July 21st, 2021

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Book Reviews: Miskatonic + Chain Of Gold


Cthulhu mythos meets noir in this okay mash up. There are dark obsessions and did you know that during Hoover's tenure there were 3 female agents at the Bureau Of Investigation? Naturally Hoover fired them. So this trade paperback has a female agent as the main character. Her name is Miranda and she looks into monstrous cults in this tale of crime, horror and historical fiction.

Hoover is full of racism, xenophobia, misogyny and paranoia. How was he allowed to head the FBI for nearly 50 years? It was his own personal fiefdom. The port town of Innsmouth is visited. Miranda gets a partner and looks into Miskatonic and Arkham. The Order Of Dagon show up dressed like the KKK. Dr Herbert West plays a part, sadly he does not look like Jeffrey Combs.

Dunwich is seen. What is not seen are 1920s clothes, hair or make up. There are strange doings, plots and counterplots and a witch hunt. There is no 1920s slang. Foreigners are targeted. Ghouls are seen. There is sexism. This is enjoyable if a bit incoherent in places. Foreigners are maligned, blamed and arrested. The Necronomicon is waved. Cool air is mentioned and Clyde Tolson is seen. There is a bleak downbeat ending.

This ties together various Lovecraft stories and lays bare the era's prejudices. People have toxic direction and purpose and unfathomable goals. Horror is wrought. People are utterly unprepared for the very scary reality. It is noted that not until Hoover died in 1972 that the FBI hired women again. Hoover ran the FBI from 1924 to 1972 – it's unbelievable.

Best Lines:

“Days of sloth and malfeasance.”

“Just as quietly you will make this matter disappear.”

“There are some things science will never explain. And if you ask me...shouldn't.”

“They're in on this. Everyone in this damn town is!”

“The pitchforks are enough to make me want to get out of Dodge.”

“Unkillable cultists.”

“Obscenity File.”

“Lift the damn sheet!”

“There are dark forces at work. A conspiracy!”

“Are you denying Miskatonic University is a hotbed of radical activity? Subversive studies, occult orgies, foreigners---”

“The statement you gave the police defies all logic,”

“Will usher it—and worse – into the world.”

“Pickman is a fine, upstanding Arkham family. Except for that artist...”

“Some have been...overeager.”

“What they are summoning won't die as easily as poor Derby.”

“I have no place in the Bureau's future.”

“Outlandish occult conspiracies.”

“Can't do what you desire...”

“However monstrous you think me, that's nothing compared to what's out there.”

“I killed you all once. I have no qualms about doing it again.”

“Herbert West's “experiments” came back to haunt him.”

“The Whateleys are all dead?”

“Unfortunately, no.”

“An old order rise again, washing away the new.”

“Vile beliefs.”

“Hold some truly awful beliefs.”

“The only thing I'm afraid of is what the world will be like if that thing isn't stopped.”

“Those who are fit to survive.”

“Swept away by the tides of history. Into the muck from whence they came. Where they belong.”

“Director Hoover would never send the Bureau to investigate rich white men unless they were victims. That he wouldn't care about their plans for an old order being restored. Let alone that he'd believe they had the power to bring it about through magic.”

“Of topics deemed off-limits even by Miskatonic University's overly liberal eccentric faculty.”

“Re-imagined old gods for an entirely new mythology.”

“What happened to him at the boarding house had nothing to do with non-Euclidian geometry.”

Special Guest Jeffrey Combs joins the 20th Anniversary H.P. Lovecraft Film  Festival lineup | H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuConNecronomicon: Book of Dead (1993) - IMDb

Chain Of Gold: The Last Hours Book One by Cassandra Clare

The latest in the 'Shadowhunters' saga after the unreadable 'The Dark Artifices' is no better. This is a follow to 'The Infernal Devices' and takes place in 1903 and centres on the children of the 'Infernal' characters. Cordelia is in love with James Herondale who is bewitched by an evil plotting bitch named Grace. There are demons with a serious propensity for violence, thwarted love and a revenge plot. This was absolutely appallling. An obvious baddie carries out an elaborate and sinister plot. Rising concerns are ignored. James is a moron who treats Cordelia like dirt. This does not live up its promise and it is deathly dull. I roundly disliked this. This was not a delirious, compelling soap opera. It is scarely believable that it is 1903: nobody acts or behaves or talks like it is that year. The malignant narcissist Grace and her narcissistic personality disorder is heinous and dangerous to James. I'd read follow ups only if Grace dies violently. Grace and Cordelia's vile bullying brotehr Alastair.

