May 5th, 2021

Kylo Ren

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'Halston' trailer

“What more is there to build?”

'Loki' promo


'Heels' trailer

Oh I like.

'Republic Of Sarah' trailer


Roasted Hazelnut choc – nice.

3 Musketeers – okay.

I very much dislike my ex. He's irreconcilable.

I'll review 'Prodigal Son' season 2.

No season 5 for 'Veronica Mars'!

'Homicide's Elite' Quote:

“Hostile gang fire.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Feeling of discontent.”

'Great British Railyway Journeys' Quote:

“Everything about the past was challenged.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“No voice on the board for fans.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Sentimental loyalties.”

“Genuinely struggled to understand the fans' hostility.”

“A generation ago now,”


“Civic burden.”

“Street-furniture guidelines.”

“Never a stranger to any of them.”

“Cancelled for the second consecutive year.”

“Attend cultural events.”

“Sexually exploitative relationships.”

“Attracts vast media profile and they needed it to reflect well.”

“Decision to choose belief-”

“Communal reconciliation.”

“Cancelled, shamed, ostracised and ridiculed.”

“Outpouring of grief.”

“Heart-rending and poorly written.”

“Hellish new home.”

“Legacy was swiftly forgotten.”


“Bladder calming.”

“Fading glamour.”

“State-approved theory.”

“Markers of status among society's elite.”

“Exchanging talent and ideas with the rest of the world.”

“Harming themselves or others in the home.”

“Injunctive relief.”

“Identity attachment.”

“We haven't had a condolence book since last March.”

“Science-free pronouncements.”

'The Killer Within' Quotes:

“Dominating the entire household.”

“Felt wholly justified.”

“Felt left out of the family.”

“He wasn't violent, to his friends.”

'South Park' Quotes:

“NASCAR is only for poor and stupid people.”

“I'm not poor and stupuid enough to do NASCAR!”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“That is where I do the sitting!”

“I pees there!”

'For Real' Quotes:

“Families paid a huge cost.”

“Throwing wine in each others faces.”

“Rolled straight from a club.”

“Recovery community.”

“Pop off.”

“What did you spend $600,000 in 6 months one?”


'Law & Order' Quote:

“Pretend to be concerned.”

'Foyle's War' Quotes:

“Leave it! Get walking!”

“Someone did imagine it and then made it a reality.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Luke's mummy shows up. Summer only has 1 hand?!? Summer kisses Sienna.

Best Lines:

“How could I ever forget the girl who gave birth on a video rental shop floor?”

“For missing your dad's funeral because you were too drunk to get on a plane.”

“You've been married 5 times? You're clearly not very good at it.”

Scary Books

Colony 3x03-3x09 + ENT 4x05&4x06 + Galactica 1980 1x05&1x06 Reviewed

Sierra Maestra

Why did doctors wear purple turbans? A flashback: why was Amy the neurologist reduced to er duty? Now, Katie makes food. What happened to the LA wall? There is reasonable fear and people call the aliens Raps or Clicks depending on location. The resistance camp is analogue. Katie isn't nearly as important as she thinks she is. Petrol has gone bad. Steadfastly committed types lurk.

There is incivility. How limited their choices are. Idiots are unfriendly. Katie cleans. There is dark speculation. There is scrutiny. Will is told to report to the fields. There is heightened unrest. The aliens proprietorship goes on. People fear sanction. What are the resistance using stencils for? Where did Katie get the eye make up she is obviously wearing? Katie won't be sidelined or ignored. Concerns are brushed off.

Katie demands to be accorded a measure of respect. Snyder does moral deliberation. The camp is uncompromising. Katie is shocked people aren't extremely grateful to her. This was less enticing. A crank is smug and complacent. Katie has heartfelt pride in herself. There are monstrous wrongs. Katie believes she ruthlessly fought. TPTB do major mis-steps. Sense is airly dismissed. This is seriously fumbled. Katie thinks she's ever so clever.

