June 7th, 2021

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Movie Reviews: Zodiac + Escape To Victory + Wild Things Rewatch 🌴🐊🐊

Zodiac (2007)

This flop is about a hunt for a never identified serial killer. Robert Downey Jr, Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo star in this long tale of murders and dark motives and comes to a conclusion widely viewed as a mistake.

This was very far from the worst thing in the world. This has bad behaviour, arguments, tension and toxicity. A reporter (Downey Jr) and a cartoonist (Gyllenhaal) form a friendship that did not endure forever. There is no emotional connection. There is a cipher and complacency and a disturbing killer. People are reprehensible. Time goes from 1969 to 1991. The drunken reporter Paul is a problem.

Super annoying people think they were good. People get irate and there is dysfucntion and mediocrity and Paul has unrestrained glee. The killer is much maligned. This was deficiencies and is kinda pathetic. Men form a clique. Women barely feature. This was not utterly compelling. This was archaic.

There are predictable consequences to getting obsessed with a serial killer. Things are miserable and violent. Men are miserable. Things are not perfectly explicable. There is indifference as lives go dreadfully wrong. There are flaws and missteps. The killer has foresight and determination. There is ignorance and apathy. This was a terrible indictment. The cartoonist and a cop (Ruffalo) become ideological bedfellows.

The killer deliberately targets people. This was weak and supine. There is brief camaraderie, paroxysms of distress and unequivocally bad news. There is no real peril. The killer was viewed with hostility. This is not great. Paul is pitiable and difficult. This was perfunctory and irretrievably comatose.

There is consternation and men become weary and downbeat. What's a telefax? There are no faxes? This case brought disaster and woes. Things become fractious as lives go desperately astray. Lives are turbulent as the imbroglio takes over lives. The plot has no context or nuance. The cartoonist has a raging reponse and lectures. One is unbothered.

This was awfulness and boring and ridiculous. The cartoonist becomes plaintive and horrid and it is frankly baffling that his wife stuck around for his madness and unpleasant glibness. This was not a cultural artefact. This wants to be grandiose. People are dismissive. This was turds. There is no era-defining glory.

There are bad decisions and this was trivial and dodgy. This was terrible and so po faced. This tries for melancholia. There is no sustained drama. Mens lives veer off in a direction they would never have chosen. Things get confrontational. There is boredom and dysfunction and this was bland and excruciating. There is spite and recrimination. This was not unsettling.

Men become increasingly erratic. There is mental anguish and bleak arrangements. This was nonsensical. People can't bear chaos. This looks grotty. People bristle indignantly. There is uncertainty. Things get cataclysmic. There is damage and terrible inferences.

70s attire is worn. The clothing was truly terrible. People are uniquely indulgent. Paul looks like tough trade. Paul drinks and drugs. Men have big hair. The cop wears a bowtie. People face a brutal undoing. Poor squirrels. The killer evades accountability. This was unpleasant. There is horrible symmetry. People see 'Dirty Harry' and the poster for it is seen. People are wilful and opionated. Time passes. There is no feeling of menace. Memories fade with the passage of time.

There is taut earnestness in this irredeemably nasty film. This tries for a retrospective patina of historical importance. This was disturbingly true. The abusive predator gets away with it. Anthony Edwards, Brian Cox, Chloe Sevigny, John Getz, Candy Clark, Elias Koteas, Dermot Mulroney, Donal Logue, Lee Norris, Tom Verica, Jimmi Simpson, Adam Goldberg and Clea Duvall also star.

Best Lines:

“Giving some sick bastard a soapbox.”

“You guys got one too?”

“Go front page.”

“Drunk and fighting.”

“Gave himself a name.”

“Touched or medicated.”

“Secret meeting.”

“Little less ominious.”

“Prowl cars.”

“Just kille a man for 8 dollars and 25 cents.”

“In it for the press.”

“Stole his logo off a watch.”

“Every lunatic in California.”

“Stole from wastebaskets.”

