”

“Just how wrong their assertions were.”

“An offence to all right-thinking people.”

“Serious and admiring attention.”

“Unavoidable sense of diminution.”

“Forgotten books.”

“Took a terrible battering.”

“Dull category.”

“False move.”

“Fixed position in society.”

“Sort out the potentially credible from the frankly bizarre.”

"Fixated on childhood games and simple delights.”

“First-order logic.”

“Imagined problems.”

“Normative expectations.”

“Hopelessly implicated.”

“Refusal of responsibility.”

“Total conquest.”

“Aggressively imposed enormous change in ways that were clearly antithetical to civilized norms.”

“Unsparing militarism.”

“It grew so much worse.”

“How a bastard duke from a petty duchy had made himself king of England.

“Dutiful resignation.”

“Outloved so many of his friends and relatives.”

“Pitiless honesty.”

“Unsparing perceptions.”

“Heartfelt intensity.”

“Died, as silently as she had lived.”

“Vulnerable to obsolescence.”

“Killing life.”

“Pervasive rift.”

“Acquired legendary status.”

“Maddening examples.”

“Unrelievedly grim present.”

“Fact distortion.”

“Ugly indecision.”

“Operation Snip Snip targeted hippies:”

“Moral venture.”

“Horrific cruelty toward anyone perceived as an enemy.”

“Darkest reaches of international enmity,”

“His restless spirit walked (and apparently still walks).”

“Tragic and brutal.”

“Terrible purpose.”

“Dark theology.”

“Horrible determinism.”

“Fanatic hordes cut their gory path across in the universe in his name.”

“Grim future;”

“Watching her son's dark future unfold.”


“I had no idea – no idea at all – what to do.”

“Violent irrationality.”

“Viewed with some suspicion at the time.”

“Repulsive influence.”

“Defender of the damned.”

“Hers was the kind of drunkeness that was entertaining until it wasn't.”

“Incompetent and less committed.”

“Self-conception of themselves as good,”

“Challenge their competence.”

“Regicidal collaboration.”

“Redeem a fallen world.”

“Lure and enchant.”


“Effortful cheerfulness.”

“Foundational essence.”

“What, if anything, his legacy should be.”

“Absents herself from home.”

'The Crimes That Changed Us' Quotes:

“Angry signs.”

“Everything was wrong.”

“Make a bad name for you.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Mementoes from my teenage years and tat I didn't need.”

“Pages I ripped out of old magazines.”

“Pariah status.”

“No income and rapidly depleting savings.”

“Culturally specific problem.”

“No extraction possible.”

“No one should have the power to ruin your life by breaking up with you.”

“Cultural use.”


“Dereliction is covid for buildings.”

“Uninhabited for decades.”

“Fizzing with excitement.”

“Rapturous reviews.”

“Falling out of a club at 3am.”

“Origin unknown.”

“Internet hate figure.”

“Rotting from the inside out.”

“Pretend fashion magazines.”

“Huge signifiers of coolness and social capital.”

“Still want to be helped.”

“Defiant and aggressive attiude.”

“Fearing where his life was headed.”

“That hillbilly bullsh*t.”

“Violently infuriated me.”

“Who did it? Point to 'em.”

“Deep and unacknowledged frailties,”

“Secure and sure of her standing.”

“Clinging to everyone else's husbands.”

“Fell into disgrace.”

“Never criticised him, ever.”

“Objections to doing unpleasant things.”

“Path where a lot of us don't want to go,”

“Tediously preoccupied.”

“Scant patience.”

“Noble intentions.”

“Lifelong nemesis,”

“Until their bankrupt ideology is abolished from public life.”

“Core reticence.”

“Shot himself accidently – with a 12-bore – while fending off a bird of prey.”

“A deprived child's dream of sophisticated living.”

“Remarkable even by the standards of the day.”

“Dynastic good fortune.”

“Poisonous gossip.”


“Bitterly resented the assumption.”


“Nostalgic recreation.”

“Lack of gratitude.”

“Brutal family feuds.”

“Coldly hostile.”


“All hell will break loose, and by God, I will lead it.”

“Commandeered the spare room,”

“Great vanished states.”

'Conspiracy Files' Quotes:

“Openly disdainful.”

“Scheming against.”

“Deeply repulsed the family.”

“Awesome sense of media literacy.”

'Medical Detectives' Quotes:

“Enjoyed the status they had achieved in the community.”

“Not so well kept secret.”

“Low life type thing.”

'Inspector Morse' Quote:

“Bastard doctors.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quote:

“Stranger in her own home.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Remain a last option.”

“Historically shameful.”

'Sex With Presidents' Quotes:

“Contempt for the advice of others.”

“Conspiracy of his enemies.”

'True Hollywood Story' Quote:

“Redneck Shakespeare.

'Star Trek Prodigy' Quote:

“Hold on to your buttgrab handles!”

'1916 Seachtar na Casa' Quotes:

“Such is war.”

“Not defendable.”

“Lying down on a mattress in the middle of a revolution.”

“A European city is aflame.”


Watched some of 1x01 of 'Brideshead Revisited', the Jeremy Irons version. It was not perfectly brilliant. It is full of awful hooray henrys who puke in other people's windows. This casts a new and terrible light on tedious bores who are terrible with frantic eagerness.

Best Lines:

“Beware of Anglo Catholics...with unpleasant accents.”

“Come down your burrow.”

“Their friend and not mine.”

“Treat them as you would the vicar.”

“Never wear a tweed jacket.”


“Seen men ruined.”

Sergio Balleseros

American Horror Story Red Tide 10x03 Reviewed

Alma took the pills and her father is oddly calm about it as Doris freaks out. Alma hates her mother. Harry goes looking for a victim and ends up a prisoner of a deranged couple who make snuff-porno movies. Harry eats them. The female half of the couple wears tiny Daisy Dukes which the camera focuses up as she is being eaten. Harry's agent Ursula (Leslie Grossman) comes to town. She spews insults and notices something odd. There is no honour amongst blooduscking ghouls. Alma kills someone. This is way better than '1984'.

Best Lines
“She's fine.”

“She didn't murder a hustler on the beach.”

“No one that anyone's gonna miss.”

“Some kind of meth haze.”

“Strung out meth-heads who only bathe when it rains.”

“Rewriting the remake of Speed Racer.”

“Pale strange homeless creatures wearing the AIDS era couture.”

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