People are illfated. There are appalling scenes. Amy and Broussard evade death by hiding in a dumpster. There are more appalling scenes. This was atrocious and pitifully inadequate. There is no comfort offered. Secrecy becomes a shared responsbility. Safety was never taken seriously enough. There are disagreements. Katie ignores caring responsibilities. Katie whines about her contribution. No rationale is offered.

Unsavoury things happen. There is no meaningful action. There are devastating consequences. A weird glow is seen. WTF is the weird noise? The Rap turns out to be a machine intelligence. There is no rationality or respect. The truth of the Raps is given via exposition. There is something worse out there and the Raps came to Earth to flee it.

There is rejection of this truth. There is widespread ignorance. The truth is brutal. There is fake concern. There are damning testimonies and anguished people. There is an imposing journey and deplorable conditions and systematic cruelty.

Best Lines:

“I don't know why he's not dead.”

“Use a taste of normal life.”

“Wipe down the table with bleach.”

“I don't like people.”

“Take us months to hike north.”

“Whatever you want, you're not getting it.”

“Most of the vaccines have expired.”

“Hike the entire central valley on 2 bottles of water and a granola bar.”

“I may have held a hammer yes.”

“Dragged my family hundreds of miles across bad country.”


“I know the type.”

“My wife is a hero to these people.”

“We are the resource.”

“Knows our units of measurement.”

“Your enemy is coming here.”

“We are your defence.”


There is another flashback this time about the crank. There was secrecy and blame and tortuous goings on. One feels revulsion. The crank learned he had an insecure status. There are no profound statements. The crank had an Enemy Above website. Turned out the paranoid crank was right. He drew ire and long term consequences. He's impulsive and reactive and faced false accusations. What happened to his family?

There is male delusion and derangement. A wrecked bridge is seen. There are life changing decisions. Peoples ability for rational decision making is compromised. Life choices are made. The crank has obsessive thoughts. The Raps are a machine intelligence? Why do they need ships? The crank can't stop procrastinating. What is Snyder's motivation? There are fraught times and so much uncertainty. There is no emotional flexibility.

There are repercussions and negative actions. There is no restorative option. Truth is trivialised. People have benevolent and destructive intent and there are extreme cirumstances. The camp is building a bomb. They are uncompromising people. There is disapproval and disrespect which negatively impacts. This show is under-known. People are violently incompatible.

The aliens have drastically impacted people. What about all the taped up papers? This was not wry or witty. Katie finds a line. This slowly deteriorates. This was seemingly random. There are rampages and bizarre goings on. There is a multigenerational pondering of humanity's future. There is impending doom and this was a melange of the whimsical and the violent. There are no unforgettable scenes or hedonistic delirium. This was glorious vacuity.

This was not fresh, honest or unpredictable. There are unresolved issues and turbulent relationships. The crank is semi-reclusive. There is no devastating poignancy. There are motivations and the crank is ridiculously paranoid. There are major failures and this was regrettable. There have been leaflet drops. No one is immensely sorry for anything. Serious questions are raised. Where did Snyder get the torch? Snyder is in peril. When Amy and Broussard get to the camp, it is empty and shot up: where did they all go?

Best Lines:

“Somebody smart enough to choose the right side of history.”

“Not who. What.”

“The world is asleep on its feet.”

“How'd it go?”

“Not well.”

“And go where?”

“Anywhere far from here.”

“Escape capsule.”

“Being chased by something much worse.”

“Tread very lightly in those waters.”

“You don't like anything.”

“They conquered our cities, they stole our lands.”

“I lay our broken enemy at your feet.”

“Revolutions aren't won by committee.”

“Taste of civilization.”

“A sad story.”

“Doing everything they can to get noticed.”

“Don't even know if we can leave.”

“Raps are still the enemy right?”

“Who are we fighting?”

“Just bluster.”

“Doesn't think I've been loyal to him.”

“Don't know anything about you.”

“You haven't asked.”

“I'm asking now.”

“Something big is happening here.”

“Know things they could not possibly know.”

“I'm sorry.”

“Didn't realise you knew the word.”

