November 12th, 2021


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'Silent Night' (2021) trailer

Matthew Goode, Annabelle Wallis and Lily-Rose Depp star. There is death.

Best Line:

“Did you bleed on the carrots?”

'The Devil's Throat' promo


Best Lines:

“My special place awaits.”

“Are we idiots?”

'And Just Like That' teaser


Cherry travel sweet – too sweet.

Mint crisp choc – okay.

My ex = disheartening. I've a lack of support. My ex broke the world I was happy in.

What's burnt butter?

They're reprinting 'Fear Street' books?

I won't review 'Angela Black' 1x05.

'BBC Newsline' Quotes:

“Makes no promises as to the future.”

“What has law and order come to?”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Strong statements.”

“International pariah.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“I got you Rambo.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Loo killer.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Long been in thrall.”

“Fell into antisocial behaviour adn criminality,”

“Rise of niche media and social media.”

“Barricaded themselves in against the expected police onslaught.”

“Sacked the matron for insubordinaiton.”

“Public fury.”

“Sickening nostalgic glow.”

“The hated neighbours.”

“Impose order.”

“The sublimation of human love into possessions.”

“Neverending lust for stuff.”

“Barrelled triumphantly.”

“Moral conscience,”

“Serious intentions.”

“The voice of this generation the same way Howard Stern was the soundtrack for their fathers.”

“The tiresome, brolic machismo of a meathead messiah.”

“Foul characters.”

“Accused quite regularly and with cause,”

“So frowned upon by polite society,”

“Caged combat.”

“Derogatory narratives.”


“Considers them irredeemable.”

“Stigmatic perceptions.”

“Typical societal narrative.”

“Always afforded him increased credibility.”

“Fanciful exaggeration.”

“Deep thought.”

“Many no longer prize expertise.”

“Eivincing ignorance makes them appear edgy.”

“Battling contagion.”

“Invariably dodgy.”

“Attribution remains uncertain.”

“Malign groups.”

“Willed ignorance.”

“Profoundly negative.”

“Advocating for a lack of consequences.”

“Distant fantasy.”

“Appalling cynicism.”

Articulate outrage.”

“Searing sincerity.”

“Orchestrated spectacle.”

“Regarded as very sinister.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Briefing points.”

'Bump' Quotes:

“I feel pathetic.”

“Only dealer that didn't get raided last week.”

“We can borrow it.”

“Not from any of our friends.”

“But if he's not dead, I'm going to kill him.”

“Social support.”

'It Takes A Killer' Quote:

“Voicemails of concern.”

''allo allo'' Quotes:

“Go to your cupboard.”

“One day the gestapo may become unpopular.”

“Inferior people.”

“Sing off the note.”

“An everyday sighting.”

“In a steaming rage.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“Uncaring, callous bitch.”

'Southern Fried Homicide' Quotes:

“Fear of change.”

“Nastiness can fester.”

“Good wholesome living.”

“The holy word.”

“God fearing daughter of the south.”

“Might seem like perfection itself.”

“Real quick to get riled.”

“Recognise the evil of their ways.”

“Good lord above.”

“Everything is finally right.”

“Lived on the financial edge of disaster.”

“Unfitting for a preacher's wife.”

“Staying ahead of the banking records.”

“Trouble of the very kind.”

“Rotating her debt.”

“Something ominious in the air.”

“Killer came from within.”

“Hard pressed to find a respectable lady of the church wearing shoes like these.”

“Almighty fury.”

“Sees it oh so differently.”

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Grimm 3x01&3x02+UFO 1x16&1x17+American Crime Story: Impeachement 1x04+The Devil's Throat 1x07

The Ungrateful Dead/PTZD

The beastly bimbo screams and slaps. Nick is in boring peril. Nick is irrelevant on his own show. Baron Samedi is wasted. The bimbo is wasted. Eric is nowhere to be seen. There is bad vfx and scenes are underlit. Eric was blown up offscreen in a car bomb. No great loss. How did Eric get to Austria? Why is all of Vienna in morning for Eric? Adalind does a long ass ritual. What will Renard do with that bar fight footage? Sean's mother calls him.

Best Lines:

“The ramifications this will have.”

“No coming back from that.”

“So far none has been found.”


“Well deserved.”

The Man Who Came Back

What are q circuits? What is sol 6? Straker was an astronaut? A dead man isn't dead. People have lost the memory of knowledge gained in previous eps. A man acts weird. This was bad.

Best Lines:

“Keep the dead alive.”

“Sorry's just not good enough old man!”

“Burned out the personality centres of your brain.”

“There's a rib gone.”


The Dalotek Affair

This show generates deep antipathy. There is bad acting. A woman has rainbow hair. Restarants look loud and neon and horrible. There are flashbacks. There are damned things and histrionics and disgusted sneers. What is sol 8? Something weird is found.

