September 13th, 2021


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'The Bambers: Murder At The Farm' promo

Will he give it a rest?

'Let Us Prey' promo

“All the devils are here.”

'Hawkeye' trailer
A Captain America musical? Hawkeye's rampaging catches up to him. I want to see this.

'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' intrigues me.

I'm dejected. My ex causes endless frustrations. My ex lacks basic human kindness.

'Wrong Turn' (2021) wasn't asbsolutely brilliant but neither was the 2003 original.

'BBC News' Quote:

“Vivid deception of trauma, desperation and shame.”

'The Devil's Throat' Quotes:

“All you have to fear is time, because we don't have any.”

“I'm sure the 2 murders have nothing to do with this.”

“A devil's servant.”

“Why would he be dead?”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“How did you lose her then –before she was lost?”

“No longer believed a word he said.”

“The police, who'd never believed him.”

“Looked different. Way different. By intent, clearly.”

'The Plot' Quotes:

“Literary fame, such as it was,”

“Students began, in their eternally student-y way, to amke demand:”

“Had been cursed to grow up,”

“Endless versions of worse.”

“He wondered what he had done, what terrible thing to merit the company of people like this,”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Just deemed suspicious.”

'Cheers' Quote:

“Take satan back to the junkyard.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Brusque business.”

“Desperately cruel.”

“Suffocated ambition.”

“Lost some great opportunities.”

“Cultural fictions.”

“Caviar of the poor.”

“Socially isolated.”

“Lived realities.”

“Persuasively argued.”

“Reassess how we live-”

“Dodgy Irish builder.”

“Feckless conman.”

“Consistent failure.”

“Justified verdict.”

“Human misery.”

“Tragic note.”

“Notorious address.”

“Instructive stories.”

“Never to regret a thing.”

“Semi-bohemian bourgeoisie-”

“Luxurious hell.”

“Actively dislikes.”

“Clan are so ghastly.”

“Failed miserably.”

“Lasting impact.”

“Hysterical anxiety.”


“The kind of troubled and damaged kids parents have nightmares about their own children befriending.”

“Ensuring whatever happened stays buried in the woods.”

“Threat of physical harm.”

“Unsavoury things happen.”

“Fates that await them.”

“Unearned control that poisonous men exert over her destiny.”

“Meet physical, emotional and sexual abuse,”

“Be the ruin of you.”

'Wrong Turn' (2021) Quotes:

“If the land doesn't kill you, our people will.”

“No future for men like you.”

“Stop your screaming or you'll suffer for it.”

“No safe way off this mountain.”

“The Deer & Beer.”

“Told her to stay on the trail.”

“A story people here know but don't talk about.”

“When America fell.”

“No one will ever come.”

“We don't bother them and they don't bother us.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Belligerent and shameful act.”


“Deleterious effects.”

“Brimming with concern.”

“Things started doing badly wrong.”

“Risibly weak.”


“Troubling aspects.”

“Evocative image.”

“Dramatic demise.”

“Failed and failed miserably.”

“Abhorrent record.”

“Horrific attiude.”

“Unavoidable realities.”

“Ever-worsening torments.”

“Epic and grim.”

“Unspeakable place.”

“State of pervasive fear.”

“Constant dread.”

“Empty swagger.”

“Loony plan.”

'Star Trek Lower Decks' Quotes:
"I didn't put on underwear for nothing!"

"I didn't know you had feelings."

Scary Books

Book Review: In That Endlessnes, Our End, part 3

In That Endlessnes, Our End by Gemma Files, part 3

Distant Dark Places

Cosmic horror as a woman seeks to undo creation. This was excellent.

Best Lines:

“The global cult-watch site.”

“Armageddon mythology.”

“Chunks of ice elliptically orbiting so far beyond our sun's reach it's like they've been cut loose to drift forever before reappearing at mathematically predictable intervals,”

State possibilities as certainties.”

“Product interference;”

“Weird happenings.”

“Apocalyptic cult member.”

“Too late, it always was and always will be.”

Worm Moon



I don't get the point of this story.

Best Lines:

“Who're least likely to hot-box the bathrooms or set up some sort of off-campus brothel.”

“You helped mom break down the front door.”

“Forever trapped in that one bad decision.”


A tale of a changeling. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Unworthy of care,”

“Curse-child. This thing of darkness you do not acknowledge yours. Since you have none for him, it pleases you to believe him incapable of love-”

“Deluded kindness.”

“Crying for love you thought me incapable of feeling. Crying out forever to be loved.”

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Vigil 1x04 + Heels 1x05 Reviewed

Vigil 1x04

Amy's fitness to carry on with the investigation is called into question. There is talk of a Russian spy on Vigil @@. Silva has foundationless convictions. The Vigil crew seem dangerously incompetent and murderously hostile. There are endless flashbacks. Silva rants. Why is anyone listening to her? This was crap.


Ace and Crystal feud with Jack. So it is heel v heel? Crystal is told to wear a bra as it is a family show. Wild Bill gives a press conference. As if a fired pro wrestler would get a press conference. Wild Bill calls out the industry. Jack wants the DWL to perform at a state fair. Ace kicks Crystal to the curb. Wild Bill points out Jack's staggering lack of accomplishments and looks forward to seeing how Jack screws up the state fair. Crystal strikes back. Ace injuries a co worker on purpose. Wild Bill calls out Jack and Ace. Jack makes his accent sound even more hicker. Wild Bill sets up a match. With the lack of interest and viewers for this show, I don't see it getting a season 2. Jack has no concern over Ace's actions. Neither does Ace. This was not interesting.

Best Lines:

“Irrelevant dopes.”

“Coming for it with hostility in our hearts!”

“Fake ass medics.”

“Time and place for a male nudity and it's not midair on a commercial jetliner.”

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