September 1st, 2021

Sergio Balleseros

Vigil 1x02 Reviewed 👎

The submarine is left exposed by a reactor shutdown. Is there a shadow authority? Denials are distrusted. There is revenge catharsis and a feud on board and a no touching rule. This drama is drawn out and is any of it relevant? People are not inclusive or tolerant. This was particulary bad. What about the cat? Why are the Vigil crew so rude and horrible?

The situation is terrible. Why are people contacting the Vigil? There is despair and hopelessness and bitter divisions and a catastrophic impact and pee. What became of Poppy? Vigil nearly hits a tanker. Amy left her husband in a sinking car. This was contrived nonsence. There is relentless negativity mongering.

Best Line:

“Being married to an Admiral's daughter doesn't make you an Admiral quite yet.”

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Lady Mechanika+Life Is Strange+Power Rangers Issue 10+Mighty Morphin Issue 10 Reviewed 👎👎👎👎

Free Comic Book Day: Lady Mechanika

Another comic with anatomically impossible women. It's 1878 and the make up, hair and clothing is all wrong. A woman fistfights a monster whilst wearing heels. There is wearying predictability and no emotional investment. This was meaningless. I've read this before.

Best Line:

Oh bugger me! It is awake!”

Free Comic Book Day: Life Is Strange

Expostion, the multiverse and this feels uninteresting. There is no realistic pathos and no narrative expectation. TPTB have arrogant disinterest in making sense.

Best Line:

“Doubt creeps in and threatens to consume you.”

“Travelling bard.”

“No one else can open the door for you.”

Power Rangers Issue 10

An origin story for Yale the big alien cat. No.

Best Line:

“ nice person!”

Mighty Morphin Issue 10

This is an entire issue of uninteresting Eltar backstory. Is Zedd an old Eltarian buddy of Zordon's? I do not care!

Best Lines:

“If the council heard you talk like that, they'd take away your pretty red cape.”

“Dark Specter will never stop. He will never relent and he is willing to sacrifice legions to obtain what he desires.”

“Thoughtful contemplation.”

“If he escapes for any reason, your lives are forfeit.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'No Time To Die' trailer

Die already.

'Vigil' promo


'The Sinner' season 4 promo

“You're the only innocent person in this house.”

'Heels' 1x03 clip

A wrestler enters the ring with a possum drone which sprays Jack with blood: best moment ever!

Seaweed goats' pearls – yum.

Hazelnut & Apricot dark choc – okay.

I'll review 'Sex With Presidents', 'Cunning Folk', 'The Mammoth Book Of Folk Horror', 'Moments Asunder', 'Summer Sons', 'Trailer Park Trickster', 'In That Endless, Our End', 'TIGERS', 'The Plot', 'The Final Girl Support Group' and 'The Bedeviled'.

I'll review 'Innocent' series 2 and 'Evil' season 2.

What's become of Joe Flannigan's career?

RIP Geronimo.

'When Ruby Wax Met' Quotes:

“No social media and no internet.”

“She's got everything.”

“You met him, you lick.”

“Suddenly you're popular.”

“With the popular girls.”

“Intimidated by the attention I get.”

“Get that bitch out of bed.”

“I look crazy too.”

“Something was strange.”

“We're sluts.”

“So not funny.”

“Doesn't do my career any favours.”

“The boat never staying strady.”

“Doesn't believe in herself.”

“Fame very scary.”

“Slightly scary and desperate.”

“'Twin Peaks' country.”

“This is how I should have been feeling my entire life.”

“Doesn't want the spotlight off him.”

“Lucien Freud would love it.”

“Didn't know about those things in those days.”

“Did he want you to clean?”

“Divorced 4 times and none of that was easy.”

“Fame and power.”

“Never slept with a man older than 42.”

“Not screaming in their face.”

“They're young there's nothing to dig for.”

“At the moment they are.”

“So ill-prepared.”

“No pasta, no oil.”

“Too stupid.”

“Not exactly thrilled with what's happening to my knees.”

“I'm afraid of nothing.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Large fight.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Go where I'm wanted.”

“Loses legal fight to live.”

“Uncontested dominance.”

“Aggressively male term.”

“State hostile to individual effort.”

“Selfless generosity.”

“Shocked and appalled.”

“Passionately intense.”

“Potentially thunderous reaction.”

“Miserable night.”

“What they deemed provocation.”

“Didn't deem it something significant enough to react to.”

“Controversy always accompanied her.”

“Fascinates with her life.”

“Legal debacles.”

“Cross-generational appeal.”

“Unwavering support.”

“Sought recourse in the courts.”

“One-time mountain warrior.”

