September 8th, 2021


Robin Issue 5 Reviewed

This promises us a rumble of the Robins. We get no such thing. Damian Wayne is Robin, I thought he quit. Stuff is going on. Didn't Tim Drake rename hismelf? Why is Damian demanding respect? Shouldn't Damian be in school instead of running around being a violent thug? Did Damian mock Dick's TBI? Damian does superhero landing. Why is Damian hugging Jason? Connor Hawke lurks. Isn't Damian short? This was okay. They're not really truly a family.

Best Lines:

“The League Of Lazarus Priests.”

“Picking fights with deadly assassins?”

“If I can come home, so can you.”

“Everyone acts like you're so cool because you're the Robin who died. But who hasn't died?”

“The bad boy of the Bat-family is giving me advice?”

“We helped you when no one else would.”

“His path as a great hero has been stopped by men like Batman.”

“When everyone forgot you,”

“I know we've all had our differences in the past.”

“Like when Damian slit my throat?”

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Book Reviews: The Bedeviled + In That Endlessness, Our End, part 1

The Bedeviled by Thomas Cullinan

From the author of 'The Beguiled' comes this badly dated 1978 horror. A family move to an old farmhouse in Ohio. The father is useless, the daughter is ignored and the mother shrugs off her son's violence as well as talk of a pack of satanists in the area.

The idiot mother ignores her son sexually absuing 2 women. The father is all: boys will be boys. There are cheese anvils of foreshadowing. The boy's shrink shrugs off physical and sexual violence as boys will be boys. There is racism and sexism. The son is called Duff of all things. There is muder and VC Andrews style goings on.

Best Lines:

“Did somebody suggest he wasn't a great man?”

“He said you did something disgraceful in his church.”

“They're on the dope.”

“Brought calamity on myself.”

“What kind of prowler would want to break into an old house that doesn't even have a TV set?”

“He's supposed to know a lot about the local weirdos.”

“There's been some kind of diabolical plot against you.”

“A dreadful man. Positively horrifying.”

In That Endlessness, Our End by Gemma Files, part 1

This Is How It Goes

There is an encounter with the eldritch or something. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“It could see me. And I didn't want it to see me.”

“No regards whatsoever to the ruin he left in his wake.”

“First time you turn on the tap and nothing comes out, things go downhill pretty fast.”

“The ones I sometimes have to hide from.”

“Outcast, hated, ridiculed, for no reason I've ever been able to understand.”


Even the electrical grid is a thing to fear. This was good.

The Puppet Motel

I've read this before. A woman faces a huanted AirBnB. This was good.

Best Line:

“Chronic over-promiser.”

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Innocent 20x1+Supergirl 6x08+The Equalizer 1x06+Law & Order: Organized Crime 1x06 Reviewed

Innocent 20x1
DCI Mike Braithwaite reinvestigates the murder of schoolboy Matthew Taylor 5 years ago when the teacher convicted of killing him is freed after a retrial. Katherine Kelly and Jamie Bamber star. Bamber's acting still hasn't improved since 'Battlestar Galactica'. Sally (Kelly) the teacher convicted of killing the 16 year old schoolboy is freed and she heads home. She was convicted 5 years ago after being accused of seducing and killing the boy. The police missed an alibi. But the victim's parents still blame her and her ex is to remarry a creepy neighbour. Her ex is vile and a sex maniac and slime. Reporters bother people. The victim's parents have secrets. The ex and his older woman fiancee Karen have issues and nag each other and shag on the stairs.

Karen is obsessed with Sam, Sally's sloppy seconds. She is a ho. Sally wants her teaching job back. There is exposition and an investigation. Karen's brat is a bully. Sally's mother has dementia and is mute. Karen is very aggressive toward Sally. A false witness is not sorry and keeps on telling lies. Sally's old friends aren't exactly supportive. Sally reveals to her ex she miscarried in jail after he abandoned her. The cop has a secret. Sally refuses to be the town pariah.

Best Lines:

“What was an act of kindness?”

“Lost my freedom, my career, my marriage.”

“You divorced her for no reason.”

“I do not know that woman anymore.”

“I want it back, everything they stole from me.”

“You filthy whore.”

“Another bullying incident.”

“Her doing the bullying, again.”

“Never meant to do harm.”

“Get seriously legal.”

“Wasn't even an in-betweener.”

“The baby we should have had.”

“Have a new life now.”

“Who told a dreadful lie.”

