August 1st, 2021

Kylo Ren

Trailers, Thoughts & Quotes

‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ trailer

‘Army Of Thieves’ trailer
The prequel nobody wanted.

Sour cherry drops - okay.
Plum chutney - nice.
Orange Turkish Delight - nice.

I thought my ex and I were in a happy relationship. My ex’s level of indifference.

I’d try Mexican street corn and cauliflower taco and chocolate and avocado mousse.

‘Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“A sad memory.”

“Utterly joyful.”

“Driven by malicious intent.”

‘BBC News’ Quotes:
“Witless, turgid stinkers.”

“Star names.”

“I have a lot of money.”

“Stripped down shark attack thriller.”

“Heroic heft.”

“Insufferable crew.”

“The tunes of his homeland.”

“Silent and unplayed,”

“Heartbreakingly sad.”

“Blockbuster land.

“An object to be marketed.”

“Ghosts of a past.”

“Harrowing memories.”

“Severe self possessed beauty.”

“Folk horror hit.”

“Project starfish.”

“We’re all going to die.”
“I hope so.”

“Dumbest DC characters of all time.”

“Limbs and logic get rent asunder.”

“Sweary splatter.”

“Rodent wrangling.”

“Enduringly indefinable.”

“Insanely challenging concert tours.”

“Century straddling career.”

“Comic fantasy.”

“Air of mystery that’s long surrounded the duo.”

“Let freedom flourish.”

“Appeal to selfish instincts.”

“Punishment isn’t merited.”

“Absolutely no merit.”

“Contest this in court.”

“Called for a harsh response.”

“Quite a serious escalation.”

“Undeclared shadow war.”

“Made inaccessible.”

“Visiting forces agreement.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Not be disturbed by people.”

“Great ending to my life,”

“So everyone I worked with could see how stupid he thought I was.”

“Voices rarely heard.”

“Met with laughter by all who witnessed it.”

“Leads to loyalty.”

“Had to take over running the house.”

“The city didn’t come to help.”

“Multi-decadal monitoring.”

“Slightly more agricultural crowd.”

“Killer of dreams.”

“The stupid cow has lost the plot.”

“Following her old dear around the house, ringing a handbell and shouting, “Unclean! Unclean!”

“My heart didn’t exactly soar at the prospect.”

“Sit around and look at their bikes and talk about their bikes.”

“Hotel-standard mattress toppers.”

“Things have actually changed and moved on.”

“Women must constantly hold men’s sexual attention.”

“When reality doesn’t match up to the script.”

“Presenting it with respect.”

"America’s Most Hated.”

“We wonder if she might have something to do with it. Everyone else wonders that, too.”

“Sees culture’s function first and foremost as an agent for effecting certain forms of social and political change.”

“Ideological narrowness.”

“Not going to be lightly relinquished.”

“Learned the bitter lesson.”

“Those who were not so chosen.”

“Hand it on intact to a single chosen heir.”

“Closed-in parish.”

“A great deal of modern Irish literature concerned with the farm is retrospective.”

“Idylls of remembered country childhoods.”

People Magazine Investigates’ Quotes:
“Rebelling in every way.”

“Beneath their smile and their charm, there exists a dark and disturbed soul.”

“East Texas values.”

“We tried an empty chair.”

“He jumped at Normandy.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Experience hostility.”

“Not wanting to listen.”
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Outer Banks 2x02 + Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021-?) 1x01 Reviewed

The Heist
This show has glaring inadequacies. What does Sarah see in John B’s ghetto ass? John B has complete ineptitude at anything resembling normal social interaction. People try to force conviction into lines in this hopelessly grim ep. Ward kills someone; the threat level is seriously ramped up. Events provoke an angry response from Ward. John B’s friends watched someone be murdered. The gun goes into a storm drain.

There are bad decisions and I abhor this. The footage of Ward being bad is ruined, thanks to JJ. John B does not contribute to the world he lives in. This has not been well received. This was absurd ridiculousness.