“Live with dignity.”

“Extreme danger.”

“Deadlock by default.”

“Low on the priority list.”

“Draconian social controls.”

“Death-defying feat.”


“Hardly rings of steely conviction.”

“Committed supporter.”

“Erroneous impression.”



“Doom-laden opinion pieces.”

“Perpetual vicitm.”

“Statement of joint intent.”

“Lagely unguarded land borders.”

“Stubbornly slow on the uptake.”

“Openly sceptical.”

“Encourage unified behaviour.”

“Widely admired.”

“Have no understanding or empathy.”

“Treated as if I'm the problem.”

“Their quietness or shyness commented on.”

“Leg grabbers.”

“Need for solitude.”

“Police helicopters patrolling the streets from above, urging people to get off the streets.”

“Forced to justify my decision in public situations.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Lesson for the world as well as future generations.”

“Public order training.”

'Good Morning Europe' Quote:

“Luxury dose.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Real mad.”

“He chooses not to.”

“Serious criminal ramifications.”

“Very well known in their community.”

“A big secret, a dark secret.”

“What he describes as sobriety.”

“Going to some questionable places in town.”

“Our story would end up on 'Dateline'.”

“Not present as a father.”

“Validated or accepted.”

“Saying all the wrong things.”

“Love us enough to stop.”

“Concession business.”

“Minimal work.”

''allo 'allo' Quotes:

“Making me rather unpopular.”

“We were aroused by the banging!”

“Fighting the mice for it.”

“Not the dance of the virgin peacock!”

'RTE News' Quotes:


“Fearful reputation.”

'Back' Quote:

“Used to spit in your hamroll.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“Puke on myself.”

“Monument to rustic perfection.”

“Sauce fu**er!”

“Outta town indefinitely and no one knows if he'll ever come back.”

“It's waiting for you, if you want it.”

“I got into public service to shoot bad guys!”

“For once I want to make the right choice.”

“Great for silent brooding.”

“One less thing to regret your entire life.”

“Spending sunday dinners in my parents house as soon as they allow us back into their lives.”

Watched some of 'Cooking With Paris': there was a lack of quality. This was terrible and lacks adulation and anticipation. I liked her blinged mask. This was in the realm of the farcial and was bleak, soulless and chronically depressed.

Best Lines:

“Grab 1 plant.”

“Maybe wash the dirt off.”

“Frosted flakes French toast.”

Thirteen Years Later - Episode Profile - Millennium Episode and Credits  Guide

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Movie Reviews: Untold: Crimes & Penalties + On The Basis Of Sex

Untold: Crimes & Penalties (2021)

A documentary about the bad boys of ice hockey. They were a team run by the 17 year old son of a mob boss. This was fascinating and disturbing and told with manic abandon. This was a narrative of absurdity, apathy and bad intentions. 17 year old AJ looked and dressed like an annoying middle class white kid. People have no positive character traits.

AJ was to run a minor league hockey team. There is talk of a trial, fights, confrontational players, cigar smoking and scepticism. AJ's father had a signed 'Sopranos' poster. James seems devoted to his son. Hi-C is seen. There are grim reminders. AJ had The Rock and Chyna at his birthday party when he was a child.

AJ liked 'The Mighty Ducks'. An FBI agent speaks. James was a big target. There is volatility. AJ failed to deliver as an ice hockey player. But the team he ran had a meteoric rise and fantastic fall. AJ did not fail to deliver. He injured himself as a player. People weren't wary of the family's methods and intentions. James just bought AJ the Thrashers team. This was not a frivolous gift. These are not pleasant people. This was appealing and incredibly alluring.

No one wanted to believe in the team. The team was not seen as benefiting society. There is an overreaching narrative. The team was not an industry darling. There was no level of caution and complete mistrust by TPTB.

AJ was a hockey mogul. The FBI blather about Operation Pail Rider. There was unrest in the UHL. There is talk of injuries and prison inmates and scrutiny by TPTB. Twins yell. There was adverse consequences. Messers and misfits and unintended consequences were part of the team. There was vigour and innovation and creative elan.

The team were temperamentally allergic to conventional ways. AJ had creative freedom. The team was made up of those who cannot conform. Morality was not an intrinsic part of their human nature. The team began in dark time. Gloves flew. The team had a unique and attention grabbing culture.

There is mirthful menace. There is a fights montage. There was no respectful dialogue and no right thinking people. There were ills and an erosion of decency. Players were paid under the table. There were existential threats and no meaningful morality. There was personal aggrandisement. They were renowned for fights. They were misleading untruths and negative media but the fans loved it. There were negative perceptions and they were seen as socially unacceptable. There were moral failings and the team were other and vilified. The team weren't helping the situation or stigma. There were negative practices.