“Zodiac's long gone.”

“Murder police for 12.”

“Victims and suspects spread over hundreds of miles

“Trashy, provincial rag.”

“Wanna grab a drink?”

“It's 10 in the morning?”

“The raw stuff.”

“More Zodiac crap.”

“Faded into a footnote.”

“I can't allow you to help.”

“Panty party.”


“Not into people.”

“Satanists running around.”

Escape To Victory (1981)

POWs v nazis in a footie match. Stallone, Michael Caine, Max Von Sydow and Pele star. This is sorta a true story. This was really inept. The players plan to escape during the match. The nazis have bad motives. Pele insults Stallone's football skills. Ha!

Best Lines:

“Some bloody upper crust game!”

“Can't play your kind of football.”

Wild Things (1998) Rewatch

This film is deeply unsettling and wrong in retrospect. This is a stealth parody of noir classics with the expected unexpected. This has 3 sequels. Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell, Jeff Perry, Denise Richards, Theresa Russell, Robert Wagner and Bill Murray star.

A sleaze perv teacher is accused. There is a plot, twists, betrayal, murder and sex. The high school has a sailing class. People have muddled motives. Kelly has horrendous motives. Lives do not have significance. Sex, relationships and lives are casualised. There is no personal responsbility by anyone.

Some people end up in a ruinous state. This film has a blight of horrendous people who have bellicose ways. Nice people turn out to be disappointing or misguided. This film was a significant contribution. An unexpected character makes a profound difference. There is no respect. Nobody is conciliatory, neutral or committed.

All this takes place in Blue Bay. Malodorous people have plights. The plot is scandalous. We see the deadly effects of greed and lust. Men are over confident. There is chicanery. Poor Jimmy, he was so let down by his mentor. Seemingly innocuous people aren't. People lose credibility. There is a bad bleach job. Kevin Bacon gets naked. The sequels were increasingly frustrating. Is there feasibility in the plot? No. Is it camp trash fun? Yes.

People are adverse and critical and disrespectful and unacceptable. There is concern and distress and a twisty ending that keeps going. I like this grim faced potboiler.

Best Lines:

“Kelly Van Ryan's going to wash your jeep?!?”


“Where she'd get those shoes: whores for less?!?”

“Stone cold manipulative psychopath.”

“Jet set real estate heiress.”

“Swamp rat.”

“Damn Van Ryan kid.”

“Poor dumb Suzie.”

“Take one of your mom's valiums!”

“Be a good girl.”

“3 times is enemy action.”

“2 young women are dead.”

“Stoner beach.”

“I hope I never make you mad.”

“You on the Van Ryan property without a proper warrant shooting a porn flick!”

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Quotes & Stuff

My ex = unapologetic. My ex needs to be held accountable.

I'd try sparkling lemon sorbetto and grilled potato with spice and butter and chilli yoghurt dip.

I adore chicory salad.

Recall 'Tipping The Velvet', 'Brassed Off', 'Little Miss Sunshine', 'Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip', 'Three To Tango' or 'Fools Rush In'?

'The Protectors' = crap.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Limited expectations.”

“Internet's biggest idiot.”

“Thrash talking each other and then settling the score.”

“Showcase bouts.”


“Failings of prophecy.”

“Weighed down with obligations that seem increasingly unbearable.”

“Excludes the bores.”

“You can't participate in life.”

“Crazy slugfests.”

“None really did what I thought it was going to do to my life,”

“How seriously the veteran intends to hurt him.”

“Descended into healdine-making farce.”

“Roared in victory.”

“Online content more aggressive.”

“Enraged Mayweather.”

“Involved in a string of criminal cases.”

“Enjoy making a ruckus.”

“Anything to get attention.”

“Horrible mindset.”

“His moral compass – or lack of one-”

“Had no judgement.”

“Pattern of behaviour.”

“Do I need it? Absolutely not. Do I want it? Sure.”

“Horse-craving, nephew-murdering hunchback king.”

