November 1st, 2021

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Showtrial (2021) 1x01+Grimm 2x07&2x08 Reviewed 👎👎

Showtrial (2021) 1x01

Talitha an instantly hateable teenager ends up in the criminal gutter in this 5 episode BBC1 drama. Hannah a working class girl ended up dead and rich bitch Talitha will end up on trial for her murder. Talitha sent nasty texts to Hannah. Cleo defends the rude, entitled little cow Talitha.

Talitha giggles and sneers and laughs and says she and Hannah were once friends. Talitha engages in sex work and cam work. Her father is a sir and a property developer. Talitha was thrown out of a top private girl's school.

Talitha is cocky, flippy and indifferent. This was a miserable fiasco. Talitha is vile to her own legal representative. Talitha's mother was a coke sniffing 90s It girl and her property developer father is played by James Frain and his hair plugs.

Talitha lies and pulls faces as she is charged with murder. She sings songs and ignores all advice. She whines about a trip to Paris. This was trite irrelevance that was preposterous. Talitha has an abundance of sheer malignity.

Best Lines:

“Bulldozed an orphange with the kids still inside to build a luxury hotel.”

“Have some crackhead sort you out.”

“A jury will like you even less.”

“Old school posh.”

“Talitha won't budge, until she's scared enough.”

“I'm a student. Of course I'm in touch with drug delaers.”

“Wearing the f*cking murder weapon!”

The Bottle Imp/The Other Side

There is no escalating situation. Nick and his bimbo bore. A crazy man kills people. Hank knows know. Adalind is back. FFS. Why did TPTB adore her? Who did she do to get so much attention? TPTB do a Nick/bimbo/Renard triangle. James Frain walks around. Renard's backstory is revealed. This is all so boring.


Movie Reviews: WolfMan (1941)+Frankenstein Meets The WolfMan+The Exorcist+The Mummy's Hand+ 1 more

The Wolf Man (1941)

Claude Rains and Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr star in this film that has been parodied, rebooted and subjected to the indignity of a horrific sequel. Larry has a psychological collapse in this non terrifying film. This has some indelible images which carries more power than quality. This was not majestic and Larry Talbot faces horrifying times as he returns to his clammy home.

Larry is a creepy weirdo in 1940s Wales. There is no delightful abandon. This was not deeply troubling and it has no emotional heft. This was ridiculous and not truly terrifying. This was spectacularly stupid. This does not mercilessly ratchet up the tension. This was career defining for Chaney Jr. This was pure pulpy madness and it was not pleasingly hokey.

There is no sense of place. This was not tense. This has no fiendish strokes of genius. People are not morally obligated to do decent acting. This was not meaningful. There are no horrific realities. Gypsies lurk and there is no brutal descent into madness. A series of unspeakable atrocities take place in this notoriously dour film. Larry is beyond hope.

There are mythologised tensions. This was comical and obtuse and not oddly powerful. There is a fog of insanity and Eldritch beasts. There is no unimaginable brutality. This was not compelling or creepy or heart rending or bone chilling. Larry won't do enforced reclusivness. People end up dead.

This was shabby and not rapturously received. There are no deeper motivations just moral judgements and growing concern. This was horrible. There is a deliberate plot. Larry is selfish, egotistical and tone deaf. There are diatribes by deeply critical people. This was fundamentally wrong. Truly evil things are done and romantic prospects go awry.

The locals are actively and overtly hostile. This was extremely tedious and aggressively dull and it lacks narrative energy. This was not a macabre psychodrama just an insipid mess full of emotionally vacant types, noise and disorder. There is no intensity just unrelenting absolutism and simmering anger. This is exhausting. Larry is disillusioned. There is bleak reality. Larry is repudiated and people have no objectivity.

This was not deliciously sinister just glacial and lingering. This is no exotic milieu and this was not endearing. A twisted web of deception is weaved. This was diabolical and not mordantly witty or playful. There are the strictures of iconography. There is no profound sense of place and there is bad acting and there are furtive gypsies.

People are not uncannily perceptive. There is no interiority just implications. People are increasingly disaffected. This was unforgivably one note. There is a lack of frightening moments. Damage is wreaked on the community. The plot is gnarled and knotted. Larry is non aligned. The fallout from Larry becoming a werewolf is deadly. People race pell mell screaming. Larry is a cipher.

