September 5th, 2021

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Movie Review: Last Flight Out (1990) ✈🛫🛬

In this true story tv movie Vietnamese civilians try to catch the last commerical plane out of Saigon on April 24 1975 as the Viet Cong advance on the city. Haing S. Ngor, Richard Crenna and James Earl Jones star in this tale of desperation as 500 evacuees cram onto a last ditch takeoff by Pan Am, the only Ameircan airline left in Vietnam.

Eric Bogosian, Rosalind Chao and Arliss Howard also feature in this tv movie which was filmed in Thailand. There is street casting evident by some bad acting. There are a plot of parallels between what took place in 1975 and what took place this year. This was good. People are packed onto the plane, people stand and hang on to the overhead lockers. A woman gives her child to the head of Pan Am (Crenna) and collapses crying in the street. All this really happened.

Best Lines:

“Friend from Washington.”

“Ain't that a contradiction in terms?”

“Underground airplane.”

“High risk people.”

“Whole families wanting cyanide capsules.”

“Know they're going to be left behind.”

“Let's not tell anyone about the death list.”

“Welcome to freedom.”

“Be with his country.”

“Living in a country that no longer exists.”

“Destroying the records of their Vietnamese employees.”

“When that orphan plane crashed.”

“Doesn't understand what's coming.”

“In America he will be an honoured man.”

“Take off with the tank 2/3 empty, no baggage.”

“Land number.”

“He will not do well in the new order.”

“We were full before I put the last 200 onboard.”

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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Homeland' season 1 promo

Once this show had so much potential. So many unnerving implications.

Tomato relish – ok.

Vanilla fudge – mmm.

I'll skip 'Deception' 1x08 'Multiple Outs'.

Appealing for help and no one listens. My ex = repellent. I thought I was indispensable to my ex. He couldn't be counted on. He shows no consideration.

'Poirot' quotes:

“Quite uselessly.”

“Both such dear men.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Realism is not the goal with this film.”

“Lavish folly.”

“Daddy issues to rival Luke Skywalker.”

“Fluffy CG sidekick.”

“Crazed criminal behaviour.”

“Unprovoked violence.”

“Lost control of her mobility scooter.”

'Exploring Northern Ireland' Quote:

“Sport of evil people.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Ferocious enemies.”

“Extremely formidable enemy.”

“Shatter the consensus.”

“Popular resentment.”

“Liberal newspaper columnists bought into the myth.”

“All disbelievers would be expellled.”

“Achieved victory.”

“Show of absolute power and utter invulnerability.”

“Reshape the globe.”

“Unwinnable conflict.”

“Beyond the darkest dreams.”

“Much-loved part of the family.”

“Hadn't anticipated or bugeted for.”

“Heap shame.”


“Trouble dogs.”

“Historical responsbility.”

“Lot of comptatible interests and desires.”

“How seperate our lives seem.”

“Moral wasteland.”


“Take decisions that cannot be undone.”

“Arch detachment from the consequences.”

“Brash, fearless, unserious.”


“Perpetually finds new ways to tell him he is not wanted.”

“Excelled at irritating the men.”

“Unhelpful comment.”

“As though passion fills fridges and pays mortgages.”

“Civilising effect.”

“Saw me reading a book. Well he says it was a book, even though it was actually the Dulux colour chort – upside-focking-down as well – and he burned it out of fear that my interest in “reading” might derail my development.”

'The Secret History' Quotes:

“Smiling menace.”

“A nasty little room with an unlocked door and whatever else might await me there.”

“Bachelor food-”

“He has expensive tastes. That is unfortuante.”

''allo 'allo'' Quotes:

“I might take you to the movies.”

“What is showing?”

“Anything we like.”

'It Takes A Killer' Quotes:

“Anything but the grieving son and brother.”

“Status obsessed.”

“Money focused.”

'An Unexpected Killer' Quotes:

“Provably true.”

“Friendship interest.”

“Wasn't real pleased with that.”

“Nice, caring man.”

“Suspect pool.”

“Built up his expectations.”

“Hostile feelings.”

'Legendary Locations' Quotes:

“Sea Fort.”

“No options left.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Reflect with the benefit of maturity and hindsight.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Varying degree of threat.”

'The Bedeviled' Quote:

“The family heir having a sly one with the hired help.”


Open Your Eyes (2021) 1x01+Dive Club (2021) 1x01-1x03 Reviewed 🤿🤿🤿🤿🤿🦪⛵⚓🔱

Episode 1

A girl wakes up in Second Chance in this Polish drama. There was inadequacy and interest was obliterated. Is endless horror lurking out of sight? She is in an amnesia clinic, a creepy voice talks and she feels understandable fear. This is all this based on a lie? There is pain, anguish, suffering, tragedy and the darkest moments. This was irrelevance. There is foreboding and terrible probability.

