May 23rd, 2021


Movie Review: Pledge (2018)

There are frat boy hijinks at a creepy off camera frat house. No fellowship in this manse because this isn't a frat. There is bad acting and a 'twist' and an interesting ending. This was mediocre,

Best Line:

“Kings of the campus!”

“Not to see them as people at all.”

“We have 3 freshmen locked in a bathroom upstairs.”

Pledge (2018) - IMDb

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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Katla' promo


Glenisk Quark mixed berry – mmm.

Orange crisp bar – reminds me of Britz bars.

My ex caused difficult and painful circumstances. My ex's appalling actions had traumatic consequences. I'm embittered by the terrible excuse for a person my ex turned out to be. My ex blithely abdicated any responsbility. My ex has a notable lack of contrition. I'm forsaken.

I saw Kylie's wine.

I want a gold owl brooch, Cartier aquamarine & diamond earrings and pendant earrings by Margherita Burgeher.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Reporting on itself.”

“Government conspiracy.”

“More dark days ahead.”

“BBC on BBC action.”

“Sour language.”

“Pretty miserable place.”

“Truman Show from hell.”

“Menace in the sky.”

“Need for normality or what passes for normality.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Face robust action.”

“With grim consequences.”

“Solidly pedastrian stuff.”

“That eats everything in its path.”

“Complaining about stuff in entertainly daft fashion.”

“Fierce insistence.”

'Our Cartoon Present' Quotes:

“23 year old high school kid in my 2 man fight club.”

“Scares men into thinking their sperm count will drop if they let their wives drive.”

“Dig through the discount suit bin.”

“Upside down umbrella full of diet coke.”

“Scaring old ladies into buying barbed wire doormats.”

“Kill everything forever!”

“Evil human garbage.”

'Great Continental Railyway Journeys' Quotes:

“University had to establish its own prison.”

“Proof of a fraternity member's honour.”


'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Will you two ever stop? Ever?”

“Netflix brought Yale.”

“Last and only remaning hope.”

“Bring the monster spray.”

“Mall attorney.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Media anger.”

“Hugely resonant part of his identity.”

“Relentless bad news.”

“Gives you a purpose.”

“Only way you can contribute as a valuable member of society.”


“Terrible indictment.”

“Personal, private pain.”

“Burden of shame.”

“Wilful ignorance.”

“Nutters who could, and would,”

“Police their own reputations.”

“Lack of challenge against the medics.”

“Who not to spend time with.”

“Controlling and manipulative behaviour.”

“Exclusion is a big factor.”

“Not allowed to like.”

“Only hooers go there.”

“Moping mournfully.”

“He looks like a dude from a Russian porn film.”

“The man who's had the same hairstyle since he was 12 years old.”

“Made such a scene of grief.”

“Looks like He came from Kerry instead of Bethlehem.”

“They accepted it as what happens.”

“All the girls are here because their families don't want them.”

“Why I was to go to a part of the building I'd never known existed, climb a flight of stairs I would never have been allowed to ascend if I'd asked to, knock on a door I would previously not have been permitte to touch, and enter such a scene with no staff present.”

“Negative moments in this relationship.”

“Negative impact on your wellbeing.”

“Revived dismissively.”

“Unlikely to provoke discussions.”

“Questionable ethics.”

“Wary alliance.”

“Deliberate de-escalation of a bleak narrative,”

“Scathing condemnation.”

“Grimly detailed.”

“What we're capable of as a species,”

“An opportunity to usurp the human race.”

“Less reasonable voices.”


“Child of the radio days.”

“A generation fearful it would perish in nuclear war.”

“Songs of indignation,”

“Resistant to criticism – and incapable of change.”

“Most well-worn of novelistic and filmic tropes,”

“Foundational myth.”

“A journey of exploration and founding.”

“A history told by the conquerors.”

“The ruins of that world.”

“The inevitability of it all.”

“Consistently convivial.”

“Turbo-charged nostalgia.”

“Everyone is trying to murder you.”

“Lodged like a giatn splinter in my life...And I had no idea how or when I was going to prise her out.”

“Does the family many wrongs.”

“Illegal but not necessarily unusual.”

