November 3rd, 2021


Movie Reviews: Revenge Of The Creature+Widows+2.22

Revenge Of The Creature (1955)

The creature is captured and taken to a resort. There is a mention of Peking Man. CLINT EASTWOOD is in this! Flippy the educated porpoise is made to do tricks. Why do they use a cattle prod on the Gill Man? The utterly miserable Gill Man finally escapes. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“You be sorry you find him.”

“10 dollar word.”

“I'm a man, I don't have to make a choice.”

Widows (2018)

This flop is based on the 1983 and 1985 ITV dramas by Lynda La Plante, the 1995 sequel does not apply here. Liam Neeson and Viola Davis star. There are guns and stuff blows up. A theft goes wrong. Rubert Duvall and Colin Farrell play father and son. There is nepotisim in Chicago. There are funerals and people talking very nasty. There is stolen money. A baddie wants his money back. The dead mens widows are desperate.

A blonde bimbo widow is sent onto an arrangement site by her own mother. An annoying reporter does nothing. The politican's son (Farrell) rants. The plans for Harry's next job are carried out by the widows. Harry (Neeson) was not the noble thief he pretended to be. The job is worth 5 million.

There is feigned helplessness and no asset forteiture. There are memories of a terrible loss and talk of house repo and custody battles. There are twists and Davis spits out her lines like a Jackie Collins villain. Is the dog okay? Where are the neighbours? What became of the other uninvolved widow and her baby? Didn't anyone ask about who shot the gunshot victim? Was there no DNA at the scene? This was okay.

Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Garret Dillahunt, Carrie Coon, Jacki Weaver, Jon Bernthal and Lukas Haas and Kevin J. O'Connor co starred.

Best Lines:

“Loved you more and the bookies less.”

“You said this was handled!”

“Honest, dignifed.”

“Who does waiting serve?”

“Closer to culture.”

“You don't want to see his body. What's left of it.”

“$50,000 for wallpaper!”


“I don't remember things too good.”

“Your loser husband.”

“Our husbands aren't coming back.”

“I can't afford to hire someone else.”

“This is not your world.”

“Render unto Ceasar.”

“Get a job.”

“As what?”

“Whose roof you slept under.”

“What are we fighting for exactly?”

“Sob story. Most of them better than yours.”

“Let's hope, it doesn't matter.”

“Look and move like a team of men.”

“Who really owns this salon?”

“What do you do for money?”

“Praising Jesus as always.”

“I really don't think this is a good idea.”

“Leave and you're on your own.”

“What this is and where it is.”

“Staying in power at all costs.”

“Cheating on your wife with your niece!”

“Offering you power.”

“On whose terms?”

“You're all on your own.”

“Your new son!”

“Save me! Me!”

“Maybe you have a future.”

“You always want more.”

#Burning Love from Fuck Yeah Burning Love

2.22 (2017)


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'The Loft' promo

Karl Urban, yum.

'American Crime Story' 3x10 promo

The fallout.

'Morbius' trailer
Jared Leto. Are they playing 'Lost Boys' music?!? Some Manson looking vampire with bat-radar. Jared Harris. Vulture? Where is Blade?

'Dopesick' promo

A miracle drug, a true story.

Mild walnut cheese with walnut pieces – rubbery and too sweet.

French camembert with rosemary & wild garlic crisps – okay.

I feel anger and resentment at my ex's lack of regard, respect or compassion. My ex completely disengaged.

I missed 'Power Rangers' issue 11.

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Hard stabilisation.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Social technology.”

“This is not going to happen at this stage.”

“Inflict as much reputational damage as possible.”

“Challenge the contents.”

“Damaging and unsubstantiated conclusions.”

“Behind enemy lines:

“Being able to ride an unfamiliar horse,”

“Notorious illict word-of-mouth gig.”

“Unnecessary luxuries.”


“Changing a given set of rules.”

“Sworn enemy.”

“Telling feudal shorthand.”

“Harmlessly weird.”

“”Person of destiny” aura.”

“Growing concern.”

“Opportunistic tactics.”

“Quality interactions.”

“Cultural label.”

“Distant threat.”

“By acclamation.”

“Urgent dialogue.”

“No solution in sight.”

“Virulent opposition.”

“A defunct trade.”

“Normalise a state of fear.”

“No logical explanation.”

