July 30th, 2021


Book Review: Any Way The Wind Blows

Any Way The Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell

The 3rd and final 'Simon Snow' book sees Simon making a determined effort to overcome not being the chosen one. There is a rumour what a new chosen one is out there. Also Baz and Simon try to figure out their relationship. There are huge reasons for Simon to have anxiety as his previous ambitions are up in smoke and his mentor is dead and he is living an alternate existence to what he expected. Is the new self declared chosen one sanctified? Why aren't Simon and co talking about the vampires in America? Are Simon's fears reasonable? There is love, conspiracy and a sorta happy ending. This was okay but Agatha is still useless.

Best Lines:

“Worse than a fluke – a plot.”

“Married badly.”

“Most magicians would rather let some mystical saviour solve their problems.”

“Properly creepy basement.”

“Lived their lives by prophecy.”

“Even the best of us are the worst.”

“When have you ever protected anything good?”

“I worry about what he'll move on to.”

“When did magicians stop doing anything worth writing down or repeating?”

“Of adventure, of high stakes, and glory-”

“I was foretold.

I still am.”

“Almost nothing you say is reassuring.”

“(How many history books is Penelope going to end up in? And for how many reasons?)

“Cursed with usefulness.”

“Did you rob your own mother's grave?”

“Like the lead singer of a band who resnets how popular his music is with teenage girls.”

“Simon Snow is the mage's heir.

He was.

All along.”

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'King Richard' trailer

Will Smith gurns.

Best Line:

“Trouble in the house.

'D.P' trailer

Dubbed. Runway soliders. South Korea.

'The Prince' trailer


'House Of Gucci' trailer

So camp.

'Limetown' 1x10 promo


Melting moment biscuit – dry.

Butterscotch toffee biscuit – dry.

Falmin' hot tangy cheese Doritos – mmmm.

Basil & garlic olives – okay.

Glenisk protein yogurt raspberry – no.

What was the rationale behind my ex's decision?

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Deep unfairness.”

“Daily deluge.”

“What lies ahead in the future.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Lack of foresight or precaution.”

'BBC News' Quotes:


“Utmost last effort.”

“Went in early and hard.”

“Not a lot of logic.”

“A huge threat to civilization.”

“Melt events.”

“Their way of life disrupted.”

“Regional extinction.”

“Risking catastrophe for all of us.”

“Caution is urged.”

“Become the property of the nation.”

“Steering calamity.”

“Life-changing consequences.”

'A Crime To Remember' Quotes:

“Flashers and mashers, pervs and jerkers.”

“Loser parade.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“The woman who regretted telling her relatives she had cognitive problems, convinced that had she remained silent, she might still be living at home;”

“Received little attention.”

“Pretty much anything Prince did was heralded by far too many people as genius, despite his producing precious little of any notable quality outside his 1980s heyday.”

“Gender anxieties of the 1980s.”

“Of rival and therefore inferior towns with backwards customs.”

“A bloody bogger then,”

“Middle-aged cranks who collect toy dolls and get angry on twitter when children's cartoons are remade in ways they don't like.”

“Rules of norminative determinism which reign over Eternia.”

“Nothing will make them feel the way saturday monring cartoons made them feel in 1985,”

“Populated by a techno cult run by the Elon Musk-like Tri-Klops.”

“Bog waters.”

“Little in the way of shared culture.”

“Some element of punishment.”

“Years behind his potential.”

“Lost his nut.”

“Bawling obliviously.”

“Things which existed in myth are repeated as reality.”

“Heavy onus.”

“Life became a series of instructions from others.”

“Frightened into isolation.”


“Social media hate campaign.”

“Hate incidents.”

“Contested space.”

“Areas deteriorate.”

“Long-lie litter.”

“If urgent steps are not taken to restore trust.”

“Resilient community.”

'Medical Detectives' Quotes:

“The killer fog had struck again.”

“Fogging conditions.”

“Mass disaster.”

