May 31st, 2021


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What's turtle dove mix?

Vertical farms are the future?

Who saw 'What A Girl Wants'?

I want a Saint Laurent feather trimmed minidress.

I have grief and grievance. I had romantic notions about my ex. My ex espoused commitment. My ex was a caring, loving person until one day seemingly overnight – he wasn't.

I'd try winter morning ginger marmalade. I'd try spiced hot choc.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Lockdown innovations.”

“Worst distortions.”

“Klutzy sidekick.”

“Are you really that thick?”

“Frantic with worry.”

“You're not clever. You're not going to do well. Accept it.”

“Time-honoured rules of engagement.”

“Crippling preoccupation.”

“Depression tablets.”

“A remote-control drone that made barking noises,”

“Sheer belligerence.”

“Traditional staples-”

“A Victorian book of diseases.”

“Pettiness on an industrial scale.”

“Gets scant attention.”

“Projects have ground to a halt because of someone with a clipboard.”

“Covid exodus.”

“Distinct from the bucolic ideal.”

“Repetitive and bleak.”

“Vanishing notion of farming.”

“Old timers too set in their ways.”

“Retire from the land.”

“Custodians of the countryside.”

“Plans to get a flamethrower to deal with weeds.”

“Exotic produce flown into satisfy modern tastes.”

“Forge friendships.”

“Doesn't care about the consequences.”

“You would be the one on the sidelines.”

“Used to cope with life.”

“Emotionally numbing.”

“Dangerous set of circumstances:”

“Objective, calm and casual.”

“Accusatory questions.”

“Trigger a defensive response.”


“Apparent disregard.”


“Likely reaction.”

“Serious questions to answer.”

“Little about O'Donnell to appeal to a jury's sympathy.”

“His legacy is small.”

“Energetic libel plantiffs.”

“Reputation for chaos.”

“Perilous moment.”

“Foul-mouthed tirade.”


“Morally bankrupt.”

“Should have been held to account.”

“Locked away in perpetuity.”


“Simply beyond reason.”

“Increasingly shrill denials.”


“Sinister plot.”

“Brought shame to this house.”

“Left-behind places.”

“Shifty, cunning, deceitful, physically unattractive and cheaply dressed, and often looked bored at his trial.”

“Social restrictions.”

“Your logic is wrong there.”

“Long denounced.”

“Brought shame up on her family.”

“The makings of a scandal.”

“Moral Welfare Association.”

“Selfish and bad.”

“Parent-pleasing outfits.”

“Everyone hated him and rightly so.”

“Get so many evil looks.”

“Endlessly mired.”

“Proffer any kind of public opinion.”

“Demands villains, who must have justice meted out to them immediately,”

“Aggressively approached.”

“Reaction to their circumstances.”

“Something held to be scared by the enemy.”

“Will the next generation miss them?”

“Cultural overlord.”

“Unique level of ignorance.”

“Study in patience.”

“Closed cultural recommendations.”

“All wore appalling wigs, and the women played femme fatales, murderers, presidents of banks and vineyard owners. Give me the equivalent now?”

“Nutter talking to herself.”

“Seem mad in the moment and profoundly satisfying on reflection.”

“Their careers had claw marks from the effort to hang on to them.”

“Franchise husbandry.”

“The coded exclusion.”

“Much to avenge, revenge and destroy.”

“How can you choose such friends?”

“Soar from success to success.”

“That indestructible foundation of our moral world order, can fall apart.”

“Malevolent feeling of triumph.”

“A life broken for ever by trauma and guilt.”

“Cultural cold war.”

“Unmistakable, settled smell of the attic.”

“Would one day serve a purpose.”

“Truly hated each other so much.”

“Tour bus lavatory etiquette.”

“Whose use of symbolism in The Ambassadors have never been fully unravelled.”

“The view from my desk is of a coronavirus testing site.”

“Reputedly rife.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Wild and desperate.”

“My sympathies dwindled.”

“Inadequacy and despair.”

“Not inconsequential.”

“Listened with contempt.”

“Took to the bed – that phrase that has become code for unreasonable and self-indulgent behaviour in ageing women-”

“Slightly deranged looking.”

“Ultimately comical.”

“Practiced ignorance.”

“Curious pathos.”

“One of the more suprising relveations to emerge.”

“Famously competitive and combative,”

“Grimly prophetic.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Causes and consequences.”

“Absolute legal certainty.”

“What was promised.”


“Been urged to resolve a bitter 13-year dispute it is being blamed for.”

“Withdrawal of goodwill.”

“How abruptly things have changed.”

“Clear, unimpeachable evidence.”

“Did little to assist investigations.”


“Paragon of virtue, truthfulness and credibility.”

“The epitome of false narratives.”

“Many historians accepting his version of events as gospel.”

“Mad emails.”

“Defies all logical, moral and ehtical standards.”

“Unreasonable ask.”

“Wholesome and worthy pursuit.”

“Seemingly intractable.”

“Bothering the rest of us.”

“Such awful relations.”

“Made a caricature of himself.”

'Twisted Love' Quotes:

“Wanted to believe him.”

“Reaction was somewhat challenging.”

“This devil woman who had come and led him astray.”

