September 3rd, 2021

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Movie Reviews: The Crush + Vice

The Crush (1993)

Nick moves into a family's guest house and attracts the interest of their 16 year old daughter. Cary Elwes, Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Rubin, Amber Benson and Gwynth Walsh and Kurtwood Smith star in this sleaze.

There is horrible music and Nick is not so innocent as he hits on Adrien (Silverstone) who is underage. This is discordant and Nick does not act in a commendable way. This film has aged badly. Adrien acts like a stalker and has total delusional self-destructiveness. There is sleaze and dated hair and decisions made are regretted. Nick appears to lack cognitive function and has no ability to reason.

There are disturbing dishonest instincts and Nick is unwise and ignores and or patronises Adrien. People are not entirely objective and a lot of potent issues are mishandled. Things get testy and idiotic. This is not told from a truthful perspective. Things are chaotic. There are uncertainties and this is very male gazey and the camera has a fixation on Silverstone. There is no common concern. This film is defined by mistakes.

Nick has blithe indifference. Adrien's parents are absent. Why is Nick leading the underage Adrien on acceptable? He has a weak capacity for critical thinking. There are phones from the 80s and dated tech. There is bad acting and people lack a moral compass. Nobody wants or thinks or needs normally. Nick does not act like the most innocent guy on the block.

Adrien attacks Nick's girlfriend with wasps. Nick is bad tempered and acts shifty. Adrien's crazy behaviour is well signposted by obvious signs. Adrien's father keeps a working fairground ride in the attic like something out of a VC Andrews novel. There is fretting and damage done. This was staggeringly poor. Prevailing views are dated. Nobody is very concerned about Nick acting like a sleaze.

This does not flourish. Are we supposed to cheer when Nick punches Adrien out? In the end Adrien has a new crush. She has an emotional need. This film is woeful and deserves derison. It is superficial and unusual circumstances are shrugged off. In the end is Adrien in juvie or a loony bin? I disliked this. In the original version Silverstone's character was called Darien. The scriptwriter based her on a real woman and gave Silverstone's character the real name of said woman. She sued and so the film was redubbed to change the Omenesque Darien to Adrien.

Adrien is assertive and this is not meaningful. This was abhorrent and one is incredulous at this. Adrien is heady and Nick never has accountability. This film is a grim memory of the Amy Fisher era were teen girls were seen as capable of terrible things. I wonder if this film inspired the 2 Jo Gibson YA novels with the exact same name.

Best Lines:

“If you were 10 years older...”

“You'd what?

The Crush (1993 film) - WikipediaA Place For All Things Amber Benson

Vice (2018)

Amy Adams and Steve Carrell and Christian Bale star in this biopic of the former VP. While W thrives on crowd and daddy approval, Cheney as VP runs the place. This film has a texture of dereliction. There is unreason and a voiceover. There are dark, chaotic times in 1963 and Cheney goes from a dirtbag to a fear inducing power broker. Cheney flunked out of Yale and was a linesman. This was told in non-linear fashion.

His wife Lynne berates and plans. Cheney becomes an intern in DC. Young future famous people are seen. Cheney goes from intern to consultant and is a DC insider. Dick's FIL looks younger than him. POTUS Ford is briefly seen. Lynne campaigns for Cheney to a bunch of shirtless men. The 1980s are shown via a montage of Mr T, Trump and Jane Fonda.

Donald Rumsfeld (Carrell) likes to laugh. Condoleezza Rice is ignored by Cheney. Lily Rabe and Shea Whingham co star. Tyler Perry plays Colin Powell. Eddie Marsan and Naomi Watts costar. The end credits feature the song America from 'West Side Story'. W is shown as a dim witted easily manipulated buffoon who eats BBQ with his mouth open.

Bush is seen. There is talk of the Fairness doctrine. Alison Pill and Jesse Plemons feature. There is not a sight or sound of Bill Clinton in this film. George W Bush is a figurehead for Cheney who is planning to invade Iraq for its oil. Colin Powell is played. Cheney got the intelligence briefings before W. Whoopi Goldberg is seen in vintage footage. 9/11 happens. Alfred Molina has a cameo.

Pence, Hillary and Blair are seen in vintage footage. Cheney shoots someone in a hunting accident. ISIS is formed. Obama is elected. Trump is mentioned. There is fallout and this was good.

Best Lines:

“3 other planes are unaccounted for.”

“True as it can be.”

“Beware the quiet man.”

“Piss soaked.”

“Way worse.”

“Shoot down any aircraft deemed a threat.”

“We hardly noticed.”

“No idea who he is.”

“Did way more drinking than class attending.”


“Filthy hobo.”

“One time is: I'm sorry.”

“Drinking and fighting.”

“Lush that hangs powerlines.”

“Smell like vomit and cheap booze.”

“Or I'm gone.”

“I won't ever disappoint you again.”

“Be of service.”

“Servant to power.”

“Found his life's calling.”