“Super fogs.”

“Abandoned years earlier.”

“Battle of the scientific positions.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“Live in barrista.”

“You're in college now! Act like it!”

“In colonial times I'd be long dead from war and you'd be wasting away from scarlet fever.”

“If your friend's psycho brother hasn't chased you with a BB gun, you haven't lived.”

“Florida home run.”

“Revenge bang on everything you love.”

“Rich people say it my way.”

“Wait on a bunch of losers.”

“Revoked my trust fund.”

“I'm not used to the girls I watch on the internet talking back to me.”

“Sleep kicking.”

“Sex basket.”

“Basket of sin.”

“That kind of thinking is why you're in the classroom with the metal scissors now.”

“Someone who understands loyalty.”

“I'm not ready to give up the kid's menu.”

“They control the money faucet.”

“I promised them I wouldn't steal or sit outside that girl's house anymore.”

“No ambition and no life skills.”

“Stove top scrubbing.”

“Better start smiling and acting positive.”

“Westport turd.”

“Potty train herself in the toilet display at Home Depot.”

“Said Bolivian prison.”

“Great snack ideas.”

“Working sucks.”

“Angry little phone friend.”

“Horned up.”

“He trained them to attack anyone who tried to leave the compound.”

“Shouting un-christian words.”

'Misery' Quotes:

“Worst horror of my life.”

“Had to be born of nobility!”

“I've prepared for what must be done.”

“You're been taken seriously.”

“Chapter plays.”

“But I didn't cheer.”

“It's not worthy of you. Throw it all out. Except for the part of naming the gravedigger after me. You can leave that in.”

“I really value your criticism.”

'Law & Order' Quotes:

“Don't make me restrain you!”

“Re-loaded hours.”

“Accomplice liability.”

“Without benefit of any legal authority.”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“The house is modest even by 1890s standards.”

“Resentment, bitterness and greed.”

“Finds herself unwelcome.”

“Turns her back on her.”

'Breeders' Quote:

“Can't take the rage anymore.”

'Disappeared' Quote:

“No emoji things.”

'Stargate Atlantis' Quotes:

“Dark world where a terrible enemy slept.”

“Great scourge.”

“Terrible weapons.”

Scary Books

Arrow 1x23 Rewatch+Prodigal Son 2x08+Outer Banks 2x01+Limetown 1x09&1x10 Reviewed 🏹🖤


Laurel is such a pick me girl. There are no emotional subjects or growing disquiet. Laurel acts as though she never met, remarked on or knew Tommy. There is no shock or distress. Why didn't Malcolm just shoot Oliver? Oliver lies. Tommy has yearning and anger. Malcolm sees the undertaking as a moral necessity. Oliver is a clench jawed jerk.

There is yelling and no exburance or energy. Oliver never apologised to Tommy. Of course Tommy would doubt Oliver's veracity after what he saw in 1x22. Laurel and Oliver did something truly devastating. There are lies and conspiracy. This was mediocre. Oliver is demented over Laurel and she is all wah.

Tommy truly despises Oliver. Malcolm thinks he'll improve every aspect of society. Oliver denounced and vilified Tommy for not listening to him about Malcolm – you wrecked his relationship – on purpose! Oliver is a jerk. Felicity flounces off. This ep was fading. Oliver does fawning over the whore Laurel after his confrontation with Tommy. He does not mention Tommy to her, more damning evidence of Oliver's selfishness.

This was absurd. Terrible events will unfold because Oliver wasted time feeling up Laurel. Why is Oliver so cranky? One is repulsed by him and Laurel. Oliver walks off from Tommy with no apology. There are incoherent fights and an ominious ending to come. Lance loomed. This was bungled.

There is an imminent threat but Laurel was at CNRI moving paper. There is no dramatic intervention. There are corrupt and vested interests. Oliver and Laurel are diabolical. The 3rd man in the liferaft doesn't matter to Oliver. This was non-essential. Moira is a criminal. This was daft. Oliver will get around to stopping Malcolm but first he was to lickarse Laurel. She chases him and talks in a baby voice. Oliver embiggened Laurel and kissed her. Oliver does not care about Tommy. Neither does the whore.