“Desperate lust.”

“Dread and fear.”

“Enjoying fear.”

“Disturbing truth.”

“Scream and you will soon have somehting to scream about.”

“Sowing havoc.”

“Nobly sacrificed.”


“Unimaginable loss.”

“Explosively rageful.”

“Justly notorious.”

“Irksomely indulgent.”

“Mawkishly manipulative.”

“Oddly incapable.”

“Darker realities.”

“Performative indignation.”

“Talent was disssipated.”

“Speak the way we speak.”

“Might easily seem utterly trivial.”

“Blacklisted by the mainstream TV channels.”

“Ominious sense of disconnection.”

“Lorry drivers, road sweepers and people like that.”

“Collapse of trust.”

“Trembling with rage.”

“Remoteness of the elite.”

“Inexplicably menaced, criticised and rejected.”

“Is frequently extraordinarily horrible.”

“Blank despair.”

“Simpering idiocy,”

“Discontented mass.”

“Showered family members with crowns.”

“Orgy of self pity.”

“Embraced a narrative of their own victimhood.”

“Victors' justice.”

“Suffused with shame and guilt.”

“Completely undeserved.”

“Make other dreams come true.”

“Drastic action.”


“House search.”

“Very best of intentions.”

“Offence excavation.”

“Present mores.”

“Fuelled conflict.”

“If they didn't have everyone else telling them that they ought to be upset about it,”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Soft cap unit.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Made a political persoanlity out of himself.”

“Believe I am the enemy.”

“Response documents.”

“Pursued it no further.”

“Evening economy.”

“Awash with urine.”

“Transitional strategy.”

“Street disturbances.”

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Time (2021) 1x01 + Batwoman 2x08 + DS9 7x25 + The Handmaid's Tale 4x05 Reviewed

Time (2021) 1x01

This is Jimmy McGovern's latest BBC drama. A 3 part prison drama. Sean Bean's in the clink. This is a rant. There are negative perceptions. Sean Bean killed someone via dangerorus driving and is a naif. His cellmate is a loon. There is inhumanity. Aneurin Barnard is the cellmate. A prison officer has a son in jail. An inmate is on to this and bothers the officer.

People have chavvy accents. He has his food stolen. His cellmate stops breathing. There is a nun who helps him. This was so worthy. How many kids does he have? Sean Bean's character is bullied and is told to hit his tormentor back or his life won't be worthy living. The officer tries to fight an inmate, bad idea. This was grim.

Best Lines:

“Surrounded by nutters.”

“Mad bastard.”

Survived Much Worse

Alice whines. Mary whines. Sophie whines. Ryan can HALO jump? Ryan demands a batplane. Luke makes a bat shark repellent joke. Jacob and Sophie are idiots. Alice is told again what a loser she is. TPTB are unsubtle about the Crows being the real big bad of season 2.

Alice is odious. Bad lip fillers are shown off. Ryan's plant is special which raises questions about her evil ex. Alice kills Ocean because she's a pathetic loser. People think Kate is dead, she isn't. Alice is a psycho. This was boring.

Best Lines:

“Queen chick.”

“Sky rat.”

“Bleeding all over the damn plant!”

“Now we both have nothing.”

“I'll pull it out when I decide to forgive her.”

What You Leave Behind, part 1

The finale begins. Julian and Ezri boff. Keiko shows up. A giant fleet heads off for the final battle. Dukat wanders back. Vic shows up, enough said. Cardassia rises up. The Dominion strike back. The Dukat and Kai Winn plots drags on and on. Damar dies. This was padding.

Best Lines:

“The Romulan flagship's been destroyed.”

“We'll try to help.”

“With what?”


Why is this show so damn murky and underlit? Aunt Lydia rants. Stephen Kunken pops up as Commander Putnam. The world fears Gilead's military. Gilead fears sanctions. Nick does more as a Commander than Fred ever did. June is called faithless. I'm sick of June and her petty, messy drama. June's saved. Oh piss off show.