The Thrashers were treated as fundamentally wrong and against society's perceived standards. There were adverse effects and deep ramifications and the team were sorely lacking in manners There were alienating consequences. There were social intolerances and repercussions. The team caused division.

The fans were crazy and made finger gestures. The equipment manager was into psychological warfare. The fans were truly terrifying. There was rumour and conjecture. There was anger and resentment. There was no caution, tolerance or inclusion and no conflict resolution.

There was disruption. AJ was a pesky kid. The ice rink was not a safe and welcoming place. There was motivation and enjoyment of being in a group. Fighting was a much loved activity. They had self esteem and self belief. This was significantly normative. There is irritation and no comfort zone. There is no reflective listening. Things get overwhelming. There were big group activities and some things are not pertinent. There was extra scrutiny of their behaivour. The team was an object of concern. They were regarded as a problem. They were looked on nervously. There was a mascot. TPTB assess the situation.

The team were gravitating towards loudness. They had a lack of social skills and were contentious. Was John Cena at one game? There were negative emotions and negative consequences. AJ seemed inept socially. The team were unconventional. There was intensity and relentlessleness and socailly intense situations. There was passion for violence and everyone was subject to violence.

There was hate and ideology and the team hasn't fully faded from the public consciousness. There was determination and ruthlessness. The team earned prominence. People were always under the threat of violence. There was an over hanging threat. There is talk of the Thrashers apparent shortcomings and there was a campaign to get rid of them. There were discoverable comments.

Kids were at Thrashers games. There is talk of a game like it's an invasion of Beirut. There was never a cautious approach. There was no fear of making a wrong decision. Vocal fans were volatile. People had obvious disgust. There was talk of a conduct policy. There was disruptive and harassing behaviour. There was no welcoming nature. People were disrepectful. The thrashers were shut down due to harassment. People claim there is behaviour they are not going to tolerate. An FBI agent became James' defence lawyer. There was ill will.

There were circumstances and contentious issues and no regrets. Reputations were tarnished. There was uncertainty and James got 87 months in jail. AJ went on to drive trucks and run a boxing gym. People were grateful. This was quietly impressive. The club had a huge impact and no sense of calm. Things deteriorated sharply. Natural talent was an inescapable fact.

Best Lines:

“Looked like a punk.”

“Decades long schemes.”

“Rough up his grand-daughter's husband.”

“Daddy bought his 17 year old son his own hockey team.”

“Don't test me.”

“You'll learn the hard way.”

“Scary, scary person.”

“Based 'The Sopranos' series off this family.”

“I've never been an angel.”

“I'm in the trash business.”

“Joy and happiness.”


“Loyalty is everything, respect is everything.”

“Teflon Don during those years.”

“Controlled the trash business.”

“Private carting industry.”

“Trash czar.”

“Man of the house now.”

“Beautiful collision.”

“300 stitches in my face.”

“Highest level of hockey.”

“Nigerian Nightmare.”


“We're at a dump.”

“No idea what's coming.”

“$10,000 cash on the floor.”

“Scum of the Earth to the purists.”

“Fighting is part of the game.”


“Money bag! Money bag!”

“Beyond crude.”

“Enforcer reputation.”

“WWE meets 'Slapshot'.”

“Everything's not okay down there.”

“On ice offical.”

“Fined a lot of money.”

“Power that he wielded.”

“Cancelled the whole season.”

“NHL lockout.”

“Criminal conversations.”

“Federal raid.”

“Covert phase.”

“Bllodbath game.”

“Taped up.”

“All day everyday.”

“No show jobs.”

“Running in a very illegal way.”

“Pretty unpopular.”

“Trash hauling empire.”

“People that you think will stick by you, don't.”

“Boring life.”

“3 warriors going at it, no shirts on.”

On The Basis Of Sex (2018)

Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux, Sam Waterson, Kathy Bates and Felicity Jones star in this RGG bio-pic. RBG goes to Harvard Law in the 1950s. There is sexism. Nobody wears a hat. After graduation RBG can't get hired. In the 1970s she gets to argue a discrimination case before the Supreme Court. The ACLU sneered at the case where a male carer was discrimated against and could not get a carer's allownace. There is law talk, rows and a tax court case. Armie Hammer looks like a male model not a tax lawyer. This was so worthy.

Best Lines:

“Response brief.”

“Loyal to tradition.”

“Cannot ignore cultural change.”

“What's the difference?”

“5 years in prison.”

“Effortless for you.”

“Impact would last generations.”

“An American that no longer exists.”

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