Larry is leering sleazy man. People whisper in the shadows. This was grim but not compelling. There is a giddy tiresome woman. There are implausibilities. Larry is earnest. There is no traumatic reality or happy resolution. Larry has privilege and an aloof facade. Larry shows off his vest and grows hair. He is not a terrifying spectre.

There are moral dilemmas and no complex social issues. This was not uniquely surreal and this is whimsy. This was not absorbing. This was not ambitious or inventive. This was ultimately disappointing. Larry has a haunted split identity. He is on a dark path. There is wonky plotting and dialogue. This was a mid ranking Scooby-Do ep.

Larry is alleged to be Welsh but has an American accent. This was outre, clunky and laughable. Larry is barely tolerated and denied any respect. Sense is ignored. Larry has a studied grimace. This was unremarkable. This provokes intense and mostly negative reactions. This was value free.

Larry is guileless and this was desperate to impress. Larry is pitiable and irritating and convoluted. There is local gossip and this was not a nostalgia fest. This was bloodless and empty. Larry faces a promordial destiny. Normos sneer. This was not a cultural touchstone. Larry is maligned. His unusual behaviours become noticeable. His problematic behaviour grows. Larry is unrelentingly difficult and without joy.

There are odd dynamics. This was grating and naff and garish. Larry is very conspicuous. There are traumatic times and perpetual regret. Larry is skitish. This was outlandish and an existential crisis unfolds. Larry needs to re-evaluate his lives, choices and futures. People get confrontational and there is darkness. This was not a tense emotional drama and this was not iconic or claustrophobic.

Best Lines:

“Backward people.”

“Up to the attic, it's an observatory now.”

“Go away! Go quickly!”

“By the marsh.”

“You talk like a detective in a novel.”

“Nothing to pray for.”

“Left my Jenny all alone with the gypsies!”

“Frightened? Of what?”

“Very strange there were no murders here before Larry Talbot arrived.”

“Fine father.”

“Innocent little face.”

“Heaven help you.”

“Tracks lead up to this house.”

“Witch's tale.”

“This gibberish.”

“Evil thing that you've conjured up.”

“They'll laugh at you.”

“Roaming the countryside.”

“What are you doing here sir?”

“Why, the same thing you are of course: hunting.”

“Something very tragic about that man.”

Frankenstein Meets The WolfMan (1943)

Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr star in this sequel that is not subtle or effective. Larry Talbot is dug up and unpleasant things happen in this hugely frustrating sequel which has the most boring plot. There is no looming threat and this fails and is full of exposition. This was an abject failure and Larry can't die. There is talk of wolfsbane and person gnawing.

Things get pernicious. This was absurd silliness. Larry's father is dead. This is an unwanted American import. This was rudimentary. Larry is brutal and explosive. This bored and has no subtlety. Larry has excitement and distress and this was not brilliantly mad.

People feel unsafe. This was a brief sojourn. This was not unnerving. How does Larry travel around Europe? Larry laments and this was not mercifully defunct. Larry is fervent. Is Bela really dead? This was not luscious. Larry is suprisingly unpopular. This was baffling and grim. Didn't 'Frankenstein' have a happy ending with the mad doc alive? This was not distinguished. Larry has survived much. This has a crushing impact on him.

This was inadequate. This was punitive and lurid. One is perplexed in the extreme. Here are exceptional circumstances. The monster now played by Lugosi shows up. Larry faces mockery and abuse in this very boring, hugely disappointing film. There is a Frankenstein granddaughter? How? How does Larry have money?

This was insufficient with a lazy narrative. There is singing and extremely volatile times. This was non serious. There are menaces and bad acting and this was dull and not credible. The monster makeup is different. This was nonsense. There is barely concealed hostility. This was awful and raucous and Larry is bereft of support. Wrong and unfair things happen and there is misconduct.

There are no moments of horror. The worst of humanity is on display in this horrifying and hateful malarkey. This was cataclysmic and preposterous and it lacks human decency. There is no relentless pressure. This was not meaningful. There is deja vu. This was deeply uninteresting.

