September 10th, 2021


Riverdale 5x15+Dive Club 1x08+Ruth Rendell Mysteries 10x06+Superman & Lois (2021-?) 1x01 Reviewed

Chapter Ninety-One The Return Of The Pussycats

The Pussycats return to Riverdale. There is singing and Tabitha wants to franchise Pops and asks Veronica for help. Jughead's startling and concerning vanishing means nothing.

Jughead's back in Riverdale. Jughead committed an armed robbery? Betty spoke to Josie only once in high school? Alexandra Cabot lurks. This was uninteresting. I do not care about Cheryl and Kevin's plot du jour. This was an unedifying spectacle. Robin Givens shows up.

Best Lines:

“They were the best of friends until sadly they weren't.”

“You once sent me a pig's heart!”

“What are you doing at Pops?”


“Magical musical mysteries unknown.”

RMS Republic

This was not coherent. The Russian crown jewels are on the shipwreck. This was not adept. Izzie and her father whine. There are conflicting objectives and mistakes and wrongdoing in this disastrous ep. Who robbed the dive club? The gang don't believe Lauren is dead. The gang are enthusiastic about being twits. This goes badly and is seriously lacking.

This was all trivalities. Sense is ignored. There is endless yapping and overblown acting and random musical montages. This was silly. Torschlusspanik. This was incompetent and terrible and failed. The Russian diver/explorer spews wildly incorrect exposition: the Romanovs were not chased out of Russian and Princess Anastasia did not bring the crown jewels to Cape Mercy. You'd think a Russian would know Anastasia's title was Grand Duchess not Princess and that her bones were found in a wood and IDed through DNA years ago. This was redundant. This was not original and fails to deliver. This was horrible and not stirring.

May And June, part 1

May was constantly overlooked in favour of her sister June. Her parents disparaged her in favour of June. Jessica Fox played the young May. Jessica Fox of 'Hollyoaks' played the young May. June stole May's boyfriend and married him. Now she's slutting around another man. May and June's parents were the worst. This was also the worst.

Tumblr: Image

The latest 'Arrowverse' spinoff and it is Kara free! Clark loved Smallville. Lois and Clark had 1 baby in 'Crisis', now they have twins. One is good and the other is a brat. Jonathan has no powers and Jordan is an outcast with 'social anxiety'. Morgan Edge is played by a new actor. General Lane lurks. Jordan is a wannabe edgelord school shooter in waiting who needs a good beating. Martha spews platitudes. The kids don't know about their real heritage. Why is it unlikely that the kids could inherit any powers?

Morgan Edge bought the Daily Planet and fires Clark. Lois whines about journalism being destroyed. Martha dies. Smallville is now a hellhole. Dylan Walsh plays Sam Lane. Morgan Edge is buying up land in Smallville. Martha was played by Michelle Scarabelli of 'Alien Nation'. Lana Lang is married with 2 daughters. Clark has a facebook page? Kyle is Lana's husband and is full of imagined grievances.

Clark still keeps his alien ship in the barn. People are moving out of Smallville. There are coal mines in Smallville? This is like a reboot of 'Smallville'. I am enjoying it. Clark blathers about 'losing' Jordan, no great loss. There's a baddie out there who does not like Kal-El. There are money issues at the farm. Jordan screams when he and Jonathan learn who Clark is. Jordan needs a good slap. The baddie tries to shank Clark.

Lana is estranged from one of her daughter's. Said daughter and Jordan bond over being emo until her psycho boyfriend beats up Jordan. Pre 'Crisis', didn't Clark and Lois retire to Argo? Post 'Crisis', there is no mention of retiring and the world will always need Superman. The baddie can't act. This holds promise. Clark and Lois move the family to the farm because of Jordan. This was told from the perspective of family.

Best Lines:
"That's what concerns me."

"Captain Luthor."

"Death lasers."


Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Murder Island' promo


'The Guilty' trailer

He's a 911 operator who gets a desperate call. Wasn't this a movie with Halle Berry? Jake Gyllenhaal stars.

Best Line:

“Pull it.”

'Riverdale' 5x16 promo

“I am queen of the bees!”

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' promo

“Big ass trouble.”

'No One Gets Out Alive' trailer

Another Adam Nevill book take, this is set in the USA for some reason.

'Shepherd' promo


'Heels' 1x05 promo


Famous piccalilli – lovely.

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Culture of incompetence and coverup.”

“Well-respected members of society.”

''allo 'allo'' Quotes:

“Dent my scuttle at 75 yards.”

“That maniac undertaker.”

“Intrepid leader.”

“I had a uncle with the same leanings.”

“My authority comes from this gun.”

“I see flashing knobs!”

“Why do you sleep with a sausage in your bed?”

“Have you a vase or other receptacle?”

“I like wild things.”

“The good news is there is no more bad news.”

“I do not trust the French.”

“Try not to be noticed.”

“First time I have seen your rear quarters.”

“A woman of the streets.”

“Strolling idiot.”

“Rude peasant.”

“Digging peasant.”

“It is stiff and hard.”

“For me, excellent.”

“Our getaway caravan.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Control measures.”

“Nominated support partner.”

“Neverending nightmare.”

'The Devil's Throat' Quotes:

“Many wars and conquests.”

“Leave right now.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Terrible injustices.”


“Reclusive nation.”

“Covid cavlary.”

“Lactose intolerant migrants.”

“Homage to fromage.”

“Feta together.”

“After 60 centuries.”

“A game changer in human development.”

“Rewriting pre-history.”

“We knew none of this.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“National survival.”

“Truthful account.”

“Deeply troubling issue.”

“Like a cow in a cock of hay,”

“Negative aspects.”

“Firmly and unanimously opposed.”

“Barstool positions.”

“At first tolerated then pigron-holed a niche pursuit.”

“Effectively outlawed.”

“Intransigent doctrinaires.”

“Geostrategic interests.”

“Significant criticism.”

“Unity of purpose.”

“Disturbing insights.”

“Disaffected elements.”

“Other activities he no longer approves of.”

“Keep his secrets. Insofar as he divulges them.”