June 6th, 2021


Extant 2x06 + STDS9 7x24 + Poirot 8x02 Reviewed 👎👎👎👜💶

You Say You Want An Evolution

Molly has JD extract her bonemarrow in her kitchen. Ethan is still living with that bitch Julie. Tobias plans to wipe out hybrids. What is forgiveable in this universe? JD's ex bitches. Lucy plots. Molly brings up the fact that Tobias' plan is genocide. Not wonder this was cancelled.

Best Lines:

“Solid D minus student.”

“We gave up on christmas.”

“So much for good intentions.”

The Dogs Of War

The Defiant's replacement shows up. Damar's resistance is in trouble. Odo whines. Julian and Ezri's boring plot bores more. This was mundane. Kira does more yelly overwrought acting. Quark is disgusting and rants like Qanon. The final battle is plotted. This was bad. Sisko and Kasidy are having a baby.

Best Lines:

“Very ugly, very bloody job.”

“God help us all.”

Evil Under The Sun

This was made in 2001 and it is not faithful to the book. This was not dark, dangerous or disturbing. The film was better. This was terrible in every way.

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Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

A woman meets her boyfriend's super rich Family. She's so low in the hierarchy that pompus people mock her and she's disrespected. This was bland, awful propaganda. Such an event movie can be a non event. This was ho-hum. The boyfriend's mother has a reputation for rigidity. The greatest trauma for the rich is meeting poors. The rich family is not compassionate. The girlfriend is deemed unlovable.

She feels deep anxious pain. People have no empathy as she's adversely affected. This was not emotionally compelling. She is judged to have no desirability. Being rich is truly difficult appaently. Conscious choices are made as are unimaginable choices.

His family are trenchant critics and she's loathed and there is open incitement. She faces an unending cycle of scrutiny and personal appraisal. She's constantly held up against expectations. They're alert to her limitations. She's unwelcome and systematically undermined. They're leveraging their status. Unimaginable choices are made. There is a deep sense of emptiness in this movie which is not fulfilling.

People are intrinsically selfish and she has distress. Others speak in her place. The family is devoured by ambition. Women are errant. She's reproached. This was a bizarre fiasco. She's compared unfavourably to a different culture. One feels apprehension at the ending. The rich people are repulsive. This was soul destroying with no conviction or consistency. Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Gemma Chan, Awkiwfina, Henry Shum Jr and Ken Jeong star.

Best Lines:

You tell him his girlfriend sucks.”

“Low class.”

“Not my job to make you feel like a man.”

“Steal my tuck shop money.”

“Eat your nuggets!”

“A degree that's useful.”

“Asian Ellen.”

“Kpop skanks.”

“I'm the evil person.”

“Love who I am around you.”

“Bok bok bitch.”

“Done making excuses for them.”

“This sort of family.”

“I don't want any part of your family.”

“You will never be enough.”

“Cry and puke at the same time.”

“They do that around here.”

“Chickens are bitches dude.”

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Book Review: Belarus

Belarus by Lee Hogan

Set in the far future, this 2002 novel feels very 90s. A super-rich magnate named Andrei Mironenko has founded a colony world named Belarus where he will resurrect the glory of an Imperial Russia that once was – and could have been. But trouble is brewing in the Galactic Republic and the planet has inhabitants who have not been noticed until now. This was not suprisingly brilliant or refreshingly new.

Characters have casual insouciance and ethical showboating. This was milquetoast and increasingly bland. The cultural landscape is never really addressed nor is the instability in the Republic. This seems designed to irritate the sort of person who insists on accuracy. The fate of the colony and the Republic is one few predicted or wanted.

People are doctrinaire. Aliens were not fully taken into account. Sprites are around but it is never explained what sprites are. The aliens like to partake in muderous activities which cause mounting concern. There are no intriguing mysteries. A man's wife aggressively becomes a nutjob to spite him or something. There are awful possibilities, an underwhelming nemesis, confrontations, disturbing evidence of alien life which is ignored for some reason, dastardly transhumans and mad coincidence. Nutters blow up planets, a super killer (@@) lurks and there is irritating technobabble and tech speak. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“Discarded legacy.”

“Evil is perennial.”

“World engineer,”

“Weary beyond endurance.”

“Making it sound like a troubling thought.”

“Had earned the hatred of their enemies.”

“Built before our race dreamed of leaving Mother Earth,”

“Imagine the malice in their hearts that would cause them to strike from beyond the grave.”