This was craven and disaffected types relentlessly harangue. This was distasteful and unimaginative. Yokels are sneaky, nasty, evil, greedy and cruel. There is incitment to violence, evil, cynicism, malice, envy and sheer stupidity. This was excruciating and the toxic effects of Larry's curse go on. There is human malice and beneath a veneer, people are vicious.

People are petty, spiteful and men are quick to anger. A woman named Elsa lurks. This was terrible and unrealistic. This was unpalatable. Elsa is the mad doc's granddaughter? I'm confused. There is total collapse of logic and sinister forces gather. There are no good options and this was chaotic. The damage done is incalculable. A 2nd mad doc is outrageously selfish. There are impossibilities and absurd, morally repugnant, very very upset people.

Best Lines:

“He died 4 years ago.”

“We remember it well hereabouts.”

“There's a curse upon me.”

“You're treating me like a lunatic!”

“Super normal mental powers.”

“Harboured a monster in his house!”

“Destroyed him and all his misdeeds.”

“Head injury case who went violent.”

“With his teeth?”

“What do you want here?”

“I've looked all over Europe for you.”

“Permitted to die.”

“Sign of the beast on him.”

“He will murder you.”

“What do you beggers want?”

“Don't mention that name around this town!”

“Storming the ruins.”

“Get out and stay out!”

“Who could have done this terrible thing?”

“Where's that strange man that was with you?”

“Talbot, you're a murderer.”

“Prove it.”

“You're insane at times.”

“You won't get anywhere by raving.”

The Exorcist (1973)

Linda Blair stars in this slow moving classic. There are ugly sheets, nice music and nosies in the attic. Her father is absent and a demon has come to Georgetown. A doctor smokes as Regan (Blair) engages in odd behaviour. There are turbulent times and Max Von Sydow plays a priest and Ellen Burstyn is Regan's mother. William Friedkin directed this. Chris (Burstyn) has servants. Regan pukes into Father Karras' face. Von Sydow is covered in bad old age makeup. The exorcism comes to a dramatic end as Jason Miller goes all out as Karras.

This religious horror was the trope codifier for Hollywood exorcisms. This was based on the 1971 William Peter Blatty novel. 12 year old Regan was possessed. Her mom Chris took a while to notice but she, her secretary Sharon and butler tried to save Regan from the malign entity Pazuzu.

Merrin (Von Sydow) and Karras saw Regan's head twisting and floating as her mind and personality were wiped out by the demon. Chris had to endure absurdly supernatural resistant types. There is no rational explanation for what happened to Regan. There was medical horror and a long staircase tumble. Poor Damien Karras. This had sequels, prequels and a tv show sequel. More sequels are to come.

Best Lines:

“The demon is a liar.”

“Very intense looking.”

“The sow is mine.”

“88 doctors!”

“Nothing you do could make it any worse.”

There are no experts.”


“Wanna drink?”


“You're gonna die up there.”


Hot For Preacher! | DeciderHorror Movie Review: The Exorcist (1973) - Games, Brrraaains & A  Head-Banging Life

The Mummy's Hand (1940)

A mummy who vanished into history comes back. Idiots go treasure hunting. There is sexism and racism. This was boring.

The Invisible Man (1933)

What a man allows himself to become. A shrieking common barmaid stirs up trouble. Claude Rains stars. The tv show was better than this.

Best Lines:

“Put that horrid thing down and listen.”

“Cares nothing for you.”

“You've broken the wife's best china!”

“He's a raving lunatic!”

“The policeman's trousers were found in a ditch a mile away.”

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Quotes & Stuff

Lemon curd yogurt – nice.

What's modelling chocolate? Or sour cream frosting? What are dribble berries? What's walnut malt loaf?

I won't review 'Angela Black' 1x04.

My ex is not contrite. How'd my relationship fracture? My ex = deceitful windbag.

I'd try black truffle hand cooked potato crisps. I'd try salted caramel custard tart.

'Halloween Wars' Quotes:

“Works are of darkness.”

“We're having an incident here.”

“Oh no, this is horrible.”

“Gravity's going to take it down.”


“Nice things to say.”

“Textural delight.

“Oil based cake.”

“Vampire cakes.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Dominating force.”

“Properly worried about him.”

“Bring trouble.”

“Bitter row.”

“Accepted culture.”

“Succession planning.”

