September 20th, 2021


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'Cobra: Cyberwar' promo


'Halloween 4' opening credits


'Chicago Party Aunt' promo


'Days Of Our Lives' promo

The devil is back.

My ex = regrettable. He has a lack of regard. He did the worst behaviour. My ex has expressed no contrition. He's pretty much repulsive. I wasn't enough for my ex to stay. He's unfathomably cruel. My kind ex didn't exist. I thought my ex was deeply committed.

What is black honey?

I want an orange sapphire and diamond thing and an orange diamond, rock crystal and diamond ring. I also want a pink tourmaline ring and a peridot ring/pendant and an amethyst and iolite ring.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Negative references.”

“Government ramification.”

“RTE treats me like a bad smell, says director.”

“Ill will.”

“Potential competencies and skillsets.”

“Angry cushion.”

“Its impact has been hugely negative.”

“Very negative media reports.”

“Revealing his despair.”


“Using a woman's name in public is frowned upon nad only the father's name appears on the birth certificate.”

“Burka avenger.”

“A history of people – and dogs – close to him dying.”

“Asked interesting questions.”

“More relevant to today's culture.”

“Weather has been cyclonic:”

“Police helicopters looking for illegal gatherings.”

“Maleveolent neo-Marxists.”

“Forced captivity.”

“Not been head from publicly in decades.”

“Horribly astray.”

“Large flock of children he and Jacob Rees-Moog have both fathered.”

“Without fear of repercussions.”

“Created the disastrous impression.”

“Deep well of enmity.”

“Horrendously atavistic response.”

“Infalammatory accusation.”

“Devoid of any substance.”

“Dangerous and worrying development.”

“Self-perpetuating predicament.”

“Implicit suggestion.”

“Increasingly distressed.”

“Untold misery.”

“Fear and distress.”

“Hate the popular and cheerful.”

“Odourful losers.”


“Unimaginable squalor.”

“Ruination of communities.”

“Unrealisable promise.”

“It belongs to another age.”

“Triumphant success.”

“There were threats involved.”

“Irredeemable in the eyes of most.”

“Scourge of the famous.”

“Ironic performance of the fame-crazed starlet.”

“Paparazzi crouching in the gutter.”

“Unstable behaviour.”

“Aggressive, nihilistic tone.”

“Driven only by malice.”

“Being influential was not the same as being loved.”

“Become a hate figure.”

“Macho values.”

“Currently single and doesn't expect this to change.”

“Reviled, alone and burdened with blame.”

“This...didn't all.”

“Worrying relish.”

“Vulpine faeces.”

“Cling to normality.”

"Desires which were unmentionable.”

“Nonsensical rambling.”

“Before it all went wrong.”

“Discernible logic and sense of purpose.”

“Diabolical deeds in God's country.”

“Blundeirng oaf.”

“Pleasingly uncompromising.”

“Celebrity non-washers.”


“Secessionist agitators.”

“Immensely seriously.”

“Turning point in their lives,”

“Earnest moral accounting.”

“Ethically fraught.”

“Sustained brilliance.”

“Viciously ruthless.”

“Tragic loser.”

“Forgiven everything.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“On a dead end trail.”

“Tire thumper.”

“Not exactly thrilled when Terry survived.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Menacing narrative.”

“Secretive deeds.”

“Still in pursuit of what he believes is the truth.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Monster debt.”

“Victims of a terrible wrong.”

“Bar-stool narratives.”

“Note of caution.”

“Reducing the appeal.”


“Those who exist on the fringes.”

“Fundamental attitudinal change.”

“Crisis of unimaginable scale-”

“The limit of his patience and his endurance.”

“Of some considerable note.”

“Significant influence.”

“Misgivings about the capabilities.”

“The deeper the distain.”

“Uusual critical assessment.”

'Chicago Party Aunt' Quotes:

“Getting too old to live like this.”

“Good luck doing better than this!”

“You know what I drink sweetie? Hose water!”