“Dreams having curdled.”

“Gruelling, relentless bullying.”

“What we can't bear to answer.”

“Feared for this future.”

“Treated as a pariah.”

“Unwavering support.”

“Grim conditions.”

“Illnesses ignored or denied by the medical profession.”


“Ceased to be a functioning ecosystem.”

“Stubbornly refused to follow the script set out by these Cassandra's.”

“The sense of terminal crisis is deeper.”

“Once powerful big-city newspapers have been reduced to empty shells.”

“Control and toxicity that seems to characterise their relationships.”

“Sheep trespass.”

“Such ecology is difficult to protect and easily lost.”

“Goats, some of which are of ancient Irish breeds dating abck to Neolithic times.”

'We Are Lady Parts' Quotes:

“He had Dementor vibes.”

“Hash anthems.”

“Husband quest.”

“Vent her displeasure for humanity.”

“Shag me kindly.”

“Alternate dystopian present.”

“Handmaid's Tale meets Rugrats.”

“Unloveable object.”

“Life of solitude awaited me.”

“I threw away my youth.”

“You puked all over Year 6.”

“Rejected by all.”

“Constant sorrow.”

“Sizzling glare of public scrutiny.”

“My progeny.”

“Fresh out of manipulative narcissists.”

“Marriage Are you fond of the concept?”

“Brings out your shame.”

“Mad skillful.”

“More to life than husbands.”

“Sad lonely spinster no more.”

“Even massive dweebs have rights.”

“Thirsty nobody.”

“Washed up loser.”

“Delightful freak show.”

“Understand your mis-steps.”

“Choppy seas of deception.”

“Mad intense.”

“Nice. Healthy.”

“Poo is not gonna come.”

“Kick it in the shire.”

“The internet is where creativity and truth go to die.”

'Death Row Stories' Quotes:

“Everyone in that house is murdered but you.”

“38 arrests to his name.”

“God's children.”

“Very damning.”

“Keeps a rattlesnake in her trailer.”

“All that nasty stuff.”

“Drug seekers.”

“Few legal options left.”

“This case should not go unnoticed.”

Miguel Parpadeos в Twitter: "Ustedes saludando el trasero de América, sin  haber visto el de Nightwing.… "

On 'Hollyoaks': One struggles to engage. JP's in jail, yet again. He's banged up for killing George due to him making a false confession. Sally bemoans. Ste and JP are intolerable. JP acts like anyone having a negative opinion on George is a crime. JP is anxiously twitching. George's murder has been world crushing for JP. Watching this soap is never a good idea. Ever. Mercedes does gutter behaviour. Cher smashes up a crub. Why is Mercedes the village sexpot? Sally is the arbiter of everybody's moral beahaviour. This isn't delicately calibrated. Ste acts portentously. JP exacerbates problems.

This is where you can get Kylie Minogue's sell-out Rosé wine in Cork this  weekend - Yay Cork

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Illya K

Extant 1x08&1x09 + NCIS 6x13 Rewatch Reviewed


This show is highly frustrating and profoundly wank. This is crap on a cosmic level like vegan cheese. There is further uncertainty. There is no end or guidance. The dire situation and fundamental existential challenge goes on. The grim drip drip of inexorable decline goes on. John screams at Julie. John carries on ignoring concerns about creepy Ethan.

There is talk of Korea. Various bad experiences befall Molly and others. This was dim-witted. TPTB need to be careful what they ask viewers to endure. This does not provoke searching questions. All this is happening because some rich man doesn't want to die?!?

Molly and others have retreated into persecution complexes. The more TPTB try, the more they seem to fail. This ep is the latest iteration in a grim cycle. Nothing of import happens. There is dull, grim reality and unique misfortune. The monied elite caused all this. There are serious credibility questions.

Best Lines:

“Windows on seclude.”

“It made me flush my mother into space, it ain't the baby Jesus!”

“They can't all be in on it!”

“Only friend I have on this planet.”

Care And Feeding

John does something stupid. Odin has an agenda. We get more flashbacks to John being an ass. Kern does stuff. Yawn.

Broken Bird

This was a rushed tale of Ducky being accused and walking off being stabbed at his age. Yawn.

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