There is a grave threat. There are serious deficiencies. Sarah tries to be tough. The hegemony of the establishment and the status quo go on. There is the old disappearing corpse trope. Pope is sick and tired of all this. This has no intensity. There are assertions and TPTB are hopelessly in thrall to John B.

There are no thought provoking contradictions. Ward is a dominant and destructive influence. There is misery and death and Ward is acclaimed in dispiriting fashion. JJ yells about nobody helping them. This was a dismal litany. There are hypocrisies. Where are their parents? Shouldn’t they be at school? This was trite, clichéd and formulaic. John B’s friends are agonising. Sarah’s sister shows up. Ward asks his psycho son to help bury the body.

This was shabby folly. People are strident fools and there is no acclaim for this bad disaster. There is mockery and BS and harassment. Ward’s whore bimbo unloads verbal and psychological abuse. There are grievances and ill treatment. Sarah recalls the dead woman, John B shrugs it off.

This is a depressing litany of arrogance, rudeness, victimisation and derogatory belittling. The awful hierarchical system goes on. There is way too much focus on John B and Sarah. John B is gross, taunting and belittling. There is making fun, isolating, ignoring and isolation. There is a lack of willingness to make good decisions. People look for the gun.

The drug dealer lurks. Does nobody have a job? There is misery and a negative impact and a sewer. Logic is ignored. The plot is at a snail’s pace. People are belligerent and the psycho bro and drug dealer try to kill Pope and co. Nobody is exonerating John B anytime soon. Nobody sees psycho bro flooding the sewer in broad daylight?

There are devastating consequences and logic is ignored and real grievances are ignored. The chick in Daisy Dukes waves a gun in the middle of a street in broad daylight and nobody notices. Also nobody notices Daisy Dukes chick climbing out of a flooded sewer.

There is a major upsurge in violence. Ward’s greedy useless whore lounges around. The gold is in a vault in Ward’s summer home that is the perfect size to fit it all. There is mumbling and tragic is fomented. There are objectionable people and this leaves you exasperated.

People are negligent. There are volatile situations and TPTB are incapable of credibly delivering a narrative. Kids attack.

This was not heartening. There is stupidity and people of modest means attack Ward and his psycho son. Sarah gets shot. Assumptions are shattered and this leaves you unfulfilled, numbed and disengaged. Logic is neglected.

Best Lines:
“He sure looks mad.”

“He’s a murderer.”
“He’s going to murder us.”

“Worst idea we have ever had.”

“Whole lot of nothing.”

“Random killing spree.”

“Just stop.”

“Have a lot more credibility than any of you.”

“Everyone jumps for him.”

“Lying in the street.”

“Something dead in here!”

“Known thief.”

“Smelling up my damn office!”

“Did Ward bribe you?”

What Happens In Puglia
Elliot Stabler returns to a grimly dystopic city. He doesn’t wear a mask. Is this the new ‘Wiseguy’? This is not a devastating evocation. There are bitter recriminations and no rootedness. Stabler is aggrieved! Ungodly! And widely reviled! The theme tune is bad. Dylan McDermott plays the grimly coercive godfather who has the fealty of his supporters.

Chazz Palminteri plays the dead star walking. Stabler causes quite an adverse reaction as he acts erroneously. There is deceptive conduct of the grossest kind. Stabler whines about his kids - the ones he emotionally neglected? There is no terrifying uncertainty. The biggest source of Stabler’s anxiety lives in the same city. Stabler has minimal resources just determination and focus. Stabler is aggrieved and feels personal affront. A hacker hacks.

There are retributive murders and a mutually embittering quest. There is a slow and painful self creation. The baddie is a one dimensional hateful bad guy. There is no literary capital in this. This is a city you should escape as soon as possible. Stabler is dwelling on past glories. Stabler’s wife was murdered a week ago - shouldn’t he be on compassionate leave?