“Idiots, herks, radicals, and lunatics are spoiling everything for everyone.”

“They did not listen. But Fancy supposed the doomed never did.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Reminiscence' trailer

Hugh Jackman and nothing is more addictive than the past. No.

'Black Widow' clips


'Groovy Ghoulies' opening credits


'Kitty Love' trailer

The babyish voiceover makes this unwatchable.

Lemon & lime yogurt – okay.

My ex had disloyalty. He vanished from my life. My ex = indifferent. I was trespassed against. My ex = appalling. I'm effectively ignored. My ex made himself non-contactable. He repudiated me and falsely reassured me.

I won't read 'Stepsister'.

I'll review 'Pompeii', 'The Bonfire Of The Vanities' and 'Malibu Rising'.

'It Takes A Killer' Quote:

“Shady connections.”

'The Road To Partition' Quotes:

“Permament road to division.”

“Lose faith in the states that they had been put in.”

'Unreported World' Quotes:

“Economic carnage.”

“This is what exists.”

“Criminality that comes with that.”

“One problem leads to another.”

“They used that against us.”

“Must agree to various conditions.”

“Exhaust all other possibilities.”

“Any means of providing.”

“No one listened to what I was saying.”

“Good and positive.”

“Decades along.”

“Done us wrong.”

“Who do you want to keep out?”

“Wanted them out.”

“Historic crisis.”

“Don't give a damn.”

“Not just failing, but hated.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Sea snot.”

“Half remembered dreams of youth.”

“Tended to disappear.”

“Hefty emotional punch.”

“Sequel that nobody wanted and everybody disowned.”

“Stripped to its essential elements.”

“Donnie Darko for stupid people.”

“Emotive music.”

“Suprisingly effective.”

“Stalk the planet.”

“Crowd pleasing cinema.”

“Dripping with earnest intentions.”

“Invention, wit and artistry.”

“Winsome despair.”

“I'm here because I choose to be.”

“Narrative grip.”

“Retreat from civilization.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Served for nearly 500 years as the Other by which Britian defined itself.”

“Sin of company-keeping.”

“Making inconvenient realities disappear:”


“Deeprest fear come true,”

“Deep residual concern.”

“Culture of isolation and secrecy.”

“Seen primarily as an American problem.”

“Slips in discipline.”


“She had no say over how I lived. She had long since surrendered that right.”

“Cannot remember fully processing what they were implying.”

“Perfectionism and constant approval seeking.”

“Rare moment of frustration.”

“The one thing I could never be.”

“Cut off all external society.”

“Bitter family battle about inheritance.”

“No company her own age or marriage prospects to speak of,”

“Felt isolated and put upon.”

“Poor and sanctimonious.”

“Utter dread.”

“Ultimate mark of character.”

“Scandalous reputation.”

“Their mere existence was perceived to be an abomination.”

“Expected to be dutiful and silent.”

“Defy the boxes others might seek to put them into.”

“Restrictions arising from shame.”

“How total and absolute the exclusion of half the population from any form of authority still is.”

“Silent legacy of lost tradition and homelands,”

“Logical consequences.”

“Emotional cost.”

“Lack of widespread retribution.”

“Otherwise glorious annals.”

“What did they get sick with?”

“Maliciously created and released.”

“Forced entry.”

'People Magazine Investigates' Quotes:

“What are we doing wrong?”

“Many remaning days.”

“Regretting what he did.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Stain zone.”

“Look what I won on Spanish Krusty!”

“I'm finally brekaing out my commemorative Iran hostage crisis shot glasses.”

“When drunk guys do stuff in public.”

“Drunken confidence.”

“Fired me for huffing floormat cleaner!”

“I got your rat.”

“Super weird.”


“Barney doens't work here.”

“Really? It seems like he would.”

“Hunted like dinosaurs.”

'A Fatal Confession' Quotes:

“Worried whispers.”

“Last and only chance.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Got no positive resposne.”

'Voice Of A Killer' Quotes:

“Wicked words.”

“Had to be gone.”

“Accusatory process.”

“Pressure to be perfect.”

“Warrant their murder.”

“Can't actually meet those expectations.”

“Central goal to her life.”

“Achieve so much, all the time.”

“Feared and revered.”


“Everything she had done was a failure.”

“Target incident.”

“Chose it not to be an option.”

“Reinforce sincerity.”

“Expectations that weren't reasonable.”

“Direct confrontation.”

Old Bailey - Wikipedia

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