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Showtrial 1x02+UFO 1x13+La Brea 1x06+Day Of The Dead 1x04 Reviewed ⚖🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟

Showtrial 1x02

This was suitably ridiculous and narratively bizarre and aimless. Talitha is extremely irritating. This case is fateful, she's guilty as sin but will no doubt get away with it. One is despairing at her self righteous rage.

There is no effortless authenticity or chilling moments. This was not well written. This was not witty, interesting or moving and it has no semblance of realism. There are dramatic cliches. There is no pervasive mood of grimness. There is quiet seething rage and this was shoddy. There is no contemplative stillness or meditative approach. Talitha has awfulness and is the worst human being ever.

Talitha is permanently bored. There is social imbalance in this rote drama. Talitha is abrasively unlikeable. Talitha has affected sarcrasm and is loathsome. She's the offspring of celebrity and aristocracy and unaffected by hardship and struggle.

Talitha laughs about her drug use. Cleo annoys. Talitha plans to go to Paris and laughs it off after the police are forced to release her. Is Talitha based on Amanda Knox? Talitha dances in the police parking lot. Talitha is an air thief. A 2nd suspect emerges. James Frain does James Frain stuff. Talitha is finally arrested.

Best Lines:

“If I knew that it wouldn't be lost.”

“I normally don't eat processed multinational sh*t.”

“That previous issue.”

Going behind The Cape with Summer Glau and James Frain – SheKnowsThe Cape (2011)


An alien attacks. Why does Moonbase have an inflatable red plastic sofa? It's now 1981. There is no startled fear. This was not eerie. We are shown how people travel to and from Moonbase. There is a message of violence. Why do UFOs disintergrate if they stay too long on Earth? This was nondescript and lazy and inert. A woman has orange walls in her flat. Why is there sound in space? There is no space shuttle. Straker asks his female staff to get him coffee. How is there gravity on Moonbase? A man has long sideburns. This was not a grim subject. The aliens have a longer and uglier reach than Straker thought. There are implications and no creeping dread or reckoning. Some evil alien has grimness.

Trouble finds Foster. This was off and trope filled. This was not too special. Foster ends up stranded on the moon's surface in a wreck of a situation. The gravity issue isn't addressed. Rancour simmers. Foster must cooperate with an alien who does not speak. This was miserable and mundane. Why are there no sun visors? This was tedious and causes polite boredom. There is no anxious strangeness.

There is malevolence in this irritating ep. There is smoking on the moon and race is discussed. This was terrible. The alien looms in this stagnant, disappointing ep. Expectations were not challenged. There is uncertain wariness.

Best Lines:

“Unknown on earth.”

“A UFO landed on the moon?”

“The lesiure-sphere.”



“Bad business.”

The Way Home

Some loony bitch is found. They plan an escape. The drug dealer wants his junk. A drone comes through the crack/portal. Why is Eve running things? Confederate gold is found. Eve plans to sabotage the plane. Gavin and the one legged non-entity steal a plane. Eve ends up destroying the plane and shooting the loony bitch. Eve's a murderer now. The kidnapped girl plot drags on and on. How did they get a car running? Who's Rebecca and why did she parachute into the crack? Gavin screams cos he's a loser tool. The one legged non-entity asks her moron father to stop being a loon. Why are people clean shaven with clean hair? This was crap. The portal closes and Lucas is sick of his idiot mother and loser father. Why is no one trying to hunt or build shelters or find water?

Best Line:

“Getting real 'Hunger Games' vibes right now.”

Forest Of The Damned

The mayor is an idiot. This is neither funny nor good. A doctor is evil or something. Zombies attack the wedding.

Best Lines:
"Beta bitch."

"Dead but not dead!"

"A cure for death."

"What a waste of $50,000 bucks."

Music Video Hair Flip GIF

Sergio Balleseros

Book Reviews: Seven Little Girls + Summer Sons

Seven Little Girls by Chris Hockley

This 1991 pulp horror is about young girls who see something horrible as children and grow up to be menaced by a loon. This has been justly forgotten. The killer has unyielding mania and this is not exactly nuanced. This was ghastly and full of aggressive inanity. This was hopelessly irrelevant.