Dylan and Chazz have aged. Richard (Dylan) has a type and Chazz plays his dad. Stabler’s psych evals and record are brought up. Manfredi Sinatra (Chazz) dies at the hands of his own son. Richard M. Wheatley is a respected man who donates to art museums. His sons by his first wife chose him over their mother. Richard’s 1st wife has no time for his 2nd trophy wife. The 1st wife is not to be trusted. I’ll keep watching.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t your house anymore.”

“Vicious and violent members of the underworld.”

“Locking up an Italian gentleman like me.”

“He’s a mob lawyer.”

“My last best chance.”

“He could have peed there.”

“Not a good idea.”

“Making bank off this pandemic.”

“Mafia’s not as white as they used to be.”

“Some very small time worthless crapola.”

Not to live in that darkness.”

“Six shootings?”
“All of them good!”

“Making his way up as a capo.”

“The son of a mafia don.”

“Who knew a worldwide pandemic could be so profitable?”

“Tragic, terrible time.”

“You’re still reckless”
“You can’t talk to me like that in my own house.”
“It used to be my house.”
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Pretty Smart

Book Review: The Appeal

The Appeal by Janice Hallett
This modern Agatha Christie sees 2 law students asked to look into a murder case on appeal. This is a compelling epistolatory crime novel. This was unusual and new. In the small town of Lockwood: 2 newcomers arrive, an amateur dramatics society stages ‘All My Sons’ and a dodgy charity appeal is held. This all leads to a murder and a possible wrongful conviction. There are dark secrets and appalling realisations in this grimly perceptive novel that shows the astonishing and disturbing lengths people will go to to cover up unsavoury truths. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Our accident with the IV.”

“I’ve been either ignored or contradicted.”

“A dumping ground for underperforming staff.”

“Petulant vagueness.”

“At the bottom of the social ladder, ignored or dismissed.”

“Bailed out of life.”

“Fear of falling out of favour with the alpha family.”

“No power or influence.”

“Looks like a scene from Mad Max.”

“Must live in a wonderland where she’s forever centre-stage.”

“Deceitful practices.”

“The alpha family. The social status of everyone depends on being ‘in’ with them.”

“His behaviour was worrying even before the altercation on the lawn.”

“The Haywards are lynchpins of the community. They employ a lot of these people. It makes sense to support them.”

“Coldly dependent.”

“I doubt he’s your friend now.”

“Exist in a state of delusion, remote from the uncomfortable realities that gradually close in.”

“Intensity of commitment.”

“Sinks into awful realisation.”

“Bumbling dolt.”

“Sick and troublesome.”

“A person’s closeness to the alpha family - the Haywards - determines their social status.”

“Inconsolable distress.”

“Simply not high enough up the social ladder to have a voice.”

“Fails to appreciate the long-term consequences of her actions.”

“Whose attitude to her is a best indifferent.”

“Keeping their women in an infantile state of carefree bliss.”

“So intent on doing what they believe is right. Yet both refuse to see what’s wrong. Their solution is to silence the person pointing it out.”

“Would rather continue enabling the deception than challenge it.”

“That situation was not challenged or addressed-”
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Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Bohemian Rhapsody + Downsizing

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
Rami Malek does his actings in this biopic directed by Dexter Fletcher. Fake teeth are sported, Freddie falls in love with Mary, there is sex, singing, fame and Kenny Everett. This was overhyped.

People deride Queen. There is dodgy behaviour and this is not interesting or challenging. This was a dud. This was simpering blandness. There is Live Aid, a baby and a leech boyfriend. There is bloody mindedness.

There are things amiss and this was terribly frustrating and puerile, depressing and lacklustre. This was gibberish. Freddie doesn't like scrutiny but he does like the best lyrics and notes. This was operatically over the top and not ludicrously entertaining. This was not edged with darkness. There is ominious bitterness and no resonance. There's megastardom in here too.