“Devastating consequences.”

“Wildly diverge in quality.”

“Sour sarcasm.”

“Nutritional advisor.”

“Backdrop of concerns.”

“Worried hope.”

'A.P. Bio' Quotes:

“His quiet reluctance is part of his character.”

“Taste of my bloodline.”

“Space cockroaches.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Moms for liberty.”

'Devolution' Quotes:

“That's what would have been waiting for anyone trying to go for help.”

“Her personal history predicted everything going to hell.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Neglectful supervision.”

“God knows what else.”

“That's weird to me.”

“Leave and stay gone.”

''allo allo'' Quotes:

“This gesture will not go unnoticed.”

“We must start peasant shooting!”

“Your impending fate.”

'What We Do In The Shadows' Quotes:

“Bucket of shame.”

“Get the prod.”

“Mind magic.”

"Slapped jaw halfwit look."

"Interrupting my magazine reading."


Watched 'The Exorcism Of Roland Doe' documentary that inspired a certain famous book and movie. People flocked to see 'The Exorcist' but did not know it was allegedly inspired by a true story from 1949. There is vintage footage and talk of how in 1949 a Luthern boy was possessed. There was a talking board and a place called Cottage City.

There is talk of Bel-Nor and Jesuits. Roland died in 2020. It is allged the demon left roland and went into a priest who died in 1983 – wasn't that the plot of 'The Exorcist III'? This was not that believable.

Best Lines:

“Haunted boy in St Louis.”

“No one in their darkest nightmares.”

“Severs satan's hold.”

“Scary noises.”

“Something wrong with this kid.”

“Rumours ripple.”

“Trying to get attention.”

“Conjured an evil spirit from the depths of hell.”

“This isn't normal.”

“The opposer.”

“Things we should not be doing.”

“Haunted people.”

“Opening your door to.”

“Goes horribly wrong.”

“Nightmare beyond imagination.”

“Sense of chaos.”

“Spiritually wrong.”

“Demonic vexation.”

“Complete diabolical possession.”

“Evil walks the Earth.”

“Afflicted by the demonic.”

“9 hours of hostile resistance.”

“Deeply disturbed him.”

“Haunting warning.”

“Ultimate act of sacrifice.”

“Strange aftermath.”

“Story behind the story.”

“Vulgar depraved behaviour.”

“Filthy talk and damning threats.”

“Urinate copiously.”

“Diabolical rage.”

“No one wants him.”

“Hushed whispers.”

“Crazed trance.”

“Haunting threat.”

“Pivotal showdown.”

“Commanding tones.”

“Saw some really weird stuff.”

“The furniture wasn't even considered safe.”

“Eerie vestiges.”

Dance Macabre (1992) - IMDb

Sergio Balleseros

Pretty Little Liars The Perfectionists (2019)1x01+UFO 1x09&1x10+Grimm2x09-2x12+Clickbait1x08+ 3 more


Alison teaches at Beacon Hills University and has people read 'And Then There Were None'. This is the 2nd spin off of 'PLL' and it very loosely based on 'The Perfectionists' books. Mona lurks. Kelly Rutherford plays someone's mom. Nolan is the campus tool. Ava does stuff. What is with the not dead Taylor? Dylan is exploited by Nolan. Why was everyone drawn to Nolan? And who killed him? Alison finds something under the wallpaper. Weirdness is afoot. This was okay. There is massive spying going on at the college.

Best Lines:

“Excellence is not an option.”

“Great for a while.”

“Terrible things done to them.”

“We're his fake friends.”

“I'm bored of you.”


Straker and Paul play golf. Paul doesn't know how and wears a lurid orange shirt and flares. Straker can't pronounce UFO or aviation. A stargazer plots. There is talk of nerve gas. Yawn.

Best Line:

“Amnesia shots.”

The Square Triangle

This show is vapid. Murder is plotted. A wife killed her husband and Straker let it happen. This was not good.

La Llorona/Hour Of Death

There are missing kids. The bimbo bores. Sasha Roiz is the only interesting thing about this. A serial killer lurks. Sean Renard romances the bimbo. Ryan the idiot intern turns out to be a crazed serial killer. The idiot intern being the baddie du jour was kind of obvious. There is a wall of crazy and Renard and the bimbo nearly do it despite Renard being nearly a foot taller than her.

