June 9th, 2021


Movie Review: Awake (2021)

There are no emotional reactions or dramatic impact just cartoonish exaggerations as a trail of destruction is left. This film was purgatorial and it barely nods in the direction of logic let alone narrative structure.

People become deranged lunatics and lose moral function because they can't sleep due to an EMP. A security guard steals expired pills. This was not considered or imaginative just ridiculous and grotesque and boring. Frances Fisher shows up. A son is unreasonable. This was hideous mediocrity.

There are unspeakable complications and bleary people. There are no escalating tensions. Things get negative and desperate. WTF was this? Jennifer Jason Leigh and Gil Bellows show up too. This was unimaginable tragedy done via ill considered approaches.

Best Line:

“No such thing as unconscious people anymore.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Motherland Fort Salem' season 2 trailer


'The Eyes Of Tammy Faye' trailer

Didn't they already do a tv movie about this? Looks good.

Best Lines:

“Can we talk about satan later Jim?”

“God doesn't want us to be poor!”

'Rabid' promo


'Awake' trailer

A global event does bad things. No sleep. Nothing new here.

'League Of Superpets' teaser


Lindt mint bar – ok.

Lindt orange bar – ok.

I thought I meant something to my ex.

I hope to review 'The Spanish Princess' season 2.

Get your first look at Anne Boleyn on The Spanish Princess | EW.com

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Methodology and assumptions.”

“Effectively disregarded.”

“Rural past.”

“Epoch-lasting waste which we have no way of processing or securing.”

“Fights escalating.”

“Ethics committee.”


“Sad end.”

“Grim about prospects.”

“Integrity was utterly disrespected.”

“Attract nothing but losers.”

“Comply with standards of behaviour that weren't disruptive or unbecoming-”

“Narrative of negativity.”


“Not unfavourably viewed.”

'Dead Silent' Quote:

“Nothing good waiting for me at home.”

'Expedition: Back To The Future' Quotes:

“A truck built in the 80s.”

“Stolen twice.”

“They display their priceless collection by appointment only.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Laziest, money hungry person.”

“Money hungry whore.”

“Did you punch her in the face?”

“Pushed me at the hair show.”

“Criminal charges pending.”

“Didn't want me in his life anymore.”

“Made some really stupid choices.”

“You broke Justin's wooden sword from Medieval Times across my back!”

'Inside No. 9' Quotes:


“I'm afraid not.”

“Come for what I'm owed.”

“Just attention seeking.”

“Wife? This story is already stretching credulity.”

'Dollface' Quotes:

“Vegan chef book launch.”

“That's what my last few therapists have said before they suddenly move away.”

“Terrifying people you can't relate to.”

“State religion is cheese.”

“Huge life event.”

“Career destroying fun fact.”

'The Psychedelic Drug Trial' Quotes:

“Negative, ruminative, thought process.”

“Trigger a psychotic reaction.”

“Moral outrage.”

'Wellington Paranormal' Quote:

“Deader version of me.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Fewer and fewer options.”

'Wild Things' Quotes:

“You skanky bitch!”

“Miss not so bright.”

'Ballers' Quote:

Where careers go to die.”

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Extant 2x07&2x08 Reviewed 👎👎🍝🧄🍕🍫🍒

The Other

Two 'Walking Dead' stars menace each other. This show is mediocrity personified. Molly and JD are tossed under a bus. The hybrids are evil. Tobias gets creepy and has a weird boss. Lucy's creepy. What is a loyalty act? JD's daughter is arrested.

Best Line:

“There is no universe where this makes sense!”

Arms And The Humanich
Julie whines, shut up. Charlie is useless. Ethan is thick. There is bad acting. This was not good at all. Molly does 'shock' at finding out John's life work has been made into killer robots.

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Scary Books

Book Review: Malibu Rising

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

From the author of 'Daisy Jones & The Six' comes this beach read. This was icily billiant about a family and the lifelong effects on them of their obviously insincere absent father. Everything about the jerk father is negatively focused.

It is Malibu 1983, the Riva siblings are cool and fabulous and interesting. Nina Riva is having her famous annual summer party and everyone wants to come. Nina is a supermodel/surfer and as for her siblings? Jay is a surfer, Hud a photographer and surfer and Kit is another surfer. They're a source of endless fasciantion, mostly due to their legendary father Mick who abandoned them twice.

The party goes out of control and secrets come out. There are shocking events, infuriating men and a father who is disheartening and who lives in cossetted prvilege. The father is wince making in his dismal selfishness. He's an arch betrayer. This book causes rapt attention, as one fateful night Mick returns to the now grown children he long ago repudiated.

People don't talk or act like they live in 1983. Mick leaving his inconvenient children twice and letting them grow up in poverty was not a career ending taboo. Mick doesn't care how utterly devastating his actions are to women and children. The kids are disinhibited beach bunnies. Nina is earnesty staid and Mick is vacuously self promoting and ignores the rickety dynamics around him.

Vertiginous changes are coming. This was very good. Mich deserves to be castigated and this was persistently engaging and coldly brilliant.

Best Lines:

“Two-sink world.”

“Wasn't sure what it looked like or how one went about making it.”

“A house she never would have chosen...left by a man she could not even remember why she married.”

“Whatever hand was guiding him – guiding everyone – toward a certain future...”

“Put out a signal and see if anyone answered.”


“To be the only one who mattered.”

“Men's interest magazine.”

“That he's...never been here.”

“She threw a dinner plate at him. And then two more.”

“Never kind.”

“What waited them all-”

“Heartbreak and consequences.”

“Missed the future she thought she had been building for herself,”

“Inevitable calamity.”

“A big difference between what you needed to believe and what you actually believed.”

“Things he felt he needed.”

“Benevolent confidence.”

“She had never heard of Coors, did not have a context for it other than to know it was beneath her.”

“People couldn't just do coke off coffee tables anymore?”

“Until that would be received as a good thing.”

“Adjust your tone.”

“Afraid he wasn't going to matter very soon.”

“The man he'd yearned for had never existed.”

“Someone peed on a Lichtenstein. A Lichenstein.”

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