“Turning point for humanity.”

“Openly hostile.”

“The coming era.”

“Life chances.”

“Attain status.”


“Terra protegid.”

“International outcry.”

“Situation is desperate.”

“A respectably successful British actor and his annoyingly entitled American wife.”

“A show of manhood.”

“Moved swiftly and with purpose.”

“Forceful clarity.”

“Uncompromising way.”

“Appalling moral lesson.”

“They have the intelligence of an ironing board.”

“Deceptive air.”


“Boorish brothers.”

“Life experience has no value.”

“Contemplative mode.”

“Quantify their love.”

“Like clothes with stories.”

“A menagerie of sleeping things in the room.”

“Something was not being explicitly stated and yet was kind of obvious.”

“Dodgy gentlemen's clubs.”

“Male creepiness.”

“Totally supportive, non-threatening males.”

“Coming conflagration.”

“Persistent curse;”

“Terrifying predictions.”

“That opinion is far from universally held.”

“Peasant mysticism.”


“Positive conclusion.”

“Facilitating silence.”

“Mandatorily open window.”

“Defying other passengers to challenge them.”

“Needlessly confrontational to people who might have been allies.”

“Global attention.”

“His father, useful for once,”

“Long since disappeared from the Earth.”

“Shamefully disparages.”

“Simply cease to exist almost overnight.”

“A state that no longer exists.”

“Very, very dangerous.”

“Kooky vintage accessory.”

“Role of social class.”

“May not want to be associated with a specific consumer tribe.”

“Resenting and revering.”

“The sweep of history.”

“Slipped the bonds of popular memory.”

“Ideological and geopolitical conflicts.”

“Cheated social chaos.”

“Visceral hatred.”

“History might have been entirely different.”

“Designed to turn the clock back 30 years.”

'Medical Detectives' Quote:

“Correction fluid.”

'Mr Mayor' Quotes:

“City hall didn't even give women chairs.”

“Discussion leader.”

“Get me away from these people!”

“Have an angry mob tweet him to death?”

'Fatal Vows' Quote:

“The end of happiness as he knows it.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quote:

“The door is locked. And everyone inside wants to kill you. And all you have to protect yourself is an old camcorder with handy nightvision mode. And the batteries are running out.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Not bioengineered.”

“Origins tracing.”

“High threat pathogens.”

“Stopped our whole world.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Excluded groups.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:


“Deep public discontent.”

“Contrary to its objectives.”

“Community resource.”

“Social function.”

“Indignant and incredulous roars.”

“Growing sentiment.”

“Huge level of frustration.”

“Discussion and compromise.”

“Obvious choices.”

“The TV movie version of The Stand. It was so long it came on three VHS tapes.”

“There is no way I should have been allowed to read that.”

“Deranged relationship.”

“Goes to some throughly dark places.”

“Psychotic antagonist.”

“Who have an awful reputation.”

“Life creators.”

“Substantial destructive potential.”

“Not necessarily the best thing for human society.”

“Uneasy atmosphere.”

“Catastrophic consequences.”

“Wistful words.”

“Deeeper sense of anguish.”

'Star Trek Prodigy' Quotes:

“So much worse!”

“Hope has no purpose here.”

“I refuse to be mocked by someone of your reputation.”

"Well done progeny."

"I can be offended later."

Watched the 'Amityville Horror House' documentary. Did the Amityville house have an unnatural life? The DeFeo murders took place Nov 13 1974. 6 people were murdered but they are often forgotten in the lore. Nobody heard anything. The motive was elusive.

The Lutz family bought the Dutch Colonial house for $80,000. It was built in 1928. They bought it still furnished with the DeFeo's furniture. They lived in the hosue 28 days and then spread their ghost lies. There is talk of flies. The house at 112 Ocean Avenue is still the subject of fasciantion. The Lutz family were BS flim artists.

Best Lines:

“Normal looking street.”

“Tourists sure to come.”

“Very very gruesome.”

“Bloody secret.”

“Long lost episode of 'In Search Of'.”

“Infested with evil.”

“Murder house.”

“The devil's hour.”

“Chill of evil.”

“Demonic haunting.”

“Not nice stuff to talk about.”

“Break the shackles of evil.”

“Religious resistance.”

“Most evil house in America.”

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