“Celery milk.”

“Go scratch!”

“A homeless perosn just walked past the car and Mark is nervous.”

“I'm better than a shed!”

“I won it in a thong contest.”

“No premium meats!”

“Door knocking etiquette.”

“Chasing a party that ended 20 years ago.”

“TED talks are stupid.”

“3rd gym he's been chased out of.”


“3rd generation clone.”

Chris Evangelista @ TIFF on Twitter: "HALLOWEEN 4 opening credits  appreciation post… "Halloween 3 - Season Of The Witch [VHS]: DVD & Blu-rayHalloween opening credits pumpkin | Deadly MoviesHalloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) - Opening Credits - YouTube

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Movie Reviews: Schumacher + Killing Dad 🏎👨‍🦽

Schumacher (2021)

A documentary full of vintage footage, life-altering judgements and a subject who was a hilariously awful person. He raced for Team Bennetton and crashed into Senna. Talking heads opine. This was not innovative. There is fiendishly preposterous talk. He was a brooding, threatening presence. F1 was just fancy go-karting. The 90s are focused on. What's a lapped driver? He had another crash leading to unfriendly headlines. There is 90s hair.

Home movies are shown. There is dad dancing and another crash and no moral decorum. Eventually he crashed himself. There is a lot of asslicking in this and a lot is skipped over. He jumped out of a plane in shorts and sneakers in Dubai. He made a comeback and then came his 2013 accident which is only acknowledged not addressed. People talk about him in the past tense. His son can't discuss motorsport with him, which tells us all we need to know.

He was meticulous and nationally ubiquitous with fierce concentration. He seemed scheming, errant and extremely irresponsible despite desperate attempts to paint him as unfailingly nice.

Best Lines:

“Too young, too early, too soon.”

“Going to be dead.”

“Admire and venerate him.”


“Philosophy of the car was wrong.”

“Symbol of impotence.”

“World championship level.”

“Make Ferrari great again.”

“The word 'mistake' doesn't exist.”

“Quite a big deal.”

“Resonate with joy.”

“With the ponies.”

“You just get old.”

“Absolute all out commitment.”

“Wet tires.”

“The latest flying Finn.”

“Sharing a nice social moment.”

“He stayed and made it difficult.”

“Not giving an inch to the opposition.”

“Different, but he's here.”

Killing Dad (1989)

Richard E Grant and Denholm Elliott and Anna Chancellor and Anna Massey star in this grim film that is based on a novel. The print looks like a 5th generation vhs copy. An abandoned son (Grant) prepares for an act of violence. This was ridiculous. There is a horrible quest. The world is not a kind and safe place. This was an unpalatable debacle.

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Scary Books

Vigil 1x05+Deception 1x09+Law & Order Organized Crime 1x08 Reviewed 🐉🐲🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🤿

Vigil 1x05

Vigil's crew has to navigate the crisis alone. This was extraordinarily unusual. The sub is submerged and needs to be stealthier. I'm done caring. The sub has a nuclear reactor at the back, high explosives at the front and in the middle, a hotel where people live. And the whole thing goes underwater for months at a time. Amy is a black cloud.

This was the least interesting. Flashbacks show Amy is a liar. The captain rants about a nation state attack. This was so xenophobic and dumb. Amy gets into a diving suit and ice is poured in with her. This is so stupid, 'Hard Sun' stupid.

Best Lines:

“We were never being unkind.”

“Bleach vapour.”

“Deep diving suits.”

Getting Away Clean

Cameron annoys and is an entitled prat. Jonathan broods. Cameron calls his gang The Deception Group. This was crap.

Best Lines:

“Rumours are dangerous in here.”

“Dark deeds.”

Forget It Jake, It's Chinatown

No palpable air of menace. Nobody grimly wary. Richard is in jail. Josh Charles guest stars. Angela is poisoned. Olivia shows up. The mole is revealed. Thus endeth season 1. I care not.

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