November 13th, 2021


The Devil's Throat 1x08 Reviewed


Things turn sour and curdle into toxicity. Lazar is the name of the Diana bothering local weirdo. This was not interesting. Mia's so horrible, given to traumas and implosions. There are dark revelations but not sober realism. This has no fascinating complexity. This is a darkening world. Great scandals are yet to emerge. There are collective failings. Mia's so hostile.

There is no globalisation. Diana is in peril. Things are precarious. Mia is dissatisfied. There is disappointment. This falls short on ambition and execution. There is ill fortune and high rates of conflict. There are high conflict times.

There are fractious relationships. This is not intriguing. There is moral collapse and decay of empathy. One hate watches this. Mia looks like a punched balloon. Pope is a figure of menace but fear can be overcome. Diana is a fairly terrible person. This is mostly grim. This was ineptitude. There are malcontents. This was not genuinely entertaining.

Lazar is suspect no 1. Concerned bystanders don't exist. There are mad times and Mia does self-advocacy. Diana's dumb. This was dispiriting. People incurr Mia's wrath. Diana's difficult and ungrateful and makes vehement arguments. This was stupid and full of evil people. Others flinch and falter. There are vested interests. Havoc is wrought. This never feels as high stakes as it should.

Things are incredibly complicated and discomfiting. There is ideological conservatism. Filip shot someone while riding his motorbike with no helmet on. The shot man aka Lazar walks it off. This was attritional. Mia is rigorous and committed. There is a disastrous event. They're sure there is a solution to this problema nd if they work very hard, they'll find it. There is another proffered suspect and glowering malevolence. This was a disappointment. Lazar has an angry dad/lawyer. There is death and Donka's injured, not that Mia cares.

Best Lines:

“I found it in the bog.”

“Shut it while I'm talking.”

“I'm his big disappointment.”

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Lil Nas X!

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So sexist.

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Mmmm + lots of other z-list characters getting tv shows. This bottom scrapes. They're doing 'Secret Invasion'?

'The Devil's Throat' promo


Best Lines:

“This bastard killer.”

“You have no place here.”

I'm alone and forgotten. My ex just stopped caring.

'La Brea' renewed.

Big Bird is a canary?

I'd try a vanilla custard slice.

I'd like a Beijing enamel melon shaped teapot.

'Young Rock' Quotes:

“Hard pear cider.”

“Championship calibre team this year.”

“Avoid those guys.”

“First team defence.”

“Fight for it.”

“Band members get knocked down by celebrating players.”

“Oreo mess.”

“Family of champions.”

“My ear got too sweaty.”

“Giggling Marlin.”

“Taking command of my future.”

“Wait for my shot.”

“Enough to get me noticed.”


“Rolling ball of butcher knives.”

“Mr irrelevant.”

“Life is tough, you must be tougher.”

'Mrs Brown's Boys' Quotes:

“It says here you need a visa to enter Jordan.”

“Jesus, she's getting fussy.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Nostalgia is the sweetest of emotions. It is a gentle reverie, a daydream of an imagined past.”

“Coercive confinement.”


“Haunting connotations.”

“Plausible concern.”

“Dread of denuciation.”

“Obolquy often heaped upon him.”

“Every house is overrun with small children.”

“Hated bastion.”

“The marriage was an arranged one, but badly arranged it seems, because it lasted only six years before Irene had an affair with the stable master and married him instead.”

“Grave concern.”

“Existential angst.”

“Life was never easy.”

“Deeply dedicated group.”

“Decay and abandonment.”

“Widespread anger the film incited.”

“Enormous angst.”

“Mad honey disease.”

“Erroneous charges.”

“Hurtful mistruths.”

“Whatever influence and status I've gained were only granted to me because I appealed to men.”

“The oldest ceremonial vehicle in the world still in use.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Behaved your way into.”

''allo allo'' Quote:

“You are not Raffles, you are a common criminal.”

'Charmed To Death' Quotes:

“Life dream.”

“Some crazy weirdo.”

'Mr Mayor' Quote:

“Got HPV from a pair of vintage jeans.”