November 6th, 2021

To Light The Way To Bed

Quotes & Stuff

Burrito– nice.

I'll review 'Angel Has Fallen'.

There's sea salt gin?

Recall the forgotten CD-Rom?

What are Chinese dried sausages?

My ex = properly vile. He told deliberate lies.

On 'Smallville' the breakup of the clex should have been tragic for all involved but it wasn't: Clark could care less.

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Ring with truthfulness.”

“Fable from a true tragedy.”

“Being stared at.”

“I've read books.”

“Name one.”

“One what?”


“Troubled by his past.”

“Macho angst.”

“Does threatening.”

'Young Rock' Quotes:

“I took on a tidal wave with my bare hands.”

“Degenerate scumbag loser with bad hair and a cocaine problem.”

“Caught him watching women's volleyball.”

“Eat what I let you eat.”

“Died how I say he died.”

“Tribute fee.”

“Bitch ass move.”

“I got the knife now.”

“Steady presence.”

'Where Is Marta?' Quote:

“Feel pestered by the requests of the family.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Considered friends.”

“Viewed as friends.”

“Traumatic journey.”

“Supposed to be my friends.”

“Can never be undone.”

“Miserable existence.”

“Falling levels of engagement.”

“Even darker thought.”

“Already forseen the possibility.”

“New and fearful kind of weapon.”

“Out of the dread came a staggering achievement.”

“Made what was scarcely possible an achievable reality.”

“Guarantor against extinction.”

“Dread fatigue.”

“Apocalyptic conflagration.”

“Dark night of annihilation.”

“Historical antipathy.”

“Hierarchical and exclusionary.”

“Host star.”

“Positional awareness.”

“Serve your needs.”

“Phone call anxiety.”

“Immediacy of thought and social skill.”

“Flavour possibilities.”

“Reflect on family and heritage.”

“Folk art.”

“Remained bitterly together.”

“Nasty end.”

“I hate a lot of things.”

“Malign incarnation.”

“Leave the advance of culture to other people.”

“Brutally convincing.”

“Commented adversely.”

“Tend not to end of their own accord.”

“Dark response.”

Watched 'Demon House: The Lost Footage': it lacked threat and does not agument the story. This was trying to create unease. Did
Zak never hear of condensation? Zak acts like he is on meth screaming at the sight of a moth. This show is such a sausagefest. The priest is no Father Karras. Why are they touching junkies old knickers with their bare hands? This was oddly empty and terrible and tatty. What do the neighbours make of all this? This was not traumatic or unsettling.

Best Lines:

“Shouldn't be occuring.”

“I just had rage.”

“Mysterious oil type substance.”

“Rebury these objects back in the ground regardless of the consequences.”

“Protecting something in the basement.”

“Seems bothered.”

“Dark ritual.”

“Protected settings.”

“Demon like creature.”

Heretic (1986)


Doctor Who 39x01 + Where Is Marta? 1X02 Reviewed

Chapter One The Halloween Apocalypse

There is no ominious portent or grim turn of events in this plodding narrative in which you vaguely lose interest. This show has been nothing as good as you would want it to be for a long, long time. Weeping Angels lurk.

Things are loud and wildly improbable. The premise makes no sense. There is a cosmic plague and confusing goings on and bad VFX. John Bishop joins the cast and shouts. This was not narratively important. There are no ideological nuances. This leaves you indifferent. I'm sure viewers are embittered. This was not provocative or enigmatic or enthralling. This show has formal and thematic constraints. The Doctor is self-satisfied. Bishop sounds like he is eating tripe.

There is scant enthusiasm and the whole thing is a hinderance. This was once a revered institution. This was lumbering. This show has a lessening effect. This was not very successful. This was bad and unreliable. People should have known and acted better in the horrible situation.

Best Line:

“I can feel the universe breaking.”

RADIO TIMES 10-16 November 2007 Doctor Who Time Crash Cover David Tennant -  £3.00 | PicClick UK

Network of Deception

Marta was murdered by her scumbag ex and her body dumped in a river. He confessed to this. Where is her body? This was not appealing. The case is treated as a nuisance. The case is tortuous. Dead pigs were thrown into the river to try to find her. People need to be called to account. There is no social trust. The killer is a physical and moral coward. There is bitterness and hatred and chaos and conflicting accounts. This portends the ruination. People actively made chocies and decisions yet claim to be a victim of circumstance. People are weary and this is increasingly ineffectual. This was precipitous and incongruous and a selfish git unleashed such ruin.

Best Lines:

“Easy to love.”

“Didn't provide any real answers.”

“Strange interest.”

“Public opinion was against.”

“One of the most hated people in Spain.”

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Movie Reviews: Bride Of Frankenstein + Witch Hunt (2021) + Piercing + The Prodigy 🧙‍♀️🧹🧙‍♀️🧹

Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)

Byron, Shelley and Mary Shelley sit around yapping. The monster lives, the mad doctor is not dead and a bride is to be made. An old biddy shrieks. This was dystopian absurdity. A lamb bleats and women scream. The monster meets a hermit. The monster kills the bride and others when she rejects him. This does go on.

Best Lines:

“England's greatest sinner.”

“Rifled graves.”

Witch Hunt (2021)

This was terribly tedious and a ghastly mistake. Witches are real and are burnt at the stake in this AU America. Redheads are witches. Feds shoot witches with salt. Schoolgirls are bullying bitches. There are witch camps and blowback on the families of witches. This was deadly serious. A woman (Elizabeth Mitchell of 'Lost' and 'V') runs a safe house. Relatives of witches can't drive or go to the movies. There is mumbling and a lot of stupid choices. Girls are tested for moles aka witch marks. Girls are thrown into a swimming pool for a float test, 1 of them dies. There's a twist.

Piercing (2018)

A family man hires a hooker he plans to murder. People do a lot of staring. The hooker turns the tables and really weird and perverted stuff happens. WTF was this?

The Prodigy (2019)

A woman's son is actually the reincarnation of a serial killer. This was a load of crap.

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