She acts in a dangerously irrational way. Why do so many teens have amnesia? There are trite anxieties. There is cause and consequence. This was irrational and puerile. This was not highly purposeful. There is futility and this was ludicrous.

People are reluctant. What are the extenuating circumstances? Why are there behaviour issues? There is frustration and no consideration. Why does she have omissions in her memory? This was a nuisance. A doctor lurks. This was not fascinating. A patient screams. Lives are influenced and destroyed. Why are these people tormented? Who is Carolina? Are they all orphans? Something weird is going on.

There is no emotional truth just teen discourse. There is a disturbing phenomenon. This was not gratifying or captivating or moving or provocative. Do people wish her ill? People are hiding, deceiving and concealing. There are worrying and concerning events. Why do they have a morning workout? Something incongruous is going on. There is irresponsible behaivour and wretched inhabitants. There are unconventional methods. This was okay. She recalls her name is Julia. A particularly nasty patient screams.

Best Lines:

“You don't remember where your home is or what it looked like.”

“Movies about serial killers.”

“Meds are the only way out.”

“Necessary part of your memory process.”


In this Australian drama, 4 teen girls (Maddie, Stevie, Anna and Lauren) dive from their boat Indy to find things from bygone days. A storm blows up. There are nice opening credits. All this takes place in Cape Mercy. There is no covid just a sea shanty. This was not affecting. Lauren goes missing after the storm which is an afterthought to people.

Someone wears a red beret. Tiny swimwear is worn. This was complete rubbish and people have extraordinarily odd reactions to Lauren going missing. A ridiculous new girl shows up and shoves herself into Lauren's place in the gang. This caused some mild and passing interest. New girl Izzuie annoys. Nobody seems too concerned about Lauren not even her father who is the police chief.

There is talk of a shipwreck and a heroic act committed long ago and paintings. Did Lauren meet a brutal fate? There is bad acting and no public discourse. There is an inevitable plot. There is scenery and ignominious boys. The plot is in disarray. People are fickle. Lauren's missing 3 days. Izzie bemoans.

Annoying boys lurk. This was melodramatic and amateur. Lauren's abscence isn't felt. This was tedious and it was not high intensity. Izzie sticks to Lauren's friends like crap sticks to a blanket. There is talk of Salvation Day. Nobody is vigilant.

Best Lines:

“A town in crisis.”

“Super vintage.”

“Heroine of Cape Mercy.”

“Land search.”

“Not the sort of place you want to visit.”

“The mast is up.”

Flower Of The Sea

A boy who did wilful misconduct lurks. Lauren had massive teeth. There is talk of a lighthouse. There is no steadfastness. There is unseemly thieving. Who has culpability for Lauren? Nobody cares she is missing. Unnecessary and reckless actions had severe consequences. There are inconsistencies. Lauren's phone is found underwater. There is a sullying effect. The dive girls show off their club house. There is dismal acting. Wetsuits are rarely worn. This is of not benefit.

There is frustration and disquiet. The dive girls show off a magic lantern and talk of the heroic act in 1918 where a young woman and her lantern saved shipwrecked people. There is a simmering row. Lauren is not high priority. There are uncertainties. The script is clunky. What did Lauren find? People stare at her mysterious final video. Mmmmm. One watches this with befuddled scrutiny. People have agitation.

Best Lines:

“Sad business.”

“Guiding light.”

The Rising Sun

Why do the dive girls act like 7 year olds? This was dumbed down. There is no identifiable motive. How did a cyclone blow up unnoticed? Someone made Lauren disappear? There is no excitement. There is stupidity perpetuated. This was terrible. Some have economic privilege. Don't the dive girls have school or university or jobs or parents or homes to go to?

This was strikingly irrelevant. Men are hostile or forbidding. There are concerns and heiritage projects. No one is looking for Lauren's phone? There is no certainty. There is very little clarity. This was inept. People bustle around dramatically. This was oddly incapable and fallacious.

What notebook is Lauren's dad on about? The dive girls break into Lauren's house. What else is he looking for? An old coin is gound. The dive girls ride bikes with baskets and dress like toddlers and have plastic shoes. They hide Lauren's phone. Why do they keep the coin secret? They find jewellery in Lauren's wetsuit's pocket. Sea Dog the harbour master lurks.

There is a dressup montage. Izzie has joined the gang. The 90s are vintage now? People drink massive glasses of orange stuff. Adults lurk malevolently. This was not cognitively demanding. This was truly atrocious. Lauren's disappearance is a seemingly casual incident. Izzie's father romances the sister of one of her new friends. There is more singing. This is not what I thought it would be. It is a letdown.

Best Lines:

“Security alarm.”

“Calm down Jack Sparrow.”

“My land name.”

“The posse my daughter's running around with."

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