“Bunch of hippies flipping off Nixon.”

“She doesn't swim.”

“I have to go to the hospital. Now.”

“Hard wind of change.”

“Angry about this change.”

“Big money families.”

“Great national crusade.”

“Opinion news.”

“That's his son.”

“Oh crap.”

“Half the room wants to be us.”

“6th in line to the Presidency.”

“Shame them.”

“Nothing job.”

“Sits around and waits for the President to die.”

“Wild years.”

“Wants to impress his father more than anything.”

“Burnt ends.”

“I can tell you're thinking.”

“History changing moment.”

“Long faded empires.”

“Exit package.”

“537 votes.”

“Inside the decision culture.”

“Deactivated automatic archiving.”

“Ford days.”

“Doing the yelling for us.”

“I'm angry as hell.”

“Elite liberals.”

“Death Tax has got to go.”

“Fateful day in American history.”

“Why can't we just bomb them?”

“I'm President and I want this to happen.”

“Disproved intel.”

“Other people were watching as well.”

“Mean British judge.”

“No bid contracts.”

“Leak it.”

“Mean and nasty fella.”

“Liked cocaine and American movies from the 80s.”

“Clean phone line.”

“Legacy of power.”

“Value game.”

“I can handle some of the more mundane jobs, like overseeing bureaucracy, military, energy and foreign policy.”


Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Moonfall' trailer


'Post Mortem' trailer


Best Lines:

“You are not what you believe you are.”

“Deadly enemies.”

'Riverdale' 5x15 promo


'Welcome To The Blumhouse' trailer


Cremaiello – yum.

RIP Julie Strain.

My ex has callous indifference.

'Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves' Quotes:

“You. My room. 10:30 tonight. You. 10:45. And bring a friend.”

'Poirot' Quotes:

“Which deserves no mercy.”

“They have of you, a great need.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Guide runner.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Pushing this city to its limits.”

“Homes have been turned into death traps.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Exuberant thespian glee.”

“Display a worrying attiude.”

“Must say what those mistkaes were, and who made them.”

“The storyline started to sound very familiar.”

“Advocacy position.”

“Year-long whinge.”

“Showed total distain.”

“Raises disturbing questions.”

“Sabotage techniques.”

“Company keeping.”

“Tragic events.”

“Awful poignancy.”

“Tense unease.”

“Murderously evil.”

“Failing to take responsibility for his actions.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:


'Wrong Turn' (2021) Quotes:

“I didn't sense much urgency from him.”

“Out there nature eats everything it catches, right down to the bone.”

“Keep to the marked trail. The land here can be unforgiving.”

''allo 'allo'' Quote:

“Nobody could dare to touch a gestapo sausage.”

Petals on the Wind | Lifetime


Post Mortem: No One Dies In Skarnes (2021) 1x01+Riverdale 5x14+Prodigal Son 2x13 Reviewed 👎👎👎

Post Mortem

Is this a Norwegian take on 'izombie'? A presumed murder victim sits up in the autopsy suite. There is nudity and a hostile reception. She's a vampire now or something. Nothing is done in dramatic fashion. There was bad dubbing and I did not care.

Best Lines:

“Woke up on the dissecting table.”

“You looked very dead.”


Chapter Ninety: The Night Gallery

Cheryl painted various portraits including a shirtless Archie mining, Jughead surrounded by rats and Cheryl herself with angel wings. Archie goes down a mine. Does anybody care about Jughead? Archie's drama bores. Betty whines. There is no bucolic enchantment. Interest in this show has long been rescinded. Does nobody care about Jughead? His 'friends' are crap. Betty has a man chained up. Jughead broods about impossible ethical choices. This was highly disappointing. I don't care about this or Cheryl's taste free paintings. This was entirely unsatisfactory and it stretches credibility. TPTB seem to have forgotten the whole cliffhanger where Jughead got a lift from the serial killing trucker! FFS!

Best Lines:

“Wreckage of my life.”

“Thinking of sacrrificing me to your crimson gods?”

The Last Weekend

The final ever ep as this was cancelled. This season took all of season 1's promise and flushed it. Malcolm's mother and sister are crap. CZJ/🐩 throws Malcolm under the bus. Psycho dad has his son hostage. Psycho dad wants to do bonding with his son and find another serial killer. Malcolm goes on about a kill radius. This show is full of annoying women. Nobody is rational or healthy. This ends on a cliffhanger and I do not care. Malcolm's co-workers were never overtly grateful for his crime solving. How is Malcolm hanging out without his medication or restraints? CZJ/🐩 and her bad fillers annoys. Jessica is a moron and an emotionally compromised enabler. This was stupid. Psycho dad finally drops his caring father act and tries to kill his son but his son kills him, finally. So? Why was Dani so shocked? Why am I still thinking about this 💩?

Best Lines:


“Is he alive?”

“Yeah, but he's not happy about it.”

FLowers in the Attic Lifetime

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