September 19th, 2021

Illya K

Movie Reviews: A Closed Book aka Blind Revenge+Nuts+The Last House aka Cry For The Bad Man+G-Loc

A Closed Book aka Blind Revenge (2009)

Tom Conti and Daryl Hannah star in this tale of a home help with sinister motives. Simon MacCorkindale costars. This is based on a novel. Logic is the most minor of concerns. Conti is a famous critic/writer assailed by an external adversary. Conti does a luvvie accent. He needs a helper. One loses patience with this. Possible consequences aren't what you think.

Hannah destabilises his life in this hopeless tale of upheaval which is not compelling. This was a mistake that was not intriguing. This was inadequate. People have poor justification. There is revenge, sorta. This was negative. There is an aggressive approach. Anger is provoked. There is non adherence to logic and disarray and bad acting.

Best Lines:

“Good enough for God.”

“You hated everybody.”

“A national treasure.”

“The history of art ended with Rembrandt.”

Nuts (1987)

Barbra Streisand, Richard Dreyfuss and Karl Malden star in this tale of a hooker who has to prove she is competent to stand trial for murdering a client. This was facile. Leslie Nielsen is in this in a dramatic role. He runs around in tiny underpants meancing her and she kills him.

Best Lines:

“You're getting angry again.”

“I got a lot to be angry about!”

Nuts (1987) on Warner Home Video (United Kingdom Betamax, VHS videotape)

The Last House aka Cry For The Bad Man (2021)

A widow is harassed by rednecks. There is some real bad acting in this film. No one will help the widow. She gets out her guns. There is violence. This was not good. This was utter incompetence in fact.

Best Line:

“Scoop up your brother's insides and get the f**k off my property!”

G-Loc (2020)

Stephen Moyer of 'True Blood' and 'Ultraviolet', John Rhys-Davies and Capser Van Dien star in this crap mess which features exposition, stock footage and cheap looking sets/costumes and effects. There are petty grievances and this was not the most exciting. The characters are terrible, terrible people. They are raging egomaniacs who have utter selfishness and amorality and sheer indifference.

This was the nastiest. Why is Earth on the verge of a new ice age? Ill intentioned fractious twits with personal turmoil are havoc inducing. Nicholas Lea was in this somewhere. Avoid this.

Best Line:

“Warm sounds good.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Night Raiders' trailer


'Warning' trailer


'Squid Game' promo


'Heels' 1x07 promo


Iberian pork pate with cherry – okay.

Gluten free cheese crackers – okay.

Olives with garlic & rosemary – nice.

Bydlo = trash.

What is bubble bath dough?

I thought my ex had commitment. I revile him.

A 2nd hand bookstore I like may be closing.

'Eastbound And Down' Quotes:

“I can already tell that I don't like you.”

“Christ given duty.”

“Junior hog farm committee.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Need an enemy.”

“Election narrative.”

“Major motorway incidents.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“None of it feels in anyway realistic.”

“None of it has any emotional impact whatsoever.”

“Quite hard going.”

“Talent on screen.”

“Censorship fuss.”

“Garish hues.”

“Confrontational film.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Cross system change.”

“So so many.”

“Exceptional gravity.”

“Custodians of democracy.”

“Envy inducing.”

“Some votes count more than others.”

“The fuel is a gift from Iran.”

“A state within a failing state.”

“Country is surviving on charity.”

“How will she be raised.”

“Social neglect.”

“Voice their displeasure.”

“Most dangerous moment in world history.”

“War of reunification.”

“Major global confrontation.”

“The world's largest tree.”

“Live alongside fire.”

“Equally extreme response.”

'Young Rock' Quotes:

“Skilled at hiding my emotions.”

“Uncle Iron Sheik.”

“The real is.”

“You look poor.”

“Everyone thinks that.”

“Impress people that don't matter.”

“Chicken King.”

“Last time I talked to her was 30 years ago.”

“None of it was true.”

“Screw up a little bit more than most.”

“All the stealing.”

“Glory days of the early 80s.”

“Milk alternative.”

“I sure as hell wasn't.”

“Best stolen clothes I ever had.”

“Expensive insulting gifts.”

“The new jeans I stole.”

“Take yourself home.”

“The fruit of forgiveness.”

“Daytime talk.”

“I am not buying used spoons!”

“Used to a certain level of success.”

“Dumb hot man.”

“Said it to a toothless woman addicted to crystal meth.”

“Small purple milk.”

“Little joy.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Favoured male models and his cat's personal maid.”

“Inordinate influence.”

“Had little or no support from within or outside my family home.”

“Does not aspire to much,”

“The destiny my upbringing offered.”

“Salacious agenda.”


“Menacing aspect.”

“Greatest peril.”

“Peacocking manchild.”

“Her knob of a husband.”

“Desperately sad.”

“Career-defining role.”

“Tumultuous historical moment.”

“An unlovely Pia Zadora vehicle from 1983.”

“Constant obstruction.”

“Uncaring homes.”

“Feted appearance.”

“Much-admired psychotic turn.”

“Slid into obsucurity.”

“From decades past.”

“Worthy nemesis.”

“Being victimised for complaining.”

“Corrosive shame.”

“An illiterate people who had never before seen a book?"

“Hostile centuries.”

“Spectacularly poor.”

“Grim resonance.”

“Past management.”

“Self-destructive chocies.”

“Incandescent fury.”

“Agent of chaos.”

“For something (anything) to take offence over.”

'Irish Independent Weekend Magazine' Quote:

“Morally offensive.”

'Irish Independent' Quotes:

“A disaster of comic proportions from which his reputation and corporate fortunes never quite recovered.”

“Riding high in public esteem.”

“Purposeful future.”

'Expedition Unknown' Quotes:

“Things go real bad up here.”

“Darkest days in American history.”

“PR nightmare.”

“Much of it lost to history.”

“Gangster era glory.”

'Billy Buys Brooklyn' Quote:

“Old New York to the core.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Marginalised genders.”

“Slept in a shed.”

“Disintergrated into the wilderness.”

“Unseemly mess.”

“Sleaze and scandal.”

“Routinely accused of wrongdoing.”


“Doesn't resonate like it did.”

“Prepared to forget.”

“Glower at each other.”

“Downfall from office.”

“Recognised vaccines.”

'Frank O'Connor – Idir Dna Shruth' Quotes:

“They're afraid of opinions.”

“Play with the rough boys.”

'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Quotes:

“Dangerous science trash.”

“Some sort of sex stuff?”

“Who among us hasn't been pooped out by an alien?”

“We're inspiring the crew.”

“We are the crew!”

“Did something unspeakable in there.”

On 'Hollyoaks': they killed off Brody? TPTB can't unboring this.

Best Line:

“Give you a thrashing before teatime.”

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