Best Lines:

“Risk the end of the only life he knew,”

“Begin reminisching about Wales and ducks.”

“Hinting at a dire future for us all.”

“This generaiton of Shadowhunters has no more sense than the last,”

“They have seen the face of the divine, but they turned away from it. They have chosen darkenss, and that choice has reverberated through the centuries.”

“Do not think you are our friend now, or welcome among us,”

“There is foulness at work here.”

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The Nice House On The Lake Book One + Future State: Nightwing 1 Reviewed

The Nice House On The Lake Book One

Comics are a serious contemporary artform now. A creepy guy in a bar is part of big, meaningful and permament change to come. Covid is acknowledged. A group are invited to a nice house on a lake by the creepy guy turned mysterious friend. Then a horrific apocalypse takes place. But the house on the lake is untouched.

There are points of contention and even in an apocalypse: people post on twitter and instagram. Did aliens attack? Why do that? Why save some? This was good.

Best Lines:

“Mostly listening unless spoken to.”

“America won't last forver because nothing does or ever will.”

“I feel like I'm sullying the place by even looking at it.”

“I think the others will be more disappointed in the long run.”

“No internet communicaitons have come out of China in three hours.”

“You picked.”

“There's nowhere for you to leave to. No world to go back to. Not in any way that matters.”

“This is what's left.”

“I wanted to save you from what my people were going to do to your planet. I'm not going to explain to you what I really am. Or why this was necessary.”


“How do you think the world will end?”

“I don't know I'm still trying to decide.”

Future State: Nightwing 1

Finally I have this. Nightwing is wanted in this possible future. Why is there a mask resistance? Why is Nightwing wanted? What became of Batman? When did fascists take over Gotham? Nightwing hides out in Arkham. What's A-Day? Who's the new Batman? Nightwing goes to war. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Let's amp up the drama.”

“You're not the threat.”

“Wanted for--”

“--a lot.”

“...An idiot thug.”

“...You are grimdarker than you were before ----I think someone's overcompensating for not ahving a Bat-Daddy any---”

“It can be yanked from your grasp. Brutally.”

“...Victory is mandatory.”

“He has too much attention. Too much support...and......far too much success. An example must be made. Bodies must be put on display.”

“I wonder if Nightwing sitll believes that we killed his seemingly unkillable mentor...”

“The Magistrate is coming for us, and it's sharpened its teeth.”

“...When I worked out where you were, which was very difficult, by the way...”

“...No one expects you to choose to live in the shadow of such horror.”

“Hurt the people who need to be hurt.”

“Anti-mask zealot.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Deceit' promo


'One Of Us Is Lying' teaser


'Limetown' 1x08 promo


'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo

I miss Lorca.

'The Widower' promo


'Snake Eyes' trailer

A new Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Baroness. Scarlett? A Cobra logo.

'Malignant' trailer

An imaginary friend kills people?

'The Last Duel' trailer

Adam Driver. A duel. Beards. Yes.

Best Lines:

“Judged and shamed by my country.”

“Unspeakable charge.”

“Let god decide.”

“Your wife will suffer dire consequences.”

Dairy & gluten free vegan Burnt Sugar + Orange Bitters + Irish Whiskey chocolate – yum.

I'll review 'Any Way The Wind Blows' and 'The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes'.

Who saw 'Man Bites Dog'?

My ex has unconcern. My ex was thoughtless and purposely cruel and caused a deeply painful situation. I feel resentment. My ex = vile and appalling and has insensitivity and I've a sense of grievance.

Whatever happened to Eurosport?

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Wrong assumptions.”

“Still closed to us.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Hidden for half a century.”

“Erased from pop culture history.”

“The definitive documents.”

“Take my hand precious lord.”

“No one was interested.”

“Drive by the voice of his jacket.”

“Heading off into the mountains.”

“Horror action cheapie.”

“12 hours of murderous lawlessness are offically sanctioned.”

“Targets for attack.”

“Worshipping guns, sedition and segregation.”

“The future is now.”

“Message may not be subtle.”

“Popcorn thrills.”

“Opposite end of the dramatic spectrum.”

“Melancholy drama.”

“Impossible task.”

“Mawkishly sentimental.”

“Little dramatic padding.”

“Increasingly insane.”

“Killer dress riffs.”

“Mouth of madness.”

“Invested in his twisted endeavours.”

“Face to face with the future.”


“In search of their tomorrow.”

“I'm watching birds!”

“In my day we didn't stare at birds, we fought them!”

“Let me live my life!”

“Careens evenly.”

“Weaponised punch monkeys. Really.”

“Laugh wryly.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Not celebrating the olympics, it is suffering them.”