End Of The Road

There is a screeching halt to hope. Katie has given up on her gangster girl actions. There are outcomes and impacts. There are no moral concepts. There is another flashback and immense suffering. There are drastic difficulties. The crank aka Andrew claims there is a disinformaiton campaign.

The crank aka Andrew is clear and absolute. Katie is called a hero of the LA block. There are agonising decisions. There is horrendous and terrifying stupidity. There are grievances and penal action. Things are chaotic and shambolic. The crank is misguided. There is so much talking and people try to clarify cirumstances. Will does something stupid. There is no improved atmosphere or calm tensions.

The crank's sidekick Vincent rebels. Snyder reveals the fate of Dallas. There is no recovery or resilience. Options for the future are removed. This was insufficient. There is no respectful or inclusive dialogue. There are no concessions and no positive leadership, strategy or values.

The Raps are a hive mind. No one is too shocked or awed at the idea of a sentient machine race. There is death and people do not mitigate their impact. The crank has certainty and attributes blame. There is a very bad situation. This was largely unsuccessful. The camp is over-run. People are confused and worried. There is social adversity. The Bowmans lose Charlie AGAIN. There are hugely complicated problems.

There is an unexpected shock death. Now that's just carelessness. Snyder's face healed fast. Snyder wants to go to Switzerland and enjoy his crapulence. He's shameful and got the entire camp killed.

Best Lines:

“First piece in an insidious plot.”

“Great day in the struggle.”

“No such thing as a small betrayal.”

“Something much worse coming.”

“I need your word.”

“Well, you're not getting it.”

“Future generations will judge us.”

“That's the price of leadership.”

“He never forgives.”

“Something terrible was right around the corner.”

“That would imply intent.”

“Using humans as a labour force.”

“Something much, much worse.”

“That's the price of leadership.”

“I don't care what choices you make.”

“Nothing will change.”

“Pick up a gun against me.”

“Are you a good man?”


“Stop an unspeakable tragedy.”

“No good options.”

“Caused nothing but unrest.”

“You breathe too loud.”

“The sand literally turned to glass for hundreds of miles in every direction. Not even the cockroaches survived.”

The Emerald City

There is a flashback and Ally Walker. Snyder's on the high hog. Helena (Walker) tries to look annoyed but can't due to botox. There is negative commentary. Who's driving a car? What caused the power drain? Who unplaited Gracie's hair? There is no stubble on Bram. The Bowman's are reduced to the clothes they are standing up in as they walk around in the rain and wilderness. There are no emotional implications, they're ignored.

There is no well being. There is a message. There is a hostile junction and this was gruelling. Havoc has been caused. There is talk of a labour shortage. The Bowmans are in trouble. Snyder is insensitive. Behaviour has changed quickly and people have really adapted. Gracie is going septic. There are devastating effects and Will gets desperate. Snyder is dangerously charming and the world is a hostile, unloving place.

Snyder caused fatal consequences. Will and co are refugees now. Will lies and Katie plays martyr. The people in Seattle know who Will is. This was better than season 2.

Best Lines:

“The peoples college of law.”

“That's a real thing?”

“Failed the bar 3 times.”

“Intake tent.”

“Rift in the leadership.”

“Taking in anyone who comes.”

“Situation may be a little more dire than we let on.”

“Before the enemy fleet caught up with them.”

“World changed radically.”

“Can't go into this on hope.”

“Treason is a hard stink to get rid off.”

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

There is a flashback. What happened to the family Will car jacked? Will is a cab driver now. How long is it since 3x06? The cliffhanger came to nothing. Katie works at a depo and helps a desperate family. Seattle takes people with vital skills and or the vulnerable. There is dysfunction and grim prospects. This was ill judged. There is anguish and laughable despair for the future. There is daft chaos grimly accepted. This was weirdly entertaining.

There is no quietude or conciliation. Will is needlessly violent and drunk. There are negative consequences. Will is angry and recalcitant. Will is hesitating. Will's warned. There is a prevailing mood. Katie has limited reserves of sympathy for Will. There are concerns. There is a lack of enthusiasm. There is a chilling silence. Katie ignores her children. Will has self inflicted inadequacy. There is delusional disorder and this was horrible and full of irredeemable people.