Best Lines:

“Congressman Gerald Ford.”

“Tumbled the foundations of the very press.”

The Telephone Hour

1997; why did nobody wonder why Monica was always in the White House? Monica's job application was denied with some rigour. Linda screams about being a target, Vince Foster and loyalty.

Linda plans a book and sees dollar signs. Linda is told to tape her calls. Monica stands in the rain and sneers at Bill's gifts and job offers. Did he ever give her an Air Force One sickbag? Poor Betty. There is a Gennifer Flowers mention. Linda goes to Radio Shack. Bill gave Monica an Annie Lennox cd? There is an Ayn Rand poster. A reporter is oddly disinterested in the story of Clinton and Monica.

Linda stirs the pot. There are phones from the 90s. Clinton is a player. Vernon Jordan shows up. There is talk of a job at Revelon. Clinton thinks he's safe from the law.

Did Monica ever do anything but whine down the phone to Linda? Monica turned down a UN job and ranted aboout nuts. She had such terrible judgement. Linda rages. Where are her kids? The infamous blue dress shows up. Monica has a sad past. Monica ends up on the Jones' witness list. Teddy Sears guest starred as did Blair Underwood of 'The Event'. This was was tiresome.

Best Lines:

He who?”

“At war with the White House.”

“I am very scared.”

“It'll be about me not you.”

“End up jobless.”

“The big creep.”

“Stares at me with these mean eyes.”

“I'm not a fan of your tone.”

“You need real evidence.”

“People do that?”

“This is your shot at the big league.”

“He watching 'GI Jane'.”

“He doesn't give a sh*t about me!”

“Like a bad song.”

“It's sick, the whole thing is sick.”

“Shake loose an opening.”

“The press will destory her.”

“Trailer people.”

“His behaviour is disgusting.”

“Iran-Contra all over again.”

“Black mark on your name.”

“I thought you were a good girl.”

“Every man needs a wall.”

“Grew up southern.”

“Recognised ourselves in each other.”

“So generous and kind.”

“This is all I deserve.”

“Without him I was nothing.”

“Really happy there.”

“Did anything that I wanted.”

“Your generation.”

“I'm sick of beets.”

“F*cking Monica again.”

“This all has to end.”

“Incessant phonecalls.”

“I'm such an awful person.”

“Birthdays are for children.”

“Really, really dirty.”

“Something needs to happen.”

“Dating within your own bloodline.”

Last Laugh Shut The Fuck Up GIF by Rooster Teeth

Everything For My Mom

Mia's accused Asen. Mia wants Filip off the case. Filip wrote his resignation on what looks like graph paper torn out of a child's copybook. Mia's awful. A mystery box comes to the station. Why is Pope in his vest? Filip's team hate on Mia. I googled the meaning of Filip's name – is he the killer? This was unimpressive and not elemental.

Mia is mean spirited. Why is Filip's shirt always billowing open? Filip and Asen's father plots. Diana bitches. There are serious challenges. Mia wails like she has a sore ass zit. Mia got her husband killed. This has abundant flaws.

This was aggravating and absurdly over worked. Mia spies on Asen. Filip and Asen's mother gets angry. Asen and Filip have a fight and roll around in the dirt like 5 year olds. This was inglorious. This has a muted aesthetic and asks a lot of even the most indulgent audience.

Krasi lurks. This was not compelling. There are desolute rableaux. Mia has stubborness and she is aggressive. Diana does something stupid. There are negative reactions. This was the worst and it is indifferently received. There are secret identities. Asen makes demands. There are odd logic lapses. This does not intrigue.

This has no profound relevance. This does not excite. There are shabby compromises. This was appalling. There is chronic disconnect. Mia wants to be headline winning. People respond menacingly. There is a reveal.

Best Lines:

“There is no regret.”

“Forgave me nothing.”

“You crossed the line. You really crossed it.”

“The person who controls our fates now.”

“I'm tired of this.”

“Sofia Mata Hari.”

“This is absurd!”

“I have no use for a house plant!”

“You proved to be useless.”

“The village prince.”

Sergio Balleseros

Movie Reviews: The Eiger Sanction + The Deep House 🏔🤿🤿

The Eiger Sanction (1975)

Clint Eastwood does macho stuff as an art teacher who was once an assassin. He has to do one last job with George Kennedy.This is not very PC or good. There is a yorkie though.

Best Lines:

“I have a problem.”

“How terrible.”

The Deep House (2021)

A couple go to France to look at an underwater house. What's pig blood pudding? The man is a git who can't speak French and is obsessed with social media fame. Things are found in the house. Bad things. They try to follow a fish. Bad stuff happens. Why did she take her mask off underwater?!?

Best Lines:

“Jump scares get the maximum likes!”

“What the hell is that doing in a kitchen?”

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