This was comical and deathly dull and droll. Laurel is conceited. Tommy and his dad chat. Oliver did character assassination of Tommy. Malcolm shows his edge. This was not thought provoking. If Starling City is geographically stable – how did Malcolm plan to get away with causing an earthquake? Oliver and Laurel blithely subjected Tommy to their crap. No immense humanity there. Oliver and Laurel are not palatable. Moira goes public and Malcolm is subjected to public disgrace.

A self-imposed dilemma. Oliver and Laurel have selfish outlooks and attiudes. Oliver and Laurel continuously assure each other of their twu luv. Tommy was the hero. During the Tommy and Malcolm confrontation – it is obvious that Malcolm didn't hit Tommy. Oliver has a 2nd bow. Laurel does not know Oliver at all – Tommy does.

This was not realisitic. Oliver and Laurel are not viable. This was not essential. Laurel is not relevant. She's a footnote in this ep. Oliver is acrimonious. There is no quietude just chaotic stuff. Malcolm's escalating reign of terror goes to a place Oliver did not expect.

Laurel was never central to this show. Oliver has had varying degrees of success this season. The Glades riot and don't evacuate. There is a swift dismantling of Laurel's relevance. She's not of vital importance. Malcolm is aloof, unknowable and hidden. Oliver is a petty man who fakes being a rogue outsider. There are a litany of contradictions. Oliver is part of the elitism. Tommy disavowed his dad. Laurel is superficial and dumb.

Malcolm is tricky. One despises Laurel and Oliver. Tragedies occur. Oliver kills someone in flashback. Oliver has no concern for Tommy until he dies. Oliver does not apologise despite doing significant grief and loss. Why is it incumbent on Oliver to be such an ass? Oliver ends up distressed and bereaved. There is no public concern. This was not relevant. Oliver and Laurel had no dignity, compassion or respect.

Malcolm goes full on loony. Roy and Thea bore. Laurel is a useless trashbag ho. Laurel ignored 3 warnings to leave the glades. She got Tommy killed. Laurel thinks Sara betrayed her and had an affair with Oliver so she betrayed Tommy. Laurel ignored Tommy. Laurel is selfish. Laurel and Oliver caused appalling damage. Oliver was at terrible odds with Tommy, due to his own actions!

If Oliver had spent less time obsessing over Laurel's twat – he might have figured out there was a 2nd device. The undertaking takes place. Suck on that you smug git! Tensions do not soar. Laurel should have died – she was a whore and a cheating bitch. Laurel and Oliver have negative effects. Malcolm fulfilled his function. Where does Oliver get petrol for his bike? Tommy saves Laurel – she never says thanks. I bet the skank hasn't even washed her crotch.

Oliver is a wastrel. Oliver just strolled off and left Tommy's dead body behind. Talk about a one sided friendship. Tommy was glad Oliver was alive in 1x01, Laurel was not. Imminent threat is ignored. Oliver still does not apologise. Tommy is dead. Oliver is a liar with no sentimentality. Stpehen Amell can't act. Laurel is all placidity. The ethnic cleansing was carried out in the bleak ending. Oliver is all secrets and no integrity. Laurel is deceptive.

Best Lines:

“How you were spending your nights.”

“No one can stop what's about to come.”

“No, you're not.”

“She's with Oliver. Again.”

“Bled out into the pavement.”

“One horrible purpose.”

“Dreadful act.”

“Killed dozens in pursuit of this madness.”

“Anti tamper safeguard.”

“I wish you would have died on that island.”