“Getting real bad.”

“Loved mechancing.”

“Absolutely obsessed with the affection of the other.”

“Wanted me gone.”

“I don't know what he died from but nobody cared.”

“Scream and holler.”

“What she wanted done, didn't get done.”

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Batwoman 2x07 + Tinker Tailor Solider Spy (1979) 1x03 + Stargirl (2020-?) 1x01 Reviewed 👎👎👎

It's Best If You Stop Digging

Alice blathers about Ocean in this routinely incompetent ep. This was especially fraught as Alice is instrinsically hostile to everyone. There is intellectual laziness as Alice has eternal and recurring wickedness.

This was bloody horrible and it is not always subtle. Alice and the island trash queens aren't entirely credible. This was disjointed, full of manic shrilness and underserved by talent. There are boring flashbacks and this was dramatically chaotic and truly terrible and consistently rubbish. This was preposterous. Alice has her usual disastrous impact. This was hilariously outlandish and totally inadequate and untrue to the comics. Ryan is moronic. Ryan learns her love interest is trash. There are massive retcons. Jacob whines. People scream about a flower.

Tinker Tailor Solider Spy (1979) 1x03

A BBC show with Alec Guinness. George Smiley looks for a mole. Ian Richardson is also in this. Beryl Reid also features. This is treated as brilliant but one views it with incomprehension as it is unremarkable and shambolic. People have agitation. This is so dated looking.

Characters are incredibly revolting.This was pure baloney and ignominy. Who has the malevolent role? Well casting pretty much gives it away. This was such a sausage fest. This was ludicrously unappealing really bad crap. This was incessantly inane and monotonous. This was puerile and full of tediously smug people. This was irredeemably dull and facile.

Best Lines:

“What the hell are you doing here you pariah?”

“Glamour boy agents.”

“Lower class bloke with upper class sources. Must be a bounder.”

“You've got that Britian can make it look about you.”

“Listen you 2 faced ferret!”


A sidekick saw the age of the Golden Age of heroes and the Justice Society Of America die at the hands of baddies. People obsess over the cosmic staff. 10 years later the sidekick is now a stepdad. I do not care. The brat is rude to her stepdad and steals the cosmic staff and thinks Starman is her father. The baddies still lurk. This was full of bad acting and sap and boredom. Stepdaddy Pat has an attack robot. Hell no, I'm too old for this sh*t.

Best Lines:

“Smells like slut!”

“Bad stick! Bad!”

Sergio Balleseros

Movie Review: Lost Flight (1969) 👨‍✈️🏝😀🥼🩺👨‍⚕️⛈

Decades before 'Lost' there was this failed pilot which saw a plane crash on a remote island where the survivors had to form a new society. Lloyd Bridges, Billy Dee Williams and Anne Francis star. This aired in 1970. There is dated sexist talk and would be ominious foreshadowing.

There is racism and sexual violence and only one gun. The gun is thrown away at the end as the survivors plan a new civilization. Fateful decisions are made. All they have are the clothes on their backs and a few supplies and the plane wreckage has been washed out to sea and nobody is looking for them.

There is exposition and Captain Bannerman (Bridges) takes charge despite his company wanting to have fired him before the crash. A sleaze lurks bothering people. A boy needs his appendix out. Luckily there is a med student on board. The crash doesn't even occur until after the 36 minute mark. Why don't they brace for the crash? Passengers are told to remove their dentures and put their heads down. Was that considered bracing in 1969?

Bannerman does a water landing, which is impressively done for 1969. Shudder inducing things happen on the island. 3 crew and 21 passengers apparently died in the crash. Won't they all die from lack of shelter and injuries from the crash and diseases they have no medication to treat??? They have 2 portable radios. What'll happen when they run out of batteries? A marine knows survival skills.

There are only 2 POC in this film: a flight attendant and the marine. There is a waterfall that they use for water. Why don't they build a signal fire or make an SOS in the sand instead of whining about the sheer cliffs? People wander around on the mysterious island. Diseases! Animals! No worries! Who was on the island before them? A never explained mystery. What are they brushing their hair with? Why aren't the men growing beards?

Idiots try to go off in a raft. There's a fist fight or 2. A woman cooks. There is a bad child actor. A poor turtle is manhandled. The marine builds traps which come in handy as the sleaze goes cray-cray. Bannerman hunts for tern eggs and goes on about his oh so tragic backstory. Things get really ugly when entitled, miserable, bro ass pricks form a mob. How can someone survive a gunshot wound on a South Pacific island with no medicine?

This could have been an interesting tv show. Tribes form. A young woman is called BJ, oh come on. How BJ survive being tossed off a cliff on a South Pacific island with no medicine?!?!

A baby is born. The inherently worthless sleaze gets his and Bannerman declares that they'll make it. This wasn't as good as I hoped, but it was okay.

Best Lines:

“Daredevils of the sky.”

“Heavy bombardement crew.”

“You be honest first.”

"I've been trying to finish this book for 2 years!"

"Just an airborne bus driver and not a very good one at that."

"What was your mother's price?"

"The night she was killed, she was leaving me."

"I don't blame her for that. Not anymore."

"How stupid can you people be?"

"On whose word?!?"

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