Freddie's life is a never ending chore. This aims to be as arty as an obscure French new wave film. This is not a re-creation of what the Queen live music experience would have been like. There are 100,000 people at Wembley for Live Aid. Freddie brushes off the questionable people.

Where there any female performers at Live Aid? Freddie had a toxic and hostile boyfriend who he had to kick to the curb. The plot of this movie was movie was picked for reasons unknown. This underwhelms and is not enlightening. Freddie has misgivings and insecurities and is whingy.

There are unpleasant experiences and distressing news and vile manager types. There is self obsession and cartoonishly repellent types and moral superiority. Bob Geldof shows up. This was entertaining, sorta. There were deceitful types. Freddie achieved mythical status as did Live Aid. There is a renewed sense of self-identity. There is a social maelstorm. Various people are distrusted and dismissed. There are turbulent relationships.

Freddie may not have much of a future. Pepsi cups are seen. This is not a detailed account of factual events. There is negative energy. This was not astute. Drama was his addiction. There is no edginess. This was not pacey or polished. There is obvious green screen in the Live Aid scenes.

There are creepy side eyes and art power rock and a chaotic life pattern. There is a gulf between great ideas and competent execution. There are creative expressions and this was bland and pointless. There is dogged persistence and turmoil. This was not particularly liked. There is a recreation (in nearly full) of their Live Aid performance.

Vital life information is left out for the idealistic glossy movie version. This was banal and historically baffling. Freddie died in 1991. Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander and Mike Myers starred in this tale of incompetence and apathy that was daft, perplexing irritation.

Best Lines:
Looking drunk or ill.”

“Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. That's what you should aspire to.”

“Yes. And how has that worked out for you?”

“MTV banned our video.”

“Africa charity gig.”

“Dirty little fruitflies.”

“13 satellites. The Olympics only had 3.”

“Live a vulture's crotch.”

“Bore me with your sympathy.”

“Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.”

“What are you doing later?”

“Medium talent!”

"Visit the cats and me.”

“Shake the freak tree.”

Downsizing (2017)
A man decides for a total change in his life. He thinks it would be a noble exploit to be shrunk to 5 inches tall which is a new social movement to save the planet. Creepy scientists invented a shrink device aka cellular reduction to save the world. This is inimical to logic. There is talk of vague aspirational crap.

This is not a brutal and viciously witty takedown of the American dream and male midlife crisis. There is no gilded lifestyle for the shrunk. Being shrunk doesn't make your life full of possibility it just leads to loneliness and despair. How can the shrunk and normal sized people talk to each other let alone hear each other? Food intake isn't affected.

Matt Damon is the white savior du jour. The whole shrinking people thing is horrifying. A major transformation of society is planned. Weight does not seem to be a fact. How do they breathe? How can conversations be held? Matt Damon has man pain and forces his wife into it. There is no betterment of his life. This was fundamentally flawed.

Matt Damon does the trite my wife is spending my money midlife crisis crap. There is misuse of the science and fateful chocies. This was the dregs. The shrinking would not pass legal muster. People with hip replacements can't be shrunk. Also you can't reverse it. This film was a major miscalculation.

Their hair and eyebrows are shaved off (and all other hair too I presume?). Filings are removed along with the teeth they're in. Ick. New plastic teeth are put in once they are shrunj. His wife changes her mind and legs it which makes Matt Damon angry. There is no integrity. This was utter fatuity.

The earth turns out to be doomed. There is a bunker. This was irrelevant. Shrinking is not redistributive. A box of keepsakes aren't shrunk. People use shrinking for ill. Matt Damon and his wife get divorced and he moves on. There is pretence and the underclass. This was appalling and things become fraught with difficulties. Shrinking infantalises people. I loathed this. This is rendered obsolete.

Best Lines:

“For the small.”

“Don't be so American.”

“I'm still living in the same house I grew up in.”

“Suspicious tv box.”

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