Summer Sons by Lee Mandelo

This is a southern gothic tale of death, a curse, academic intrigue and a horrible inheritance. Andrew and Eddie were best friends. Now Eddie is dead leaving Andrew an inheritance. Something awful waits for Andrew. He learns Eddie was not who he thought. This was very good but Andrew is a selfish idiot creepily obsessed with a dead bad boy. There is a dark history, a failed thressome and so much darkity, dark, dark darkness.

Best Lines:

“Salt is a thing right? I'm making this up as I go along.”

“What is this, an episode of Superatural?”

“His sacrifice woke up whatever thing had been sleeping there.”

“A damned lineage.”

“That was the first time mom had to take me to the hospital after something he did.”

“Steeped in death.”

“Bad coincidences.”

“I don't find the tone of this conversation pleasant.”

“Can you not tell something was wrong with it? Like, seriously, extremely wrong with it?”

“Disagree on the specific points of his culpability.”

“Imprisoned him in their ancestral home.”

“Wealth he'd never touch.”

“Death-laden earth.”

“You can earn my kindness.”

“Desperate fury.”

“Malicious shadows.”

“Rich and awful life.”

Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Crystal Skulls + Executive Decision + Walk Like A Panther

Crystal Skulls (2014)

Richard Burgi of 'The Sentinel' and 'Point Pleasant' stars in this tale of crystal skulls. A yank who 'commands' NATO forces stomps around downtown Europe. There is weather and exposition and bad acting. There is a 'reveal' which is nothing of the sort. This was trash but Burgi makes it watchable.

Best Lines:

“Nefarious circumstances.”

“My approval or my opinion?”

“I don't meet many fans of my father's except for fringe groups and lunatics.”

“Filing a formal complaint with the EU.”

“Where do we evacuate to?”

“Pre-dates man.”

“Last stronghold.”

“Watch your last son be killed.”

“Excuse me Mr Trump.”

Executive Decision (1996)

This was not an examination of fragility. Steven Segal is the dead star walking. David Suchet is the baddie. Halle Berry and Marla Maples Trump are flight attendants on a hijacked plane. This was dated and decidely lacklustre.

Come At Me Big Bird GIF by MOODMAN

Walk Like A Panther (2018)

There is vintage footage of Big Daddy in this UK 'drama'. There is exposition and a pub and American pro-wrestling is disparaged. Old men talk about their glory days of wrestling in hoochie shorts. A chav gets beaten up by said old crumblies. Julian Sands is in this as a sad middle aged man. This was a cynical operation. There is mumbling in this epic fail that is particularly regrettable. This was not fortuitous. This leaves you bewildered. A middle aged short bloke wanted to be a pro wrestler and now runs a pub and laments lost dreams. This was improper. A baby in a bad wig is seen.

A developer threatens the pub. He ignores the arcitectural character and histroic fabric of the area. He wants to demolish it. Wrestling can save the day! How does one night of fat old men in dated ring attire save the pub? Wouldn't staging the 'event' eat up all the money? Tensions are inflamed. This was not dramatic. This does not spread joy. This was not thrilling.

The short middle aged bloke has festering hostility and resents being the loser son of a loser dad. There is poisonous supposition and erratic behaviour. There is dread and defiance and the short bloke is a self pitying socially awkward fool. There is rot and turmoil and dissolution. You can't rationalise this clumsy, benighted and volatile mess.

The developer is a cruel and Machiavellian figure with mysterious interests. Anger is fuelled. Outrage is generated. This does not end in triumph. The fat old drunks don't want their pub ousted. The loser is weary of empty promises. This was not greeted with glee. The developer has a malign influence. Local chavs lurk. The old drunks are dismissive and want the pub around to continue enabling their alcholism. This was not highly regarded. This reeks and was pointless.

There is deep disgruntlement. There is no integrity. This was not plausible or sincere. There are status games and this was done with deadly seriousness. This was atrocious and full of unpleansantness, dysfunction and glibness. This was shallow shtick. I really hated this. The pub is an intimidating closed world.