Alan Cumming is added to the panto that is this show. Catherine Zeta-Jones does not tie her hair back. Psycho dad gets some scissors. Eur-pol agents can't make arrests. We get flashbacks and more bitch sister bitching. Why does Jessica always dress like it is cocktail hour? How did euro-pol guy get into the US? Jessica is taunted for screwing some many homicidal maniacs? Simon (Cumming) prances. Simon is a hasbean hack. The real killer randomly shows up. For a mind sleuth Simon is an idiot. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“All flood back like a Proustian memory.”

“Those who mine darkness see shadows where there are none.”

“Mind sleuth.”

“I should not be doing any of these things.”

“I'll fight anyone who disagrees.”

“In the bargain bin.”

“I can't die in Brooklyn!”

“The thumb in my freezer.”

The Gold

John B and Sarah are on the run. John B does his faux philosphical yapping. John B did his friends a grave disservice. John B's friends are taciturn. People rant about percieved injustices. There is no covid and have TPTB fixed the phone and power on the island yet?

There are contentious acts and poeple go to school. There are wrong decisions and JJ makes a scene. This was vacuous and appallingly naff. There is outside perception of John B. There is a fight and John B and Sarah are so selfish and greedy. Ward has skulduggary. People publicly engage in trashy behaviour. Ward ignores how his son is a murderous psychopath. Sarah and John B are orange. This was an excruciatingly boring mess of farcial self-indulgence.

Sarah and John B run around the Bahamas. This was not enthralling viewing. There are disingenuous acts and a deep sense of grievance. There is frustration and bad deeds are accepted as a permanent aspect of life. There are tardy responses. There is wrong doing and erroneous decisions.

There is no innovation and the poor kids have an us against the world mentality. This was preposterous and there is no adriotness. John B is egotistical and narcissistic. This was horrendeously hammy and parently obvious. There is no relevance and John B is an objectionable thug. There are no complex issues and Ward is evil. This was disastrous. Opprobrium is spewed. What must Sarah and John B smell like? They have a complete lack of regard. Have they even changed their underwear? There is no tension, food is stolen and there is no personal responsibility.

Sarah's grabbed. John B is meanced by angry people. John B and his pals are credulous idiots filled with odd chocies. There are no decent long story arcs or hidden depths. The only consistent characterisation is that John B is a twit. This was goofy. This was not subtle. There are chaotic times and troubled times. There is catastrophe. This was endlessly uninteresting and awful.

There is exposition and voiceover. Stupidly named thugs run around. There is no mission just maniacs. This was mad. There is no rational understanding. There are no earth shattering revelations. One's baffled. There is no undetow of menace. This was obtuse. There is no grim drama just absurdity. John B is a violent thug. Rich people and John B have impunity. Things are factually wrong and deliberately misleading. This show is increasingly redundant. They have no money. This was really disheartening.

Best Lines:

“A while lot of nothing.”

“He could come after us.”

“Let him try.”

“We're the victims here!”

“You lied.”

“I am very aware of that.”

“Miss rich.”

Apples And Oranges

Lia fakes sorrow and grief. Lia speaks to her uncle, who is alive. Like duh. I didn't think this show would turn out like this. Lia has malicious pleasure in her crap. Why are the Limetown survivors not supposed to exist? Yawn.


Does Lia ever do her job? A woman speaks about Limetown. There is bad acting. There are reveals. A team came into Limetown via caves. What was the plan? People were grabbed. Things get dark. Lia looks rough as a robber's dog. This was dull, lifeless and boring. It didn't just stop after Limetown. Lia got the truth and it went badly for her. This is the cost. Who was the man behind the man? A season 2 hint. Which we never got. Mmmmmm.

Best Lines:

“I don't like people like you having lists.”

“Mr moral superiority.”

“They have promised me safe passage.”

“Cooking the body down.”

“It won't make it right.”

“Who's coming?”

“Does it matter?”

“Will they kill me?”

“Eventually. Probably.”

“Long term study.”

“Fantasy of being normal.”

“Bones you can crush in your hand.”

“What people hide they hide for a reason.”

“I think you should hide. It would be better for us if you hid.”