“Interfering in the sampling process.”

“Soaking up their success.”

“Demand a military intervention.”

“Disparaging terms.”

“Once the genre to beat,”

“Views the decision gravely.”

“Turn humanity into a space-borne civilisation.”

“Lost much public support.”

“Degrading and abusive treatment.”

“Contradicts all that is good about our role and reputation in the world.”

“Snide and ill-timed.”

“Vast eating and drinking emporium.”

“A nuisance that has to be kept in order.”

“A level of cooperation and mutual kindness.”

“A part of Ireland that Irish people barely inhabit.”

“Dark forces beyond our ken.”

“Public creed.”

“Ask for inclusion.”

“Hated the world.”

“How bad everything is.”

“You're nothing to us,”

“Career-related issues.”

“Notable absence-”

“Earnest political debate.”

“Deny him infamy.”

“Your ideas don't count.”

“Sacrosanct emblem.”

“Sailed against the claims.”

“Suppress dissent.”

“Throw their muddy contents onto the even muddier street outside.”

“Neither question nor comment was welcome.”

“Perpetuation of unnecessary and unfounded negative public contributions.”

“Glorification of criminality.”

“Aggravate the situation.”

“Watched by the state.”

“Attracted a significant amount of public criticism.”

“Makes American movies about the Americans you never see in movies.”

'Women Behind Bars' Quotes:

“Buy hay for Joe's farm animals.”

“Saw the world as a hell.”

“Multiple male friends.”

“The next thing I knew the house blew up.”

“Never made her feel like she belonged in his family.”

“I don't talk about my children because I gave them up.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“Media long obsolete.”

“Horrible in a way that would go down in history.”

“Unshakeable hold.”

“Ugly theories.”

“Overkill would be an understatement.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“Changed your diapers, when you were in a coma.”

“I am the shadow that haunts your darkness!”

“Repay you for years of torment.”

“Pedestrian platitudes.”

“I was born in hell and I demand respect!”

'Dollface' Quotes:

“Nasty women unite!”

“Looks based positive feedback.”

“Exit the rental toilet.”

“Non-optional word.”

'Dispatches' Quotes:

“As far as we legally dare.”

“Their word is not enough.”

“I'm not allowed to know.”

“The shame of our time.”

“Stoop so low.”

Dominic Cummings Quotes:

“Doesn't know how to be prime minister.”

“Take legal responsibility.”

“Get crucial things done.”

'Evidence Of Evil' Quote:

“Outcome would not be in your favour.”

'Medical Detectives' Quote:

“Dripping Springs Texas.”

The Last Duel' Trailer: Let's Talk About the Hair in 'The Last Duel' | GQ

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Supergirl 6x04+Star Trek 1x23+STVOY 2x21+Limetown 1x07 Reviewed 👎👎👎👎

Lost Souls
People talk way too fast about crap you don't care about. This was fundamentally useless and full of absolute morons. Lena overlooks how Alex tried to kill her. TPTB overlook what an awful shrew Alex was in 1x01. Lena talks and acts like she is on happy pills. A friend turns out to be evil, like duh. This was so badly written. Dreamer dramtically declares they have to go back in time. Did Kara's dad die? Oh who cares?

Best Lines:

“Only the righteous can activate.”

“I was wrong to have hoped.”

“Depower the prime phantom.”

“Punish everyone who didn't stand by me.”

“A dougnut cannot be there for you!”

A Taste Of Armageddon

This franchise is oddly comforting nostalgia. An ambassador and 2 planet's 500 year old endangers the ship. This was irritating.

Best Lines:

“Originally settled by our people, now a ruthless enemy.”

“Activate the attack units.”

“Just walk into a distintergation machine?”


Recall Ensign Wildman and how she was phased out of the show and replaced by her soap opera rapid aging daughter? Wildman's daughter is born and there is peril. Janeway does her weird line delivery. The idiot Vidiians attack. Harry and the baby both die in this ep but are replaced by their doppelgangers from a double of Voyager. Nobody ever mentions this again. The baby has spinal ridges that lodge in its mother's womb. Ouch. The docor and Kes react to the ship lurching before the lurch happens. The doctor does his weird line reading. There is technobabble. This was terrible.

Best Line:

“My wife was in labour for 96 hours.”

Acceptable Loss

Lia is the worst, the worst! Lia attacks a co-worker. This was so bad.