Best Lines:

“Geographical abduction points.”

“Death squads of Grimms.”

“Relics of a bygone era. Clearly not bygone enough.”

“You're a Grimm.”

“More than you'll ever be.”

To Protect And Serve Man/Season Of The Hexenbiest

A killer is woobified. The love triangle of doom drags on and on. Adalind is back, yawn. Nick learns the bimbo is a cheater. Nick tries to go all Nic Cage style intense. The bimbo shrieks and Adalind has poo coloured fake tan on. Nick finally cops that something is off about his boss. No.

The Answer

There are flashbacks to 2 years ago in this not even adequate wrapup. This was not memorable. A gammon gets a gun. The true baddie is revealed. An old biddy goes from nobody to nightmare. There is no dissent and this was not thrilling. This causes a rapid cessation of interest.

This show had potential. Inadvertant harm was done by reckless, dangerous, unwise choices. This had no credibility. This does not seriously try. This is the end of this nonsence. There is confrontation and deliberate, cynical offences. This was daringly unoriginal. There is no quandry or dilemma. This was poor and bad. Dawn is the baddie.

This was not high end drama. This was not mesmerising. There is predictability and this was bafflingly bad. Things have a capacity to worsen in this crap. This was stupid. The real killer is revaled. This was all an over reaction. Why is this all about Pia? This was a failure. This was weak and lacking in ambition and vision. This show was unabated stupidity.

Best Line:


Evil 2x09

U Is For UFO

The team looks into a UFO. There is wrath and things are not reasonably plausible. Leland shows up. David does selfless suffering. The horned thing shows up again. Leland is calculating and people are riddled with irrational fears. There is irrational dismissal of logic. There is talk of spy stuff. There are sullen types and endless need. This was not masterful. The Vatican has a secret service? Leland is crazy. There is legitimate concern. Witnesses change stories. Leland has no desire to be nice and turns the horned thing into goat curry.

Best Lines:


“Americans do not like to apologise.”

“People are bad.”

“It always was a con.”

“Free floating anger.”

“They're awful.”

“The church is aware of its reputation.”

“Creating life where he sees fit.”

“Unproven accounts.”

“Wronged me.”

“That is what she has stated.”

“I had smoked a ton of weed that night.”

“Trekking business.”

“The church takes every scientific advancement seriously.”

“This is ill-advised.”

“I've a knife in my purse.”

“The one eaten or the one eating?”

“Knocked him out with a bag of frozen french fries.”

Departure 2x01


Kendra is now in the USA. Jason O'Mara plays a prisoner turned fugitive. David Hewlett is in this. Who takes the train these days? Donal Logue of 'Gotham' is in this. The FBI lurk. A stupid kid is on a train which crashes. Doesn't Kendra live in London? Where is her idiot stepson AJ? There were 160 people on the train. 60 or so have died. The crash was deliberate. The train was automated. There is a political row and a tech-bro. There is talk of black boxes. There is no covid. A body with a cartel tattoo is found. Ther eis a coincidence. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Re-arm the breaks.”

“Open minds and clear heads.”

“Killed all these people on purpose?”

Squid Game (2021) 1x01

Red Light, Green Light

Unforseen horrors unfold for a whiny failed man. This was dubbed. The failed man is a scumbag gambler who smokes and is a dirtbag. A baddie lurks. The dirtbag makes life immeasurably more difficult for himself. This was not pivotal or iconic. This was a fiasco of absurdities.

The dirtbag has a haphaard life. A fake gun is waved. The man is a fanatical loser. There are no important revelations. The loser is manic but not pensive. He's 47 and divorced and a deadbeat dad. He's aggrieved. It takes ages for something to kick off. There is a cat, the cat is okay. There are no serious concerns. This was not ominious.

There is no rampant anxiety as the self-celebratory idiot ends up in peril. This was useless and not gritty. The idiot irritates. Why should a daughter in law cook for her in laws? Shockingly grotesque events unfold. The idiot thinks he's beyond criticism. There is dissatisfaction and negative perceptions. Debt ridden types are in peril. Silly outfits are worn. There is death. WTF is going on and why? There is a island. This is a bleak picture.

Best Lines:

“Stop working so much!”

“Signed away your physical rights.”

“What they try to beat you up for now?”

“Not to a bar, go straight home.”

“Money I made getting slapped.”