Welcome Back, Kara

Kara's back and sleeps and whines. Glasses are worn. Why does Kara still have a job? Why is Kara drooling over William? Catco was not a trusted respected source of news, it was a magazine! William has moved on. Kara and her dad cause trouble. SJW crap is spewed. Andrea and her evil necklace plot. Lex's mansion is seen.

Mon-El screws things up and he is not even here. An actual trash monster attacks. This was arduous. This was aggressively devoid of any aesthetic value and it lacked of artistic merit. Kara's dad leaves. Andrea plans to expose the superfriends. Lena leaves? Oh FU show!

Best Lines:

“I did a psychic scan.”

“Our reputation took a hit.”

“Shockingly patient.”

“Krypton on Earth.”

“Trash island fire.”

The Room Where It Happens

I think I'm done.

I Got This Rat

Angela is arrested. Stabler's nuts. Angela justifies herself and learns Richard killed her son. The undercover cop is outed. Richard orders his son to kill the undercover cop Gina, who is terrible at her job. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“Extremely weird and creepy place?”

“I know what you are.”

Pretty Smart

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Cop Shop' tv spot


'Kin' promo

“No idea what you've started.”

'Days Of Our Lives/General Hospital/The Bold & The Beautiful' promos


'American Crime Story' 3x02 promo

'The Matrix: Resurrections' teaser
I don't get it.

Greek style raspberry yogurt – okay.

My ex does not care, it's as if I never existed, he erased me from his life. He threw me away. I was romantically rejected in a very cruel way. Emotional rejection hurts. My ex has blatant disrespect. My ex wilfully ignores me, he's egregious. He forgot I existed.

I'll review 'A Narrow Door'.

''allo 'allo'' Quotes:

'Lt Gruber is going to fight the undertaker?”

“Go away! Faster!”

“Send some very nasty men to look for us.”

“Bummed by the RAF.”

“I will give up my knickers for France.”

'Back' Quote:

“Jesus time.”

'Poirot' Quotes:

“Row most horrific.”

“Vexed subject.”

“Shameful behaviour.”

“Make me hate her all the more.”

“Not morphine this time. Something nastier.”

“I hate and always have hated: tea!”

“What we accept as the truth may not be the full story.”

'When Ruby Wax Met' Quotes:

“Playing humble.”

“Fame is an illness.”

“Eat themselves out of the business.”

“Clearly he dosen't like me.”

“I can fell the hatred coming off me.”

“Gets cruel again.”

“Live with themselves.”

“Open her Pandora's Box.”

“Darkness grinding away at her.”

“I'm afraid of nothing.”

“Day of reckoning.”

“So many people hate you.”

“Terrible things must have happened to her.”

'Shot Caller' Quotes:

“Failed you in every way possible.”

“Gang money.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Personal nemey.”

“Accusation charges.”

'The Simpson' Quote:

“Baby prison.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Skills disappeared.”

“Doggedly struck to his version of events in the face of obvious disbelief.”

“Medicalsing daily life in ways that may have significant social consequences.”

“Lingering suspicions.”

“Appeared above alll irritated at having to answer questions.”

“Public disquiet.”

“Breataking arrogance and contempt.”

“Throughly furious.”


“Often dismissed or passed over at social events.”

“Still raved about.”

“Monastic quality.”

“Storm of speculation.”

“Terrible night.”

“Regretfully concluding.”

“Once continent-spanning.”

“Nostalgia-only affair.”

“A lived faith.”

“Critics have lamented.”

“Assumed responsibility for the act.”

“Debate they would rather not have.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“That's what terrifying.”

“Sent him to visit my mother, for 11 years.”

“Horrible influence.”

“The gun incident.”

“Footnote to everybody's else's life.”

'Flowers In The Attic' Quotes:

“Unwanted accoutrements of generations long gone.”

“Someday we may need to know how to escape this house.”

“We were the secrets.”

“Waited for deliverance that never came?”

'Fever Pitch' Quotes:

“Source of shame.”

“Slum sport played in slum stadiums and increasingly watched by slum people, who deter decent folk from showing up.”

“Of any consequence.”

“How the game could be reported.”

“There's money here.”

“All the aggro.”

“Weren't that interested.”


“Poor place.”

“I mean grim.”

“300 million pound gamble.”

“Success looked a long way off.”

“Career threatening.”

“Long hard road back.”

“Paper of record.”

'Star Trek Lower Decks' Quote:

“Let's hit the phaser range. I need moving targets!”