This was awful. The drunks have a rosy retrospection bias about 1980. There is grim inevitability. This was pathologically adverse to being funny. This was absurd. The pub is a toxic landscape. There is no subtlety. Sands shows off his moobs. This was an intrinsically bad thing. This was stupid, garrulous and the drunks are always keen for a fight. This was crass and futile. This is without incident or conflict. The short bloke is a selfish, entitled, disaster of a person. This was meandering. Kay Burley, Jason Flemying and Stephen Graham feature in this tale of men's jocks. There was an ironic cameo. This tries to be big and shoutier, but no this was deliberately pathetic.

Best Lines:

“Penis fly trap.”

“Sired by your aged loins.”

“The fake stuff.”

“Clannad tribute band.”

“You're barred dad!”

“You're not welcome in here.”

“You need toughening up.”

“Asset of community value.”

“Conceived in Sellafield.”

“You look like David Soul if he'd been a crack addict.”

“You still got an imaginary friend don't you? Huh, and even he don't like you!”

“Pretend you're deep.”

“Sounds like a bender band.”

“How did my hero turn into you?”

WARLOCK Trailer (1989) Julian Sands Horror Movie - YouTube
04.01.2014: Happy 56th Birthday, Mr. Julian Sands! | Julian sands,  Celebrities male, JulianWarlock - Warlock's Coat (Julian Sands)

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'The Tower' promo


'Day Of The Dead' 1x05 promo

It's everywhere?

Gluten free jammie dodger – yum.

Dark chocolate pumpkins – okay.

I'd try blackberry, white chocolate and sea salt flourless brownies. I'd try iced hot chocolate and hibiscus cream chesse icing and Moroccan orange cake. I'd eat a Magic & Sparkle light up chocolate box. I'd try golden Blonde chocolate spread and sea buckthorn.

My ex = absolutely horrible. My ex was non committal. My ex is odious, totally horrible and mean, unkind and cruel. I've waves of suspicion about my horrible ex and his shocking actions. He cruelly curtailed our relationship. My ex discarded me as an inconvenience.

I want a metallic knit dress, a silk top and a rose de vents yellow, rose and white gold necklace with diamonds and ornamental stones. I also want a panthere de carteir white gold necklace with emeralds, onyx and diamonds. I want a monete gold necklace with antique bronze coin and diamonds and a scatter rose gold choker with diamonds. I want a Glam'Azone gold choker with diamonds and a velvet bar rose gold choker with diamonds and a pop leather choker with gold, enamel and amethyst.

There's garlic yoghurt and spiced butter? What's dillisk butter?

'Heels' renewed.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Property of the public.”

“Written assurances.”

“Growing reputational risks.”

“Competitive duck herders.”

“Invite people to beleive he had secrets.”

“Sleepwalking to disaster.”

“A price to pay.”

“Sworn enemy.”

“Still far in the future.”

“Low-level concern.”

“Can only compare it what people in psychosis must experience when they imagine the TV is speaking to them.”

“It exudes darkness.”

“What in fact did I contribute to the world.”

“Ultra resistant.”

“Able to see a future.”

“Deemed lowly,”

“Inspired loyalty and enmity in equal measure.”

“Don't look back on this as an edifying period in my life.”

“Particularly awful vintage.”

“Too racy!”

“Ran away from fame.”

“His driveway is two miles long.”

“Terrific, harrowing.”

“Parading as philanthropists.”

“Depositories of culture.”

“The slow demise of VHS.”

“A correlation between accent and intellect.”

“A desoalte place.”

“Motives are dubious.”

“Toil and disappointment.”

“Without complaint.”

“Infamous moment.”

“I have ever seen or ever will see.”

“Social attiudes.”

“Tedious tendency.”

“Inordinate love for the piety of their own voices.”

“Annoying little bucket of ego.”

“Swedish doom goblin.”

“Make a nuisance of themselves.”

“Growing menace.”

“Disapproving stares.”

“Snarl causal cruelties.”

“Instantly distinctive.”

“Who she hoped would be the salvational love of her life.”


“Pursued by the powers of evil.”

“People distanced from us by four centuries, and an almost entirely alien world-view.”

“Vast and unknown continent.”

“Hostile forces.”

“Started to see malevolence everywhere.”

“Demonic predation.”

“Failed to show sufficient public grief.”

“Cast as a villain.”

“Implications are huge.”



“Quiet tragedy.”

“Grim compilation.”

'Al Murray: Why Do The Brits Win So Many Wars?' Quote:

“Bloke who lived in a ditch.”