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Movie Reviews: Deep + The Ploughman's Lunch + February aka The Blackcoat's Daughter

Deep (2021)

Med school students are in peril in this dubbed Thai movie. There is an insomnia study and this was not tantalising. The sleep experiment goes awry. A sinister German lurks. A med student is asked if she knows who Alexander Fleming is. There is exposition and a microchip implant and odd situations. The microchip could stop the implantee's heart? There is a smart watch.

There are brutal repercussions and fulmination and desperate people convulsed by the urge to party. The insomnia study group is made up of a nerd, an influencer, a party animal and a stressed out girl. Morally indefensible types surround them. The test yields positive results at first.

Things become unpredictable and an immoral dangerous folly unfolds. This was okay if daft in places. There are bad experiences and people are unfortunately doomed. Some rando spews bile. There is no full and frank responsibility.

There is a cacophony of chat, nuisances and mayhem. These kids seem incapable of getting into med school. The vainglorious blogger and fantasist contribute nothing of value. There is willed ignorance and vicious ordinariness and no poignancy. One feels mystification at the hokum. The ending is a culmination of a gradually escalating reign of terror. Some mundane and banal comedy is performed.

This is intriguing in places but the boring and self-absobred twits are annoying. There are rising levels of mental distress, loneliness and social exclusion. There is an erosion of decency. There is malaise and fear. There are grave stakes and no meaningful morality. This is an immoral game and it is full of personal aggrandisement.

Idiots have remarkable determination and incredulity and inferences are made. People are confronted with horror and the upending of their lives. Reactions are dulled and there is an improbable happy ending. This was not an incredible feat and they're deflated. There is a voiceover and this was not alive with promise. Things went sour and contentions and bad decisions were made but the characters walked all that off.

Best Lines:

“Stain of a heavy ordeal.”

“I don't waste a second.”

“I just dropped my dentures.”

“Way to active for someone your age.”

“Famous beauty blogger and local school celebrity.”

“Korean essence water.”

“School stresses her out so much.”

“Follow and like me on that.”

“Get a boob job in South Korea.”

“I don't have Covid 19 I swear.”

“Really crazy psycho lunatic.”

“What do you do when you're not drinking?”

The Ploughman's Lunch (1983)

Tim Curry and Jonathan Pryce star in this tale of Pryce writing a book on Suez as the Falklands war takes place. I never heard of this before. Curry plays a serious role that of a rich posh git with a huge perm who makes a valid comment about how newspapers don't print news. Pryce is a reporter who can't type and who ignores all obvious historical paralells.

This was one of those dreary paranoid political movies. There is incompetence and cruelty. A sinister process takes place and Pryce does a dark task. In one scene the camera endlessly focuses on Tim Curry's crotch as he wears very small shorts. Pryce is an anodyne man. He's also witless and ignores all disturbing elements and urgent challenges.

People have indefensible and inconsistent attiudes. Provocateurs do their thing. There are so mnay men and so few women who are talked over. There are many mentions of Diana. Pandas are also mentioned. Sad and shameful things happen. These are the worst people alive. There are regrettable choices and a reputaitonal impact. There is no public uproar and the perception of cruelty is ignored.

Nobody expresses uncertainty. There is no lighting in indoor scenes. Success proves limited. Pryce is in pursuit of the unworthy. His so called friend Curry is irreverent. There is a strategic love affair and no righteous outrage. There are despairing comments and a Tory conference. There are errors of judgement and Greenham Common. There are detrimental chocies and this wants to be pivotal and significant.

War continues unquestioned. There is no engagement with the public and no competency. Pryce does the dirty work that was asked and expected of him and what is advocated, approbated and excused. There is no honest or truthful consideration. This was so worthy but also dull. Pryce is low born, angry and a jackass in love - but goes along with the falsification of history.

Best Lines:

“Everything we wanted.”

“Talented contributers to the cold war.”

“Very important to our generation.”

“Don't piss about.”

“My noble behaviour.”

“Hippies, disturbed houseiwves.”

“Nobody reads books during a recession!”

“Current affairs is all about what men did.”

“If anybody throws a bottle at his car like last time.”

“Workers rights?!?”

“Tits! Bingo! Jingo! Horoscopes! Sport! Celebs! Gossip!”

The Ploughman's Lunch (1983) - IMDbThe Ploughmans Lunch - Alchetron, The Free Social EncyclopediaThe Ploughman's Lunch: Screenplay by Adrienne Joyce

February (2015)

Anthony Perkin's son directed this tale of a girl who will always be alone, murder, a demon and endless bleakness. This was so bloody boring.

The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) - FilmaffinityFebruary aka The Blackcoat's Daughter: The Hughes Verdict! | Horror Cult  FilmsThe Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) | #DemonzReviewz | Horror Amino

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