Best Lines:

“Should have called before the city literally started burning.”

“Like that but with bigger guns.”

“I'm married.”


“Fraid so.”

“Before. This.”

“Priority entry.”

“Locked in a city surrounded by giant walls.”

“Community patrol.”

“Work a little harder to fit in.”

“These things aren't optional.”

“Expectations that come with living here.”

“As good as it's going to get.”

“Where are you going?”


“Benefical to the community.”


A man runs around in his underwear. Snyder shows up. Amy and Broussard are in Seattle. How? There are psychological impacts and no anguished cries of grief. There are whims. There are dire conditions and Katie does something stupid, again. Kynes governs Seattle. There is anger, frustration and resentment.

Why do robots need food growing tech? There are grim milestones and it is extremely serious times. There is a disastrous humanitarian crisis ongoing and there is desperation. Will prys and there is no reasonable belief.

There is belief of wrongdoing. It is a darker era. WTF is that? Will is awful with tireless dedication. There is no oversight, just systemic failures. How did Broussard know about Charlie? Snyder's plotting now.

Best Lines:

“Brought hardship and misery.”

“Shining city on the hill.”

“What the other colonies should have been.”

“Ration issues.”

“Pretend a lot of bad stuff never happened.”

“Don't ask the wrong kinds of questions.”

“No fields, no dirt, no sunlight.”

“We don't talk about anything.”

“Not human technology.”

“Something bad is happening.”

“Even worse than we thought.”

“Start explaining.”

“Charlie? What happened to him?”

“The one with the launch platform.”

“How do the organic vegans of Seattle feel about their produce being farmed by people in hazmat suits?”

The Big Empty

Explanations and rationale are spewed. There is no real sense of urgency. This was directed by Sarah Wayne Callies. Snyder is egregious and he blusters and prevaricaes. Is Snyder the villain of the peice? Will beats up Snyder. Consequences follow. This was appalling with anxiety and distress. People congregate socially and there are fiercely contested issues.

Best Lines:

“I don't like this.”

“Dead before anyone finds you.”

Cold Station 12

Soong and his barely clad Augments do stuff. WTF is an anti-pathogen? This sucked, the Augments are such bad actors – it is like low rent panto.

The Augments

Soong murdered people and got away with it and is smug. Trip is a jerk. Archer can't act. There is no impactful action.

Best Lines:

“Botany Bay is a myth.”

“The nacelles are going to fly off the pylons!”

The Super Scouts

How and when did Dillon and Troy learn to ride motorbikes? Who built them and why? Troy gets angry about pollution. Groovy 70s music plays. There are annoying kids. This was garbage and nonsense. Jamie never does any work. The rag tag fugitive fleet people have different blood. There is bad acting. Dr Zee wears a bad wig and built a flying saucer. What became of Baltar and his cylon raider? Adama wants to regain the 12 colonies. Adama plots. Where's the professor from 1x01-1x03? The Air Force git bothers people. So many people are idiots. Footage from 'Close Encounters' is used. Oh come on! Adama fears a cylon holocaust and calls Troy “Boxey” and Troy calls Adama “grandfather”. Troy and Dillon dump the brats on Jamie.

Best Lines:

“We have emergency.”

“Another one?”

“Early in the season for apples to be falling out of a tree.”

“Especially when it isn't even an apple tree.”

“Weren't normal to begin with.”

“You're from a lot further than Cleveland.”

“This is our future.”

“You above all must not be risked.”

“Locked up as a raving lunatic.”

“The glory of the universe.”


JEREMY BRETT GUEST STARS AS A RE-CAST XAVIVER! Since when are vipers 2 seaters? Jamie child minds. Jamie is called on her crap. Troy and Dillon are in peril. The Air Force jerk stalks children. Brett camps it up as the baddie. The kids have to play a baseball game to save a camp for the poors. Xavier won't be dictated to by a child. This bad.

Best Lines:

“I thought you were Bigfoot or something.”

“Bigfoot? What is Bigfoot?”

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