'True Hollywood Stories' Quotes:

“Fierce brand loyalty.”

“First public tragedy.”

“Body positive models and products.”

“Event of the year.”

“Many public mis-steps.”

“Win back customers.”

“Lose relevance.”

'American Detective' Quote:

“Justice for the dead.”

'Mr Mayor' Quotes:

“Poisonous swim bladder.”

“No one liked those things until marketers told them to.”

“Originally just Beanie Baby filler.”

“Can't transport them dead.”

“Please leave, you smell like the bathroom in a ferry terminal.”

“Avoid getting eel thrown at you.”

“Bore you to sleep.”

“You want a kid? My sister's got two.”

“20,000 stoned idiots panicked.”

“Back to being happy, on the outside.”

“Go flush out my dogbites.”

'The Exorcist' Quote:

“Very intense looking.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Sad, sorrowful mention.”

“A social media user wants to express a non-commonly held opinion that may provoke anger.”

“Striking impact.”

“Critical reception has been rapturous.”

“Different accreditation.”

“Tireless vigil.”

“Wait in desperate hope for a reocvery that may never come.”

“Negative context.”

“The reality of what has happened in your life.”

“Moral failure.”

“Rescued from ruin.”

“Game of dominaiton.”


'Business Post Food & Wine' Quote:

“French portions.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Judged the public mood badly.”

“Their problem to fix.”

“Puntive drug control measures.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“”Legacy" platforms.”

“State of delusion.”

“Goodwill is fading fast.”

“A lot less tolerance now.”

“Chaos and ineptitude.”


“Forced behaviours.”


“Public disgrace.”

“Very grim.”

“Storm of hate.”

“Aggravated the situation.”

“Regretfully contribute.”

“Obsessive focus.”


'Who Is Marta?' Quotes:


“Showing what he is.”

“So despised by the public.”

“Exempt from any kind of penalty.”

“Attacked with oranges.”

“We didn't trust them anymore.”

“Crimes against moral integrity.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Everyone hates me.”

“Hard to tolerate.”

“Awful the whole time.”

“Never remorseful.”

“They all hate me for no reason.”

“Okay bitch.”

“I have nothing.”


Watched '7News: Disapperance Of William Tyrell' 1x01. A 3 year old boy went missing. He is still missing. The case is complicated by William being a foster child. His foster parents can't do an appeal for him or even have their faces or names shown. The bio-parents aren't involved. This happened in Kendall, 4 hours north of Syndey in 2014. Police on dirtbikes, horses and pushbikes looked for him.

What is SES? William being a foster child made reportage difficult due to court orders. His bio-father was a drug addict and does not appear in this. William was abducted before, as a baby by his bioparents. His bio-gran supported this action. Horrible fake nails are worn and aussie slang is used. The authorities were unhelpful.

There were negative and tragic circumstances and an SJW. The bio parents were volatile and given to drug abuse and judging from online news reports - don't seem to have stopped. Did William have over-compliance as a result. Wider society had susoicions. Evil lurked. William's bio-mother is seen in vintage footage whining. There is talk of cars and a postie. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Triple 0 call.”

“Never got that moment.”

“Stolen in broad daylight.”

“Can't be ignored.”

“Innocence ran into evil.”

“A piece of scum.”

“Who and what lives amongst them.”

“Seen, sized, grabbed, gone.”

“He was nowhere.”

“Incredibly well-intentioned.”

“Identify them in any way.”

“Fire trails.”

“Bush bashing.”

“Ferociously look.”

“Went bush.”


“Other forms of human intervention.”

“Daddy tiger roaring game.”

“Police Order And Riot Squad.”

“That's really bad.”

“Confounding aspect.”

“Have that recollection.”

“Very well known now.”

“Stayed a problem.”

“Challenges in communicating complex stories.”

“A lot of people have a lot of opinions.”

“Never good enough.”

“Terrifying possibility.”

“Did you support that decision?”

“Now desperate search.”

“Legal bans.”

“Suppression orders.”

“Out of home care.”

“Really mean and nasty speculation.”

“More interesting in avoiding scrutiny.”

“Lawyered to the gills.”

“Random snatch.”

“What we believe to be a normal life.”

“Assume I don't care.”

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